They are best used in short-ranged combat and provide wide arcs of attacks. Found in 2-2, in the cavern where Patches, the Hyena and the Filthy Man are. The Vanguard Demon has a health pool of 3,000, and if you manage to defeat it, you’ll be rewarded with the Grey Demon’s Soul. It is made from a +6 axe. #DemonsSouls #PS5 Demon's Souls PS5 Even the basic Battle Axe can be purchased in the Nexus. An axe which is used for beheadings which has seen a lot of wear and tear. A standard axe. Any souls needed can be reaped from the 4-2 Reaper. It's fat-handled, short and heavy, but can sever the cervical vertebra in a single blow. A versatile weapon that provides a normal attack which is effective against a wide variety of targets. This can either be claimed for souls or use to craft the Dozer Axe. Rare drop by Soldier (Axe) in 1-3. That means you can purchase Shards and Large Shards of Hardstone to upgrade the axe. Battle Axe is an Axe Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake Axes are heavy weapons that can be wielded with one hand. Head up the stairs to the right, after entering the cliffside. Melee Tactic. The one thing the Dozer has over the Crushing Great Axe +5 is zero farming. It is disdained as a beheader's weapon especially in Boletaria.