We won't send you spam. 315 calories; protein 23.8g 48% DV; carbohydrates 39.7g 13% DV; dietary fiber 7g 28% DV; sugars 5.8g; fat 8.1g 12% DV; saturated fat 1.2g 6% DV; cholesterol 142.9mg 48% DV; vitamin a iu 939IU 19% DV; vitamin c 23mg 38% DV; folate 78.1mcg 20% DV; calcium 114.7mg 12% DV; iron 2.9mg 16% DV; magnesium 116mg 41% DV; potassium 667.9mg 19% DV; sodium 593.7mg 24% DV; thiamin 0.3mg 29% DV. https://damndelicious.net/2019/05/08/garlic-butter-shrimp-zucchini-noodles This dish is pretty much made in three different steps of prep and comes together really quickly at the end. Unsubscribe at any time. Both wild-caught and farm-raised shrimp can damage the surrounding ecosystems when not managed properly. The smell of garlic roasting went throughout the house, but once I actually tasted it, I was in absolute heaven. This also makes a great "bowl" dinner. It’s so darn easy. favorite way to eat healthy and gluten-free without all the carbs. Glad to hear you’ve found an easy and healthier alternative to your most loved dish :). But, I will say that the butter will make the shrimp more moist and flavorful! https://downshiftology.com/recipes/zucchini-pasta-with-lemon-garlic-shrimp Because it prompted me to update an old favorite pasta recipe – shrimp scampi and linguini – to make it gluten-free, grain-free, paleo and all around healthy. So glad you liked it Heather, and asparagus is a great veg to add. Copyright ©2020, An Italian in my Kitchen. Wash and cut the ends of the zucchini. Since the recipe combines a starch, vegetables and the shrimp, all you need is a fruit or vegetable salad to round out the menu. This looks like an amazing recipe! Can’t wait to make it again. To make this dish, I started off with garlicking up my favorite Key West Pink shrimp. Thanks and let me know. We went a little lighter on red chili flakes. Quarter squash lengthwise and cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Try and tell anybody...there's your meal...1.25 cups of pasta and canned tomato sauce flavored with expensive basil. And I was thanked with the beautiful fresh halibut used in my Baked Halibut with Herbed Mayonnaise Crust recipe. This flavor-packed dish is healthy, keto and low-carb and makes a delicious protein packed meal in minutes. | Disclosure | Privacy Policy | Copyright & Reprint Policy | Contact. I added sage to it and it tasted even better!! Healthy zucchini noodles "zucchini pasta" are tossed with lemon garlic shrimp for an easy, family favorite dinner recipe. Cook and stir until slightly softened, 2 to 3 minutes. Use tongs to transfer the zucchini noodles to the skillet with the olive oil mixture and toss to coat. What white wine is recommended? You’ll be blanching your zucchini noodles in it to soften them just a bit before tossing all of the ingredients together. Zucchini noodles cook really fast. Let me know how it goes. With all these amazing vegetables it doesn’t seem that it would be too difficult to live  without meat. Wash and trim the ends of the zucchini. Can you please let me know wich size of blade did you us d to make the Zucchini? Shrimp cooks so fast, you can have this meal on your table in under 15 minutes. I felt like I had created a fancy meal that took no time to make. Cook for 1 minute stirring once or twice. My husband was so impressed and said the recipe was creative. Your Italian food craving self will thank you after tasting this delicious shrimp and zucchini noodles dish. Transfer the shrimp to a plate. I’ve just ordered a spiralizer attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer and this will be the first recipe I try! Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe!! Add the basil, salt, pepper, and pepper flakes if using, and keep warm. WOW. it had everything my pasta and shrimp loving family craves. This quick-cooking, healthy dinner is a simple combination of zucchini, shrimp and pasta flecked with plenty of fresh basil. As always, thank you for reading and for supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. On the quest to break free from the deadly fastfood rut in a 12-16 hr work day. Enjoy! Add the Butter and zucchini noodles to the same pan, season with salt and pepper and cook for 2 minutes or until tender. Thank you!! And when I use these, I never get complaints from the fam about eating whole wheat pasta. I made the Zuchinni pasta tonight first time and will make it again. Noodles vs. zoodles. Oh! Add the chopped garlic, then stir the shrimp for another minute or two to cook the other side. This looks great – do you cook the zucchini noodles at all, or just serve them room temperature? It's naturally gluten-free, low carb, and can easily be made Whole30 by replacing the white wine with chicken broth. Heat the oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. Add the … The ball is where the zucchini’s seeds all end up, so avoid spiraling down too far if you have a zucchini like mine or you’ll end up with mushy seeds. Takes very little time to make but its not near as good warmed up the next day. Love reading everything you write!! Thanks for the fabulous recipe! Add the shrimp back to the pan and stir for another minute. Lift t, Dinner tonight is Friday night light because next, Creamy with crispies or snappy and nutty, get your, Pasta With Fresh Tomato Sauce And Ricotta Cheese, Whole wheat linguinie (or use regular linguine), Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Toss with 3 cups cooked pasta, serve immediately. Hi Danielle – Impressing the husband is always a good sign :) I’m glad both of you enjoyed this zucchini pasta! I just used the grater attachment in my magimix for the courgette, as that’s what I had, and it worked fine. We now have a new recipe to our permanent collection. I would like to ask what you think of the Wheat Belly book…thank you so much. made this tonight for dinner, it was a big hit. So if you haven’t yet watched my video on making zucchini noodles, you should definitely do that. I felt good that I was getting some veggies to my husband and he was happy with the beef substitution. I want to make this every week it was SO delicious. Enjoy! You’re going to love this zucchini pasta! I usually set my water to start boiling and just let it roll along until I feel like I’m at a stage where I can get the noodles cooking without them becoming overcooked. I always get asked if zucchini pasta recipes can be frozen and reheated. Next time I might just sauté the zucchini instead of boiling it in the pasta water as described or only use zucchini instead of including the linguini (we are not not gluten free, but we have a ton of zucchini to use).