You may plan to stand in line for more than an hour if you know that there will be many people at the visitation. She covers professional, social, children's, wedding, and funeral etiquette. You are not expected to stay the entire time. Some people are uncomfortable seeing dead bodies and may choose to remember the deceased as an alive and vibrant person. Dress relatively formally and conservatively, in dark or muted colors – you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Additional Considerations for a Visitation, Funerals and Mourning Rituals per World Religion, What to Do When You Are Unable to Attend a Funeral, How to React to Inappropriate Funeral Behavior, 10 Things Every Funeral Guest Should Know. Sometimes the rosary is prayed at a wake. It is generally held at a funeral home, a place of worship, or, in some cases, the home of the deceased or a close relative. . There may be an open-casket wake before the. Sometimes the body is available for viewing. During this gathering, you are given the opportunity to “visit” with the family and perhaps view the body of the deceased. However, the family might decide to make it only open to family and close friends. FTC FUNERAL RULE AND YOUR RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER, Funeral Ceremonies: Creative Ceremonies Can Help Celebrate Your Loved One, Green Burial: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Life After Death, Grief Support For Children – Help Your Children Deal With Their Loss, Grief: Coping with reminders after a loss, How Can Software Help You Organise a Better Funeral Fundraising Event, How Grieving Spouses Can Benefit From Support Groups, Understanding the Different Types of Pet Health Insurance. This link will open in a new window. Who Should Attend the Visitation In some cases the family may escort you to the casket. Be on your best behavior from the time you arrive at the visitation until you leave the burial site. You may get a notice that there will be a visitation or viewing before a funeral. Sitting shiva is a seven-day period where the family gathers together to receive visitors and reflect on the life of their loved one. Some Buddhist families may choose to host a visitation. This enables people to have one last look at the deceased and say their goodbyes prior to the burial. After visiting with the family and viewing the deceased you can visit with others in attendance. When you approach someone in the family of the deceased, say something heartfelt but brief. After the funeral the family often receives invited visitors to their home for pleasant conversation and refreshments. Remember that this is generally a solemn event, unless the family requests otherwise. Typically, Christian visitations are held at a funeral home. If you would rather donate to the deceased’s memorial fund, there is usually a funeral home or church staff member nearby to take those donations. Do you go to the visitation, the funeral, or both? Funeral etiquette may vary a bit from place to place, but most of the time a visitation is a quiet, subdued event. Get kid-friendly recipes, fun activities plus parenting tips delivered right to your inbox. A visitation is a period of time before the funeral for people to spend time with each other. Debby Mayne is an etiquette expert and writer with 25+ years of experience. Black dress is no longer required. You often have a visitation, viewing, or wake that enables the family and close friends to have some closure and pay their last respects. If the visitation is in the funeral home, there may be an open casket to view the deceased. You may choose to attend one service over the other because of your schedule. When your child has died. They are often the night before the funeral service, but sometimes they are held immediately before the funeral. Keep your voice low and your words positive. Cremation Choices – What Are Your Options? This is the time when you need to employ all speech filters. Other times the cremains of the person may be at the visitation. Continue reading, Discover the best online memorial sites for remembering a loved one... A. is similar to a visitation. Is It Appropriate to Send Flowers to a Funeral? The length of your stay at the visitation or funeral/graveside service or reception is a matter of discretion. It seems as if it is traditional for a dying Muslim to receive an abundance of visitors while on the death bed. If the deceased was your ex-spouse or partner, take your current relationship with the family into consideration before speaking with them. Second, you may attend a visitation to offer condolences to the family members. This a time to reflect on the deceased person's life and pay respects to the family. When you go to a visitation, remember what you're there for. A funeral visitation is an event that gives family, friends, and associates the opportunity to express sympathy to the family of the deceased. Family members and friends attend these gatherings. Instead of having a visitation before the funeral, some Jewish families sit shiva after the ceremony. Although people gather together to sing hymns before the body is cremated, there may not be any specific event where families receive visitors. This visitation may occur before the body is cremated, or it may happen after the cremation takes place. It is common for friends and family to surround people on their death beds in the Sikh religion. If you don’t know the family well, but you still want to pay respects to the deceased, you may consider going to the funeral. [x_share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true”]. It is okay to shed tears, but this is not the place to completely break down. If you were a business associate of the deceased, you may put the name of the company so the family will know who you are when they look at the names later. Sign the guest book when you first arrive. The length of your stay at the visitation or funeral/graveside service or reception is a matter of discretion. Those gathered around read the writing of one of the Sikh gurus. It’s common for people to feel nervous the first time they attend a visitation or funeral. The visit can take place any time within the first few weeks of death, and may be followed with one or more additional visits, depending on the circumstances and your relationship with the family. . Typically, people do not stay for the duration of the visitation. Quietly hand the person your card or place it on a table that has been set up for this purpose. The service may be held at a funeral home, a church or other house of worship, or another location. People “visit” at visitations. We provide our members with critical information, innovative tools, resources and the professional community they need to serve families, run sustainable businesses and become pillars in their communities. Those gathered around read the writing of one of the Sikh gurus. Finally, you may attend a visitation because you are unable or unwilling to attend the funeral. The website is no longer available for use. We’ve all seen funerals on TV or experienced them in person. Depending upon the placement of the family members that you speak to, you may be able to avoid viewing the body if that is your wish. Most of the time you can do this in 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to know. If this is the case, you will need to enter the queue and wait for your turn to offer condolences. If it is, it will most likely be closed. Some communities dress more formally than others, though. Here are some descriptions of visitations from various cultures and religious groups. Even if you feel nervous attending the visitation, realize that the members of the immediate family appreciate your support. Family & Social. Catholic visitations are sometimes called wakes. Most of the time, a funeral visitation is open to anyone who knew the deceased or has a connection to someone in the family. In funeral services, a viewing (sometimes referred to as calling hours, reviewal, funeral visitation in the United States and Canada) is the time that the family and friends come to see the deceased after they have been prepared by a funeral home.