Brass Instrument Maintenance A survival guide for band directors John Huth, Instructor - Band Instrument Repair Program Minnesota State College — Southeast Technical www. A typical Trombone / Rotor service includes: Prices for Trombone servicing will vary between Alto, Tenor, Bb/F, Bass and below as well as considering the specific requirements of each individual instrument. Our wide stock of spares allows for replacement of consumable parts such as felts and corks which will help to keep the instrument mechanically quiet and reliable. BrassWindFix is… B rassWindFix is a specialist woodwind & brass musical instrument repair business run by Justin Pavey, a trombonist and freelance musician. Depending on the work required this may lead to an on-the-spot repair at the time, or we may advise booking the instrument in to our repair diary for more extensive work at a future date. Courses run from March to November and are from two to six days' duration. Brass Repairs McQueens Repair Service is Second to None We are able to make this claim because nowhere else within the UK will you find a Workshop specifically designed for the Repair and Restoration Brass Band Instruments on the scale of McQueens. We have free car parking directly outside the shop. Peter Gray Instruments is a family run brass repair business based in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Once the instrument has received its new coating, we receive it back and carry out a full, high-quality service as standard. We can also add waterkeys if required. If you are not local we can arrange for courier collection (£15) & return (£8.95) of your instrument from anywhere in the UK, please use the contact form below to arrange this remote service or if you have any queries about our repair operations. Check Out Our Other Opportunities. Courses at Merton College in 1996-98 were followed by an Advanced Course in Brass and Woodwind at the Malden School of Musical Instrument Repair. JOSEF BÖHM, tool and machine manufacturing company, was founded in 1920 and has produced special tools for the manufacture and repair of woodwind and brass instruments ever since. The Hitchin Myatt Music Workshop has moved to … You can use the button below to book a repair consultation at a time/day of your choice. Back to articles [Reprinted from the TubaNews] The Dent Eraser is the amazing magnetic dent removal system for use on brass bodied musical instruments. Whether they are strung, linkage, Thayer Axial-Flow, Haggman or indeed any other style of rotor - we are equipped and able to renovate them to run smoothly and quietly. Bobcat Brass Mouthpiece Puller Using the Bobcat Mouthpiece Extractor is very easy, but if you are unsure you should always take your instrument to a repair workshop, otherwise you could cause further damage. Abi is also our resident Bassoonist, and particularly enjoys taking on Bassoon servicing work. We can facilitate re-lacquer and re-plating work on all instruments and find this kind of involved work to be exciting and fulfilling. In 2013 I became Secretary of Namir. At AJ Brass Instrument Repairs we handle every project with the utmost professionalism and respect. Established in 1983, it is the longest established brass repair company in the UK. With dedicated Woodwind and Brass workshops we are able to offer emergency "on the spot" repair fixes through to full service, overhaul, restoration, re-plating and customising work. Intrepid repairer. Replacing parts. As the only instrument repair shop in the immediate area, the turn around time on most repairs … Rotors scratch brushed as needed. Get in touch for a no obligation quote. Sunniva joined us in 2014 after receiving a Diploma in Musical Instrument Technology from Lincoln College, Newark Campus. Woodwind and Brass Instrument Repairer “The Jolly Repairer” (As originally named by the late Mr John Myatt who had an even dryer sense of humour…) GRAHAM de VERE WHITE. We can offer matte lacquer, as well as black, bright colours or a 'vintage' tint. Slide-alignment. As such, we are currently operating the in-store environment on a pre-booking appointment basis only. We have set prices for instrument servicing and repairs such as dent removal, soldering instrument modification etc. Please enquire for pricing. It's vital for you to know that your instrument is in safe hands, the following should reassure you: If you have an instrument in need of repair and would like to find out more about how I can help you, please fill out the form below. 2. Please include as much information as you can. Freeing & fixing seized or sluggish valves, rotors, slides or mouthpieces. Soldering. It will also ensure you get the full satisfaction of our award-winning service. In 2000 I moved into full-time repair as a Professional member of the The Association of Musical Instrument Repairers Namir Ltd. (website at NAMIR). Circa 1990, Tom studied double reeds (oboe and bassoon) at Merton College of Musical Instrument Technology. Formed in 1837, Besson always worked with the best craftsmen and strives to put the best brass instruments into your hand. We provide a shipping box and labels for you. The Dent Eraser. This saves queuing or waiting in-store for availability as we'll have your slot pre-booked and the technician will be ready for you. It is normal to pick up minor dings, but sometimes disasters can happen causing noticeable and visual distortion of the legs. From 10am to 3pm on a Friday, Graham now has a repair clinic at the UK specialist brass and woodwind shop Prozone Music ( Please call 01462 421402 to book an appointment or to arrange a collection from the shop. We provide a shipping box and labels for you. SHEFFORD. Servicing Servicing includes a strip down, internal clean, Ultrasonic cleaning of slides and valves, assembly with replacement spares and polish. In these more than nine decades BÖHM tools has become a household name in the music industry and has earned a reputation that is based on quality and precision. Check our C-19 Status Here - Online & In-Store, UK's no.1 Woodwind & Brass Specialists | Established 1966 | Free Delivery on Orders over £20 & Fast Delivery | Order Online 24/7, Re-lacquered Trombone in West Ham Utd Colours, National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers, Replace valve springs and guides if required, Replace water key corks and springs if required, Remove accessible dents from bell and slides as best possible, Internal clean (body, rotor and tuning slides), (Re-string rotor to correct tension and position), Remove dents from outer slide as best possible, Clean inner and outer playing slides internally, Re-align playing slide and remove any bows in legs. During this repair consultation (30 mins max) you will have an assigned technician who will be able to assess your instrument. Dawkes initially began as a Woodwind and Brass repair business over 40 years ago and it has since grown into the largest workshop programme in the UK. We are equipped to replace leg tubes where necessary and will always advise on a solution when deeper issues could restrict the end result.