This is because third-party experts, both individuals and organizations, often have a unique perspective and additional information that can help us. Threats made over Facebook are not illegal unless intentionally malevolent, court rules. Today, the Supreme Court held that you can post a threat to kill your wife on Facebook, but you’re not guilty of making a threat. When information is coming to us from a law enforcement agency, we need to vet the source and make sure we’re responding the right way based on the credibility of the threat and information we learn from our investigation. This, in turn, makes it harder for these actors to start operating again. The TTPs of the IRA have been widely discussed and disseminated, including by Facebook, and it’s possible that a separate actor could be copying their techniques. We recognize the importance of sharing our best assessment of attribution with the public, and despite the challenges we intend to continue our work to find and stop this behavior, and to publish our results responsibly. Facebook operates a bounty hunter program – for bugs. Often, though, we have to take action before we’ve exhausted our investigation. The current US Supreme Court has been a strong defender of free speech rights, going so far as to permit distasteful protests at military funerals and online videos depicting animal torture. Users need to remember that Facebook makes money from its advertisers, not users. There are countless things we consider in each case. For example, in one instance a known IRA account was an administrator on a Facebook Page controlled by this group. Updates reflect shifting attitudes and political pressure but can further complicate the job. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Sun 21 May 2017 13.00 EDT News, Media and Publishing Facebook Group. Cyber threats don’t happen in a vacuum. Nor should investigations. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. In July 2006 Zuckerberg turned down a $1 billion offer for the site from Yahoo. See for yourself how Facebook polices what users post. These questions have been debated by security experts for years. Facebook's manual on credible threats of violence gun and ammunition Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images ... Facebook says publishing certain images can help children to be rescued. As a result, simple techniques like blaming the owner of an IP address that was used to register a malicious account usually aren’t sufficient to accurately determine who’s responsible. Facebook’s logo is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind. The reader who sent it to me is a woman who seems to be incredibly nice! Unfortunately, despite this forward thinking approach, the document was killed by politicians in mid-2013 for various (mostly technical) reasons. Following the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 Iceland decided to rewrite their constitution using Facebook to solicit suggestions from citizens. Originally Published on November 13, 2018: By Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Cybersecurity Policy. Academic researchers are also invaluable partners. We have proactively reported our technical findings to US law enforcement because they have much more information than we do, and may in time be in a position to provide public attribution. It can be challenging to coordinate the operations and timing of these investigations, though. However, Zuckerberg is known to dress up when the occasion demands it. We are an award winning, family-run, independent gift and card shop on Harpenden High Street. Last year, we said the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (IRA) was behind much of the abuse we found around the 2016 election. The other major organized effort did not include traditional cyber attacks but was instead designed to sow division using social media. Facebook has introduced trending topics and hashtags to counter this. The colour is so popular that Facebook’s campus store even sells nail polish in the exact shade named ‘social butterfly blue’. We were able to tie previous abuse to the IRA partly because of several unique aspects of their behavior that allowed us to connect a large number of seemingly unrelated accounts. So if we determine that someone is trying to compromise another person’s account in order to determine their location — and we suspect the target might be in physical danger — we’d take action immediately, as well as notify the person being targeted and law enforcement when appropriate. That’s why it’s so important to have open lines of communication with all of these partners so we can ensure we’re all aligned, and that we take action in timeline that best disrupts the adversary. The better we can be at working together, the better we’ll do by our community. For instance, our teams can find links between accounts that might be coordinating an information operation based on how they interact on Facebook or other technical signals that link the accounts together — while a law enforcement agency could identify additional links based on information beyond our scope. The set of actors we see now might be the IRA with improved capabilities, or it could be a separate group. To get this information, we work with governments and law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity researchers, and other technology companies. But it also has drawn lines, ruling last term against the free speech rights of a previously convicted military protester and opponents of then-President George W. Bush who were moved from their protest site by the Secret Service. Sometimes, he imitated rap lyrics. Facebook says publishing certain images can help children to be rescued. Last modified on Sun 21 May 2017 15.16 EDT, Counter-terrorism expert says that, contrary to Theresa May’s assertion, technology companies are treating the problem of terrorist content seriously, Leaked guidelines on cruel and abusive posts also show how company judges who ‘deserves our protection’ and who doesn’t, Labour’s Yvette Cooper is among those calling for more transparency from the company in wake of Guardian revelations, Leaked documents show site struggles with with mammoth task of policing content ranging from nudity to sex abuse, Available for everyone, funded by readers. They assisted in our takedown of 32 Pages and accounts from Facebook and Instagram for coordinated inauthentic behavior in July of this year as well as our our recent takedown of a financially motivated “like” farm in Brazil. "Federal criminal liability generally does not turn solely on the results of an act without considering the defendant's mental state," Roberts wrote. Women between the ages of 18 and 24 were the most frequent targets. But finding and investigating potential threats isn’t something we do alone. “Blue is the richest color for me. Some of the tools, techniques and procedures of this actor are consistent with those we saw from the IRA in 2016 and 2017. All modern intelligence agencies use their own internal guidelines to help them consistently communicate their findings to policymakers and the public. And while all of these are appropriate for government organizations, we do not believe some of them should be used by companies: Applying the Framework to Our New Discovery. This was the case with the campaign that we took down today which was linked to Russian military intelligence services. The exact figures may be an estimate, but with just under 8 trillion Facebook messages sent in 2013 it’s certain that a substantial body of evidence is to be found on the social network. The following posts cover different facets of our investigations into cyber threats and information operations. As soon as a cyber threat is discovered, security teams face a difficult decision: when to take action. There has been a public debate about the relationship between the IRA and the Russian government — though most seem to conclude this activity is between “state-encouraged” and “state-ordered” using Healey’s definitions. It is standard for both traditional security attacks and information operations to be conducted using commercial infrastructure or computers belonging to innocent people that have been compromised. Elonis might not be off the hook, however. If another company identifies a threat, we want to know about it so we can investigate whether the actor or actors behind it are abusing our services as well. Elonis was convicted under the latter standard; a majority of justices ruled that's not sufficient. But today we’re shutting down 32 Pages and accounts engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior without saying that a specific group or country is responsible. How Do We Work With Our Partners to Combat Information Operations? They were originally published alongside other announcements. On the Internet, they said, context is lost and words can be misinterpreted. Around 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, with the site estimating in September last year that users had so far put up more than 250 billion images. June 16, 2014, 4:14 PM UTC / Updated June 16, 2014, 7:06 PM UTC As our teams monitored for and rooted out new threats, the government proved especially valuable because of their broader intelligence work. The high court's ruling means his case will be sent back to a lower court to determine whether he meant what he posted or was at least reckless in posting it.