Captain Marvel's body has evolved incredibly over the years. Be it his family or training, Vegeta never takes things lightheartedly. While Goku usually takes things for granted, Vegeta is someone who takes everything seriously. Dragon Ball: The Worst Decisions Vegeta Has Ever Made, Ranked By How Bad They Were. He trains like he is in a real fight and he has been doing it for years and years. Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, is always on the lookout for facing new opponents as he wants to grow stronger and there are a couple of superheroes in the Marvel universe who would like an opportunity to face the Saiyan. NEXT: 5 Powerful Anime Characters Vegeta Super Saiyan God Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn't). Strength plays a decisive role in any kind of one-on-one duel and in this one, Captain Marvel edges out Vegeta by a whisker. Vegeta super saiyan 5. It wouldn't be surprising to see Captain Marvel barely put up with Vegeta's fast attacks. He trains like he is in a real fight and he has been doing it for years and years. It's a sad turn of events that Vegeta will never accept due to his Saiyan pride, but it's a reality that needs to be affirmed regardless. The Saiyan Prince has a slight advantage in this situation, thanks to his training since he was a kid and the fact that he has greater Ki control. Even though his Super Saiyan Blue form might not be enough against Captain Marvel, that doesn't necessarily mean that Vegeta will not be able to transform into something more powerful under pressure. She will be forced to use her other superpowers as a result. Knowing Vegeta, it would hurt the Saiyan very deeply. 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This is the closest mini-battle between Captain Marvel and Vegeta. Take Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, for example, who is practically a bundle of energy. ► 12 Ki Multiplier is 220% Captain Marvel is a celestial being, meaning she has the ability to travel between planets and solar systems without any fuss. ► Card by Super Saiyan Kolra and original image found here. Carol Danvers Vs. Kara Danvers - Who Wins? Supremacy of Super Saiyans Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta,, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Causes Colossal Damage to enemy, raises ATK +50% for 10 turns, DEF +200%, high chance to evade and counter super attacks with Mega-Tremendous power. … Once she has enough energy to spare, this transformation can happen and while it only happens for a short while, it will be more than enough for Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. 460 likes. RELATED: Carol Danvers Vs. Kara Danvers - Who Wins? Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman: Who's Had The Better Costumes? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dragon Ball has a range of ultra-strong mortals coming from different species in the universe. RELATED: Dragon Ball: 5 Moves Stronger Than Vegeta's Final Flash (& 5 That Are Weaker) For someone like him, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is nothing more than another mortal who he can easily get rid of by tapping into his 7 A one-stop shop for all things video games. Vegeta Family, Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Male, SPARKING, Defense Type, RED, Androids Saga (Z), Vegeta. RELATED: Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman: Who's Had The Better Costumes? There's no telling what Captain Marvel can or cannot do and Vegeta will have to be on his toes, prepared for every scenario. It will take a while for Vegeta to understand Carol Danvers' fighting technique but as soon as he figures it out, he'll know the weak points he has to strike during the battle. Saiyans, for example, are a warrior race, and their unique anatomy presents them with an opportunity to take over every other race in terms of power., Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, DEF +200% and ATK +100%; plus an additional Ki +1 and launch an additional Super Attack per existing enemy; chance of performing a critical hit +50% to 90% (the less HP remaining, the higher critical hit chance), 100% HP: 50% chance to perform a critical hit, 80% HP: 60% chance to perform a critical hit, 60% HP: 70% chance to perform a critical hit, 40% HP: 80% chance to perform a critical hit, 20% HP: 90% chance to perform a critical hit. Vegeta is someone who never accepts second best. She gained access to Kree physiology, and then she merged with the alien Cru. Images sourced from the Dustloop wiki. It is a genuine advantage Carol can exploit by going airborne. vegeta es super poderoso a peleado con muchos villanos pero el que mas se destaca es frizzer Gracias por leer esto Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a 5 Powerful Anime Characters Vegeta Super Saiyan God Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn't), Naruto: The 9 Tailed Beasts, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest, Dragon Ball: 5 Ways The Turtle School Is The Best At Martial Arts (& 5 Ways It's The Crane School), Naruto: Every Movie In The Franchise, Ranked By Originality, Naruto: 10 Characters Who Can Defeat All Members Of The Akatsuki, Pokémon: 10 Battles Ash Had In The Bag (But Lost), Yu-Gi-Oh! He has done it multiple times after Goku, after all. If there's any way Vegeta can come back into this contest, it is by taking the fight as deep as possible and hoping that Captain Marvel's stamina runs out. She can stay in a vacuum for a very long time and she can travel faster than the speed of light. Captain Marvel's Binary form renders Carol's powers infinitely stronger. Made by. Vegeta might be faster but his punches will not have the same effect as Carol's. Captain Marvel might just prove to be too strong for Vegeta. Vegeta, on the other hand, has a very decent battle speed that only gets better with his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, but unfortunately, he is not as quick in the air as Captain Marvel. Even in her normal form, Captain Marvel is as strong as Vegeta, but the Binary form can be compared to Ultra Instinct. Dokfan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ►A Fieri Fake. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win? 5 Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta: Reflexes And Agility Vegeta is someone who never accepts second best. RELATED: Dragon Ball: The Worst Decisions Vegeta Has Ever Made, Ranked By How Bad They Were. Vegeta's form might end up lending a helping hand to Captain Marvel in her pursuit of transforming to Binary. Super Saiyan Vegeta (DBL02-01S) Character Card Details. - Saiyan Roar - Shocking Speed - Prepared for Battle - The First Awakened - Saiyan Pride - Fierce Battle Pure Saiyans - Full Power - Vegeta's Family - Worthy Rivals - Super Saiyan 5 - … When the Saiyan Prince goes Super Saiyan Blue, his reflexes only advance further, making him freakishly good. Dokfan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Final Flash is Vegeta's signature move and it is capable of destroying planets, so it would definitely come in handy against Carol Danvers. 1 Normal Attacks 2 Special Moves 3 Z Assists 4 Super Attack 5 Meteor Attack 6 Navigation That has helped him in developing a strategic mind; one that will come in handy against Captain Marvel. Vegeta would want to ride the storm out, but that is easier said than done. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This gave rise to some regenerative abilities that are off the charts. Their genes are such that they allow Vegeta to adapt and become stronger while he is fighting. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. Super Saiyan 5 Vegeta Max Lv SA Lv Rarity Type Cost 150 1/10 88 Ki +6 & HP, ATK, & DEF +200% Ki +3 & HP, ATK, & DEF +100% Ultimate Final Shine (12-17 Ki) Galik … The kind of superpowers Carol Danvers has at her disposal make her a very tough opponent and she will be one of the strongest the Saiyan Prince has ever faced.