The main focus of the panel should always be a discussion. We’re accustomed to planning carefully for a big speech, but when it comes to serving on panels, it’s tempting to just “wing it.” But that does a major disservice to the audience. Panel Discussion Definition; How to Prepare; Do’s and Don’ts; Blog; Next Steps. A good moderator will thoroughly brief the panelists, providing the questions or topic areas ahead of time. Research the expertise of your fellow panelists. Figure out what you want to accomplish, and direct everything you say toward that goal. Theme images by. We’re accustomed to planning carefully for a big speech, but when it comes to serving on panels, it’s tempting to just “wing it.” But that does a major disservice to the audience. And if a question is not a good fit for your expertise or priorities, it’s fine to defer to your fellow panelists. The only thing worse than a dull speech is a dull panel discussion, where the misery is multiplied by the number of bad panelists. Draft Role of Panelists • Panelists are expected to attend all panel and breakout sessions. For more information about how to moderate a panel discussion, see Kristin’s free seven-part video course at Panel discussions are a popular way to present information. As an added bonus, sign up now and receive a free copy of Patricia Fripp’s How to Present and Teach in the Virtual World. As you rise in your career and your visibility grows, you’ll likely be called upon to participate in a panel discussion. This requires the panelist to be self-aware of how much airtime they are using. Rather, a panel is — or can and should be — something of a conversation, a discussion, a clash, a debate: at any rate, something more active and participatory. The purpose of today’s panel is to dig a little deeper into some of these themes and hear about the panelists’ real life experiences being or working with male advocates. The primary role of the panelist is to prepare, share and present their paper. Rob Biesenbach is an independent corporate communications pro, actor, author and speaker. However, if one of the panel's main goals is providing information, this may be a useful way to precede the discussion.Have each panelist provide an explanation of the topic, or her argument concerning the topic, lasting no more than ten minutes per person. I am dr. sekagya and a traditional healer who has been called to give resposes to an opening address and presentation made by a Professor and a UNEP Executive Director and Undersecretary-general of the United Nations during a Global Peace Initiative of women at the UN Offices on 2nd march 2012 and I will borrow much from this contribution of yours. He is also a Second City trained actor who has appeared in more than 150 stage, commercial and film productions in the past decade. • Showcase your expertise or your organization’s capabilities? Refer to points a fellow panelist has made and build on them (or point out areas where you respectfully disagree). If the moderator organizes a call or video chat before the event, take that opportunity to help iron out roles. Public Speaking & Performance – Are You Nervous? Based on the panelists’ input and feedback, we structure the discussion based on what will make for a successful panel. If you are a novice presenter or a seasoned professional, you will find the content both practical and relevant. If you want the audience to understand and appreciate your ideas and information, organize your thoughts and understand your strategy well in advance of joining your fellow panelists on stage. Thank you Prof. Receive invitations to free on-going Fripp webinars, sales & presentation skills advice, and special discounts! Here’s the top ten most common mistakes panelists make during a panel discussion – and what you can do about it: 1. This article originally appeared in Speaker Magazine, a publication of the National Speaker Association. Almost everyone recognizes that a formal presentation requires preparation and rehearsal, but it’s easy to forget that “doing your homework” can ensure your success in any situation requiring you to speak. Am glad i googled this site. What specific perspective does the moderator hope you can add. Listen to what they have to say and extend the conversation. (By the way, she is one of many people who don’t have high expectations of panels – see the 2014 Panel Report for more on that).. And they’ll keep things moving along and on topic. Receive free, on-going Fripp webinar invitations, sales and presentation skills information, and special discounts from Executive Speech Coach, Sales Presentation Trainer, and Professional Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE. What can you contribute that they can’t, and vice-versa? Be strategic. Fripp Virtual Training is designed to be immediately engaging and makes it fun to learn. The male panelists will talk primarily about what has shaped their thinking, ways they have gone about advocating, and questions/challenges they face. This is the final post of a six-part series that teaches you how to plan and deliver outstanding panel presentations. San Francisco, CA 94122, pfripp(at) Phone: (415) 753-6556. The Fripp Customized Approach will work for you. Go into the panel discussion with a specific goal in mind. Lean in and stay physically engaged. If you don’t have their bios, look them up on LinkedIn and research them online. We’ve learned a lot over the years as we’ve helped organizations make theirs better. (But beware of overt “selling.” You’re there to help and inform the audience.). Here are seven things you can do to ensure that you hold up your end of the panel discussion bargain. Podcasts His latest book, 11 Deadly Presentation Sins offers a path to redemption for public speakers, PowerPoint users, and anyone who has to get up and speak in front of an audience. Of course, the responsibility for a panel discussion’s success falls first and foremost on the moderator. Do some research of your own if you have to. Being a good panelist is about more than just showing up and answering questions. • Challenge conventional wisdom? Then I send the panelists a “flow and content” document, that includes the title of the panel, a description, and how the Q&A will be handled. Of course, keeping your energy up is essential, especially if you’re stuck in the typical panel setup—seated behind a table. Your email address will not be published. Panelist definition is - a member of a discussion or advisory panel or of a radio or television panel. After three days locked in a room with her, I realize he is right., “As the author of a best-selling sales book, I receive invitations to speak at meetings and conferences. That will be a lot more effective than dumping a ton of data and information on your audience. A table creates a literal and figurative barrier between the panel and the audience. Ethereal theme. Copyright © 2020 Patricia Fripp. If you already have Patricia Fripp’s How to Speak and Train in a Virtual World., or just want to go straight to our Free Resources, click HERE. He is a former VP at Ogilvy PR Worldwide and press secretary to the Ohio Attorney General, and has written hundreds of speeches for CEOs and other executives. For more information visit: It requires forethought and preparation. Sitemap. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2020 Patricia Fripp. His first book, Act Like You Mean Business: Essential Communication Lessons from Stage and Screen, was published in 2011 by Brigantine Media. How to Moderate a Panel Discussion; Panel Discussion Definition; Panel Moderator Role; Top 10 Mistakes; Panel Discussion Formats; Panel Discussion Quick Tips; For Panelists. When the other panelists are talking, don’t just spend that time rehearsing your next bon mot. Website by Prime Concepts Group, Inc. I also use this blog when I teach as a central repository of stuff related to various courses, so you'll find some of that if you browse here too. It’s not just the moderator’s responsibility. Do you want to: • Solve a particular problem the audience has? Ask about the set-up in advance and see if the organizers are willing to make this adjustment.