There's nothing else to help combat the overwhelming flavor of BBQ sauce; no pickles, no onions, no soft buns to absorb and dial back some of the flavor. Nos dedicamos a mejorar la manera de preparar nuestra comida de calidad y los ingredientes que lleva. Espera una reacción espontánea ante algo delicioso, espera un sabor que te hace decir “woo!”. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Which means you need to get in your car (or order for delivery) ASAP. “The excitement that spicy flavors bring is something we know our customers have always loved,” said Todd Manisco, Manager of Menu Innovation at McDonald’s. McDonald's is offering the Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders and Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich only for a limited time, so if you're a BBQ sauce fiend and ready to continue gorging on all types of chicken … But let’s say, hypothetically, my food looked more like the sandwich and tenders that McDonald’s has been using in its promotions and on its website, which are photographed with a very reasonable amount of spicy barbecue sauce. It reminds us of a simpler time, when we were kids and constantly asking our parents to stop after school or soccer practice. Earlier this year, McDonald’s amped up their chicken nuggs game by introducing the coveted spicy nuggets. You can also make DIY spicy chicken nuggets at home. This should have been served with a straw, and I am very appreciative of the McDonald’s employee who delivered these to my table with a 2"-tall stack of napkins. Spicy stuff is the greatest (just ask Dunkin‘). That's not exactly the reaction I had, but here's what I thought: I'm interested in why McDonald's went with a BBQ chicken sandwich, rather than capitalizing on the hype that still surrounds Nashville hot chicken or doubling down on a traditional, spicy chicken sandwich with pickles that's not submerged in sauce. CHICAGO, September 5, 2019 – September just got a whole lot saucier at McDonald’s. ©2017-2019 McDonald's. © 2019 The Coca-Cola Company. Tweet @Robicellis. Fried in a tempura batter seasoned with cayenne and chili pepper, the nuggets were an instant hit. It's not a standard fried chicken sandwich with a plain chicken patty and pickles (like Popeyes' coveted sandwich), but its spiciness makes it an exciting addition to the fast food giant's menu. Allison Robicelli is The Takeout staff writer, a former professional chef, author of three books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Then they threw some barbecue sauce on it. Recipes for Homemade Chicken Nuggets, Tenders and Strips. En McDonald’s participantes por tiempo limitado. It miraculously hit all the right notes and genuinely tasted agreeable, though was admittedly messy to get into. I do love raw onions to counterbalance an overwhelming sauce, but I have to admit the slivers were not my favorite addition. Executive 1: Goddamnit, man, you are a genius! Instead, you're left with tenders that have become a tad soggy thanks to their submersion in sauce and offer no reprieve from sweet and smoky flavors. “Fanta” es un marca registrada de The Coca-Cola Company. {{}}, {{data.orderNowJson.accessibleLableforCloseIcon}}, {{data.orderNowJson.primaryPartnersConfig[0].primaryPartnerName}}, {{data.orderNowJson.deliveryFromText}} {{}} {{}}. What we, the consumers, have been bestowed is McDonald’s new Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders and Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich, both available for a limited time only. Asegúrate de revisar las políticas de cada uno de los sitios que visitas. El contenido y las políticas, incluyendo la política de privacidad, del sitio al que estás entrando pueden variar de los puntos de vista y las políticas de McDonald’s. Recibe noticias, promociones y más en tu buzón de entrada. You are leaving the McDonald's Corporation web site for a site that is controlled by a third party, not affiliated with McDonald's. As you can see from the autopsy photo, this is a combination of several different McDonald’s items: a crispy chicken patty, a sesame seed bun, pickles, onions. All Rights Reserved. I'm typically a honey mustard or ranch type of girl, and would never go out of my way to order BBQ sauce for anything (except, you know, barbecue). And both of them got bonuses of eleventy jillion dollars. So, what happened? Nuestros nuevos Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders y Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich están hechos con jugosa carne blanca de pollo y vienen cubiertos con una deliciosa salsa BBQ ahumada. If you go to McDonald’s and need chicken, stick to the always excellent McNuggets, which will never let you down or hurt you. But now one of their latest introductions has hit the end of its road…sooner than we thought! Whatever the case, I was pleasantly surprised by McDonald's iteration of a spicy BBQ chicken sandwich. Does Popeyes really make the best fried chicken sandwich in all of fast food. What we, the consumers, have been bestowed is Having always wanted a career in writing, Melany couldn't have found a better place than Taste of Home to begin. In addition to the new Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich, McDonald's also debuted glazed tenders. How is McDonalds so successful (yes i will admit the fries are great). del sitio Web de McDonald's Corporation a un sitio controlado por un tercero, no afiliado a McDonald’s.