This includes our Premium Gel Memory Foam for cooling and supportive comfort and an ultra-cooling plush cover. I will have to do my research more thoroughly next time before I purchase a new bed. List Price : 999.99, Save  I recently spent two weeks away from home sleeping on a cheap mattress and felt so great in comparison to being back home sleeping on my expensive junk!!! I'm sending it back, its like sleeping on a deflating air mattress. I am a side sleeper exclusively. I am about 205 lb and it hasn't had the denting problem other foam mattress suffer from even after a year of use. You don’t have to be a hot sleeper to love iComfort. If the firm feels right, this will suit your needs. It is quite firm but we use a fluffy mattress pad which makes it just right for us. It's made by Sleep Innovations (who is not Serta). Having my arm under her pillow didn't come accompanied with the "dead arm" that happens on most mattresses. After about 10 minutes, your body temp softens the foam and it is really comfortable... until you roll over too far onto a cold slab and you are back on the plywood.I sure hope summer is more comfy. With some competitively priced options, Sealy is an intriguing brand with many firmness and material options, but there are some durability complaints reported by some sleepers. I love this mattress. It's not hard by any means, in fact it's quite comfortable and very good for my husband's back, he likes it a little firmer than I. after putting a good quilted mattress cover on, it added just the amount of plush and squish I love. I am in love with my new mattress. No issues with smell or sagging. A highly breathable and supportive mattress with a classic, responsive feel. Our new Perfect Sleeper® Express mattresses are available to pick up at your local Serta retailer or order online for quick shipping. I was wrong. The mattress was as indicated, but I needed the firm pillow top so I returned that mattress and box spring and re-ordered the firm mattress only. (The one Costco sells is perfect). If you want a mattress that is bigger than a King size, you can rely on Sealy since it is also available in California King size. Sealy's mattress-in-a-box comes in both memory foam and hybrid mattresses with 8'', 10'', and 12'' profile options. Serta … You just have to like your sleep environment to be refreshingly comfy. ****UPDATE: Aug 14, 2012****I now own two of these. Discount does not apply to applicable taxes, shipping/handling, delivery, or any other charges or add-ons. It's why 4 years later the foam is still in good shape. I am pleased with my choice so far and recommend you go lay on this mattress if you prefer a firm one. First off I'm a bigger guy who is a furnace in bed with lower back probIems. I sweat all night long and wake up drenched. The salesmen explained to me that the initial Optimum mattresses didn't have enough cooling gel and they have added more and it has resolved that complaint. It is not comfortable because there is no support. Every Perfect Sleeper Express model is designed with a unique set of features to help solve 5 common sleep problems. With more companies than ever, companies fighting for profit at the demise of quality. reviewed on Dec 05, 2018 Purchased Sealy Posturepaedic from Harvey Norman, Warwick,QLD in March 2016. Their iComfort brand is one of the most popular, with layers of gel and memory foam layers. Plus the delivery service was great also. I returned to the website and their were no reviews but I searched some other mattresses with the same features and price points and discovered that it would, when unfolded, rise to it's full 12 inches and it did indeed have cloth covered coils (innersprings). I did not notice any odor. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a quality memory foam mattress at a great price. I'm glad I did. Sleep Innovations are now Innocor Comfort out of New Jersey. If long term comfort is an essential, consider taking a look at our list of top rated mattress for competitive alternatives. The mattress is barely a month old but so far, we love it. The image on this product is completely misleading. I don't know what we were thinking when buying a foam mattress. It was soft enough to be comfortable and fall asleep in easily. Selling Price : 799.99 Resetting the box would not have fixed the problem. The hardest thing we had was finding a proper platform for it.  please Contact us. Experience the iComfort® mattress in your home for up to 120 days. Serta offers innerspring and hybrid mattresses and are common at many mattress big box and retail outlets. Promotion only applies to purchases made within the U.S. and shipped to within the 48 contiguous United States unless otherwise noted. I didn't give it a five becuse I am a hard grader. BUYER BEWARE! They claim to use titanium springs for durability in their mattress. For some reason, the one we got is like a brick.