Rachel is a writer for Eventbrite, where she regularly interviews organizers of the country's most popular events, from massive music festivals to small food & drink gatherings. Point to a hot folder for instant visual access to your source photos within a clickable thumbnail panel. Interested in implementing a photo op at your attraction or exhibition? Our innovative green screen event photography solutions bring a party, event or marketing campaign to life. Imaculum event photo viewing station software organises your image workflow and turns your photos into sales opportunities.Imaculum allows you to easily and quickly display photographs on more than one viewing screen. Get more event photography tips from seven professional photographers in, 4 Event Photography Tips to Capture Compelling Images, Event Photography Pricing & Rates: How to Hire a Photographer, The Ultimate Event Advertising Plan for Busy Event Creators. And the quality of your photos affects how people perceive your brand. “GoPros are amazing cameras in low light, and you can install them anywhere,” says Misha Vladimirskiy, a partner at Filterless.co who has photographed events like Coachella and specializes in nightlife and music photography. Introducing Photamate Turn-key Event Photo System! Our photographers recommend the Sony RX100 or the Nikon D500 — and the GoPro. Don’t need all of the power of an event solution but still want to produce great green screen photos? Event photography and event videography has always been a thrilling experience. For your customers to purchase images, they must be able to view the photos you've captured of them. Imaculum enables your customers to find their photos quickly and easily. Photamate Pro software automates the process of creating hot-selling photo products for event photographers, museums, exhibitions and attractions with amazing flexibility, speed and efficiency. With over 10 years’ experience, Shoot Systems offer cutting edge technology and simple, intuitive systems that are easy to use and deliver sensational results.. Photamate Lite combines green screen keying with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. No contract. Backups of everything — especially batteries and memory cards, Once you’ve stocked up on event photography equipment, it’s time to learn the technique. Imaculum allows customers to find their images and place their order without the need of my undivided attention, allowing me to keep shooting - which is great!The ability to print instantly for customers is amazing, customers can’t get enough of it and that’s exactly why Immaculum is the perfect tool! Event Photography Software from Allen Christopher Software: Our Event Photography Software covers automation, chroma key, Photo Booth Software, and display Bodies become outdated every two years, whereas a good lens can last a decade. Point to a hot folder for instant visual access to your source photos within a clickable thumbnail panel. Native tethering, automatic editing, bar code association, customer preview modes, lenticular, amusement effects, digital fulfillment and more. Cam Ranger is the tether Silverman used to get his NFL photos out into the world in real time. We can help. Upload your events and individual customer photo sessions automatically to your very own eCommerce site. Images captured at an event are displayed on multiple screens so customers can view, select and purchase their photos whilst still at the event. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs. System 4 productions inc. is the standard for editing photos on computers, but if you’re on the go and need to get pictures ready to post, our photographers recommend the free mobile apps, 6. Create an interactive, immersive guest experience with exciting photo products. Our photographers recommend the Sony RX100 or the Nikon D500 — and the GoPro. It streamlines file management, image processing and customer order fulfilment. Find out why. This is not a fee-based service; you own the store and provide your own payment processing and fulfillment. Imaculum automates your sales process. If you’re ready to make a bigger investment, “a really nice piece of gear to have is an off-camera cable for your flash, so you can hold your camera in one hand, and your flash in the other,” says David Silverman, owner of David Silverman Photography. We’ll install on your web host and create a custom landing and search page branded for your business. Imaculum generates a buzz. If you want to get the photos you’re taking out into the world as soon as possible,it’s worth looking into a wireless camera tether. Imaculum is hugely customisable to meet the specific needs of an event. “Especially for promoters or nightlife eve… Get more event photography tips from seven professional photographers in The Ultimate Guide to Event Photography. “Especially for promoters or nightlife events, I recommend mounting them all over the club, mounting them on a turntable, or using them for livestreaming.”. Pricing from £16.50 per month. Introducing Photamate Turn-key Event Photo System! Find and compare top Event Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Even the least expensive DSLR digital cameras these days are high quality, and should be able to handle your needs. Imaculum allows you to use multiple folder levels to organise the images during an event. This enables the display of different event photos to multiple customers at the same time - great for keeping queues of waiting customers to a minimum.Imaculum handles the image and order workflow for you, which allows you to shoot, sell and print your work whilst on-site at the event. Imaculum has been designed from the ground up for touch screens. Choose a default background and overlay set and swap out just the green screen source image for super-fast processing. Contact us to find out why event photo services are an amazing money maker. Imaculum handles your event workflow from image import to final print. Synchronizes Photamate sessions and automatically creates access codes with just a few clicks. Inquire today. Our all-new turn-key event system is available in either ultra-portable or rolling configurations. is the tether Silverman used to get his NFL photos out into the world in real time.