Arsenal might’ve been on the other side of 2017’s infamous ‘Piegate’ scandal but this Highbury-based pie shop has planted its flag firmly in the crust of their epic creations. Sausage, Apple, Cider & Onion. Really tasty!! The Crown and Tuns’ pie perfectionists are constantly innovating the humble pie, reinventing classic recipes and creating new flavours for those in need of a major upgrade for their weekly fix of meat and pastry. A golden short pastry that doesn't come at the expense of filling and made by a small "cottage industry" type company who really care about the pies they make. The Pies need to be delivered to me chilled so that I can use some straight away and freeze the rest. © 2016 Perfect Pie Ltd.  All rights reserved. Join us as we bite into the crust of the best British pies and celebrate the geniuses who made them. Where? From the moment you put that first flaky bite of pastry into your mouth and you take your first taste of the melting steak and gravy, you know that your ‘buds are in Pukka’s capable hands. We have earned a respectable following for the best pies … The House of the Trembling Madness is here for you, friend. Born from the South West’s love of cider, the Stable couples the tangy tastes of their tasting boards with a small but impressive selection of inventive pies (proof that size doesn’t always matter). 42 St Petersgate, Stockport How AIM is treated under the new requirements is set out in the FRC’s late 2015 consultation document set out above. We need at least 4 working days notice from order to delivery day to make, bake, chill and despatch. Our large 7-inch (17cm) pork pie feeds 8-10 people. Where? Our pies have more than most. One of the UK’s most respected pie-makers, Lewis Pies been perfecting their delicious recipes since 1936 and in that time, we think it’s safe to say they’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes a great pie, but they aren’t afraid to branch out to surprise you once in a while. Available for order nationwide, everybody from John O’Groats to Lands End can join in the real pie party and fill face as the food gods intended. 2 glass bottles of wine 187ml. Cooked and ready to eat. Where? If you’re looking for a Premier League pie on Merseyside, then we heartily recommend you make your way to Satterthwaites Bakehouse. Sure, you could go for the Beef and Bitter, but if you did, you’d be missed out on unique choices like the BBQ Beef, Cheddar and Smoky Bacon. We can report that the Aberdeen Angus Steak should certainly succeed in doing so. Highly recommend this bakery. One of the nation’s most innovative pie brands, they’ll happily swap out traditional ingredients for chili con carne, cauliflower cheese and chorizo ‘n’ olives. You legend. A match made in heaven. It’s a summer weekend in pie form. They’ve perfected the pie like only few others can. We'll post the voucher to you or the recipient. Pie can be immensely personal and for Wilson’s Butchers, crafting their brilliant bakes has always been a family affair. A small but perfectly formed selection of bakes, these are pies with soul, character and a singular task to make your stomach happy. Choose which day you'd like your pies delivered: we deliver from Tuesdays to Fridays. Showing us how pie can be traditional and incredibly cool (it’s one of the most Instagram friendly restaurants on this list) The Redhouse has been treating Newcastle residents to its holy trinity of pie, mash and liquor since 2012. Enjoy hot or cold. With a new restaurant in our hometown of Bath, the time is right to administer Pieminister into your food stream. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Please note that our pies do freeze and defrost beautifully, and will last in the freezer for up to six months. The Radford's family pie online shop, pies made with the freshest ingredients delivered to your door.