White chocolate’s biggest strength is its creamy, milky smoothness. Note: 1 mins may be a little too long, maybe 40 sec. Caramelized white chocolate is a lot like dulce de leche, as the low-temperature cooking process browns the milk solids more than the sugar. The process of caramelisation turns the sugar into caramel, creating a rich toffee akin to dulce de leche, but with cocoa undertones thanks to the presence of cocoa butter. You can also let it harden at room temperature and mix it into cookies or scones. Just use a sturdy spatula so you can really stir the chocolate well (and scrape it out when it's done). White Chocolate Caramel Fudge Recipe. —Genius Recipes. Stir in sea salt to taste. So I tried and it went o instantly crumbly, which Iet cool and simply ate as a snack. To make caramelized white chocolate you need three things- 1. But I usually use a large soup spoon or wooden spoon. An oven; 2. If the white chocolate isn't already in small chunks or fêves, chop it coarsely. Step 5 To make caramelized white chocolate fudge ; Step 6 Line a 13 x 9” sheet cake pan or an 8×8” square pan with parchment paper (the latter will yield taller, thicker pieces). This sounds amazing. The result is a beautifully complex, nutty, and savory substance with all that white chocolate creaminess and a powerful twangy dairy flavor. After 3 hours, with 5-minute stirring intervals at 265 degrees F, I still did not have the color shown in the photo above. The flavor of white chocolate is extremely sweet, but if you caramelize it in the oven for about 30 minutes, it darkens and becomes a warm golden color with a complex and nutty flavor. Turned out terrifically. Alas I do not. If you want caramelised white choc rubble I've got 1 word - microwave. Since I had some homemade ginger shortbread cookies I decided to half dip them in the melted chocolate. Step 7 Break up the chocolate into small pieces and add it to a large, microwave safe bowl. OK. Remove the baking sheet from the oven. Check out Rivka's post for more tips and photos: http://www.notderbypie.com/caramelized-white-chocolate-rhubarb-bars/. To caramelise white chocolate, use a good quality bar with a high cocoa butter content (about 30% - ideally 32%), as this helps the chocolate to melt and break down evenly. Some call the result the "Toffee of Milk". It is completely salvageable and, in fact, it may be a handier form to keep around for baking. As the Valrhona Corporate Pastry Chef for the US, I would like to mention that this recipe was created with Ivoire, our white chocolate. I bought 2 kilos and made Blonde Chocolate Ganache to fill macarons with! AND yes Joannajw I too have a burnt tongue due to impatience :). There will still be a few pieces of unmelted chocolate in the bowl. Alternately: If you keep roasting until it seizes into crumbles, don't worry. White chocolate. That way, you can freely toss handfuls into cookies or scones, brownies or banana bread. Enter one of our contests, or share that great thing you made for dinner last night. Roast chocolate in the oven for about 45 minutes, stirring and smearing the chocolate around with a spatula every 5 to 10 minutes (make sure the spatula is clean and dry when you start). I bookmarked this when it first came out and kept meaning to try it, and then I discovered that Valrhona is selling this caramelized white chocolate commercially under the name of Dulcey Blonde Chocolate in callet form. “Caramelized white chocolate is a little tricky,” says Lebovitz. Yes, it just takes a little more attention and stirring, but it goes much faster. Slow roasting turns white chocolate into a delicious caramelized white chocolate. Stir it and repeat the step. Used Callebaut White Chocolate and I think my oven was at 266 but I can;t be 100% certain, so 45 minutes in still no color so I raised the temp a fraction...well 1 phone call later and I have crumbles which I'm kinda sad about but I will get over it. Basically anywhere you’d use white chocolate. Is Valrhona's Dulcey the same thing, or is this more caramelized? We never did -- Silpat or parchment might slide around too much as you stir, and the chocolate will get on the sides of the pan anyway. Chop the white chocolate and spread it on a parchment paper-lined baking … Continue cooking until the chocolate is as dark as you like (we like a rich toffee color). A baking sheet; 3. Store at room temperature, and warm it in a pot of barely simmering water when you're ready to use it. This process tested my patience, but luckily the end result was a tasty treat. So for this caramelized white chocolate recipe, use at least 16 ounces of chopped white chocolate. Stir to combine and heat another 15 seconds. Caramelised white chocolate is white chocolate that is baked in the oven, low and slow, until it takes on a golden caramel colour and flavour. The cocoa butter amount matters -- the higher it is, the more willingly melty it gets. It’s an amazing process to watch unfold and truly … Has anyone experimented with making this into the just chocolate and water Hervé This chocolate mousse? Lastly, we have created a new product on the market called Dulcey, which was inspired by the roasted Ivoire. Quinn, that's a great question -- I haven't tried it, but check out what Aki and Alex at Ideas in Food were able to do: http://blog.ideasinfood.com/ideas_in_food/2009/01/foie-gras-and-caramelized-white-chocolate.html.