What strikes me as impressive about the H6 is how easily it could be used in such a variety of applications. XY-Mikrofonkapsel, 4 Typ-AA-Batterien, Cubase LE & Wavelab LE Software (Download Code) und Kurzanleitung, Wenn Sie diesen Artikel zusammen mit Anderen im Set bestellen, können Sie, XY-Mikrofonkapsel, 4 Typ-AA-Batterien, Cubase LE & Wavelab LE Software (Download Code), Schaumstoff-Windschutz, Stativhalterung, Batterien, Mobile Recorder für 350 €–450 € anzeigen, Zur Kategorie Studio- und Recording-Equipment, Zoom Studio- und Recording-Equipment zur Übersicht, Bestell­vor­gang/​Ver­trags­ab­schluss. The H4n and H5 were ‘four track' recorders, but the Zoom H6 boasts an incredible six tracks. The backup-record feature, when enabled, provides a failsafe for your levels by creating duplicate tracks of the L/R inputs, but at 12dB lower than where you have your input gain set. Hatte mir dann zunächst das Zoom H5 bestellt und war sehr enttäuscht von der Sound-Qualität der Steckkapseln. On the same side there's the power button (which doubles up as a lock/hold button) and SD card slot, whilst on the other side you'll find the menu button, scroll button, and USB jack. Question! SKB Zoom H6 Broadcast Kit Case. From here a push up or down on the joystick will allow you to navigate through the folders. The email address you entered was an invalid email. It even allows overdubbing of up to 99 tracks per project! and can be moved, without reference to the on-screen metering, until the LEDs no longer flash. It's just the truth. This mic is overall of very good quality. The directionality is so tight that you can hardly hear the audience through the whole recording. Die 1983 gegründete japanische Firma Zoom stellt eine Vielzahl von Audiogeräten her, darunter eine Reihe tragbarer „handlicher“ Recorder sowie Multieffektprozessoren, Effektpedale, Drum-Machines und Sampler. The ZOOM H6 is not complete without this. I have used Røde miss before and while they are good, they don't offer on-board sound processing and monitoring. We close every Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbos. Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2017. Can the Zoom H6 substitute the place of a mixer for my Skype recorded interviews? Whatever the relative merits of these design decision might be, the H6 does a very good job and is capable of some serious recording work. The real question that I think users have is: how much improvement has Zoom made with the preamps? And quite frankly, no one is interested in some reviewer's subjective opinion. Talking of stereo capsules, there are two different detachable mic capsules included with the Zoom H6 as standard. Each has its own on/off button, gain dial, and PAD switch for handling high signals. Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2015. I had hoped Zoom would make this a multichannel USB interface to a DAW on my laptop. Wouldn't do that at all. Create a pilot episode for your first (or next) podcast. The large surface area has also enabled the designers to find space on the top surface for some good-sized transport controls, plus a row of record-arming buttons for each of the six channels, collectively making it easy to perform basic recording tasks. They obviously won’t price match for used items, but it’s still handy when you find it somewhere else for cheaper. You can set the Pan parameter in the Mixer feature as you wish, and the Line Out will reflect those settings for the signal sent to your camera as well. Whether or not you'll be able to record each mic independently into your computer depends on which DAW you're using. On the Zoom H6, I recorded a drum sequence on the first track input. Wir begleiten unsere Kunden von der Verkaufsberatung bis hin zur Pflege oder Reparatur. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. If you record in RAW mode, you can change the mixdown in post production to vary between mono and wider stereo. If the gain settings are correctly adjusted, noise will not be a problem. Is the Zoom H6 is a good upgrade for your podcasting? Sowohl Musiker, die Song-Demos anfertigen oder Proben und Konzerte mitschneiden wollen, als auch Podcaster, Journalisten und Filmemacher, die mobiles Multitracking betreiben möchten, erhalten mit dem Zoom H6 Black ein vielseitiges Werkzeug, das professionellen Ansprüchen gerecht wird. In the Zoom H6 Stereo XY Capsule you said you were holding the H6. Other settings, though, are made via a menu system, which restricts the speed at which the operator can work. In terms of microphones, Zoom likes to make models that are said to be only compatible with their own gear and this is no different. Or is there a mix down? Perhaps the shotgun mic you have connected to the first combo XLR/TRS would benefit from a low cut filter engaged at 203Hz to eliminate some environmental noise, but the wireless lavalier mic you have on input 2 is just fine frequency-wise, but needs a little compression. Did you normalize these sample track in the Zoom H6 or in editing software? Switching to the mid/side input capsule, I immediately noticed a jump in the amount of AC noise I picked up, which wasn’t surprising considering the dramatic difference in polar pattern between X/Y and mid/side.