This aromatic herb can vary in intensity, with good-quality oregano sometimes possessing a taste and warmth that is so strong it almost numbs the tongue. You are here: Home / Herbs / Oregano: The Staple Herb That Packs a Punch. While more extensive studies are needed in order to determine just how effective of a treatment oregano might be, the potential is certainly there for a healthy, natural treatment option that might allow certain cancer patients to enjoy a better quality of life by avoiding toxic chemotherapy and its lingering effects on overall health. Oregano is a vigorous herb, earthy, grassy and a touch minty. Oregano should be an herb that is on top of your list of ingredients especially when you plan on making a savory dish, or Greek, Mexican, American, and of course, Italian foods. Using oregano effectively in your cooking is easy. Oregano is an herb that is typically used in marinara sauce, spaghetti with meatballs, and many other Italian or Italian-American favorites. In this particular part of Italy, spicy foods are very popular and oregano complements the spiciness and heat that is characteristic of this region’s dishes. One unique and somewhat unusual use of oregano is common specifically to the Philippines; when boiling water buffalo, the addition of oregano serves to lend flavor while at the same time helping to eliminate the strong odor of the meat. Related Article: Why Does My Arugula Taste so Bad? What Does Overripe Cantaloupe Taste Like? Play around with different veggies, too, and you can have seasonal tarts any time of the year. You may even side with the foodies who'll take the fresh kind over the dried any day. Using oregano effectively in your cooking is easy. Greek oregano has a more pronounced flavor than most European oregano, and Mexican oregano also has a flavor that is much stronger than the rest. A savory tart with garden-fresh veggies like this one says summer. Who knows? There are also a lot of Oregano types. They're easier to chop than they are to tear, though they won't give you a hard time. If you've never made a vegan bolognese, there's nothing to it. Any kind of oregano will add pep to savory vegan tarts, tomato sauces, hummus and roasted vegetables. Oregano is a member of the mint family and related to marjoram, a much milder herb. Of course, it’s also one of the most powerful flavors you’ll experience from a dried herb. Among the c… This herb is a favorite in Greece where it is most often used to add a bit of its characteristic and intense flavor to Greek salad. When in bloom, the plant sports pink or purple flowers, which are also edible. Oregano: The Staple Herb That Packs a Punch, Shop fiery spices at the PepperScale Spicery. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We'll answer your questions about the taste, texture, substitutions and recipe tips for delicious meals. It has a little bitter and sweet flavors, and at the same time, it also gives you a peppery zing that makes a lot of salads and savory dishes taste so much better. What Does Oregano Taste Like? A savory tart with garden-fresh veggies like this one says summer. Oregano paired with garlic is actually quite pleasant to taste, and its strong flavor makes it a great ingredient to add in dishes like Mexican chilies and rich stews. Dried oregano is milder and good for sauces while the fresh kind is nice for salads and raw soups. Oregano is known in Greek as the “delight of the mountains”. In kebab and barbecue restaurants, it is commonly mixed with salt, pepper, and paprika and served as a condiment. In Turkish cuisine, oregano is used primarily for flavoring meat—particularly mutton and lamb dishes.