A Wussy-crap Name 6. Read Don't Call Me Ishmael eBook onlie. 4. Don't Call Me Ishmael By the time Scobie was through and the opposition had finally made their way on to the ground, the St Daniel’s supporters were on their feet cheering deliriously and the team was champing at the bit. It was also the winner of the Courier Mail Readers’ Choice Award and shortlisted for the Courier Mail Book of the Year for Younger Readers Award. The Mayor of Loserville 2. Fancy That 3. DON’T CALL ME ISHMAEL! The book is wrote by Michael Gerard Bauer. 5. Thar She Blows! was shortlisted for Book of the Year (Older Readers) in the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Awards, and … Thanks a Lot, Herman! MICHAEL GERARD BAUER To Greg, Keith and Anne, because it’s all about friendship, love and laughter … and because I took your threats seriously. CONTENTS Cover Title Page Part 1 1. Don’t Call Me Ishmael!