Join our mailing list! Cotton shirt? A mid-width, solid pink tie in silk will look great at any gathering. And the second answer is pretty much just as unsatisfying as the first: it depends. Or a plain suit with a patterned shirt and a plain tie. If you have an off-black shirt, it’s either dark grey or dark blue. Navy suit pink shirt what colour tie .. and shoes ? Then you need a cotton tie. I m going with a Navy blue suit with a black blue waistcoat, white shirt, and 2 tone shoes black and brown. #4: Unlisted Regular Fit Pink Shirt by Kenneth Cole. #2: Slim fit black shirt by Kenneth Cole. Contrast colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. Details matter. But this is not a hard and fast rule. #2: Unlisted slim-fit blue suit by Kenneth Cole. Please check the section about navy suits and white shirts. Believe it or not, fitting your suit defines you. Your blue suit against a white shirt punched up by the awesome blue suit, is such a beauty! Blue slim fit suits are the trendsetters at the moment. You might want to try them with your suit, too. Monochrome shirt and tie combinations work  – light blue shirt with navy tie – especially when the jacket is loud in print, colour or is textural masterpiece such as tweed. Blue can be a challenging choice, and it takes a level of courage to pull it off. A patterned suit with a plain shirt and a patterned tie. I guess you mean a “tie with burgundy in it” instead of a toe (needed some time to figure that out). Here you can match colors three slots apart from each other. Or go sockless and opt for a pair of spotless white sneakers to create a casual, clean image. Blue displays confidence, but so does the man in the suit. But this is nothing new. Can wear white shirt, toe with burgundy in it, light brown loafers? Because, of course, the tie you choose should complement the situation and occasion. I’m talking about blue as a clear sky. Suit: Two-piece classic stretch blue suit by Tomasso Black. The key is sticking to the standard colour rules as stated above – complementary or contrast – and it’s a nice look when a portion of the shirt colour features in the tie print. The tie will build a bridge between the two blues. Light blue shirt? 100% cotton ties in black are good, so too are red, blue, and burgundy silk or wool. Your signature look is only complete when all your components fit seamlessly together. You can also match blue tones that are a lot closer together on the color wheel. Well, the pastel shirt is feminine no-more with a masculine navy tie (pink’s contrast colour on the wheel). And, in more recent years, light pink too. Just by changing up the direction. Boom. This site may earn a small commission for endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website to other sites (Amazon e.g.). RELATED: A Guide To Rocking Denim Shirts Like A Rugged Gentleman. But be aware that the wheel is meant to be a guide only. However, check shirts look better with a bigger patterned tie. Cotton or wool ties are acceptable for most occasions but go for classy silk at special events. Printed shirts are where things can get tricky. Look to the color wheel for advice on choosing the right red tie for your blue suit white shirt combo. You can match a blue suit with a light purple shirt and a slightly darker shade of purple tie as an example of this color scheme. White shirts are always a winner. I’ll introduce you to the best shirts to wear with your blue suit and delve into the appropriate accessories. Although black suits have always epitomized the ultimate, classic look for men in the past, the trend changed. Footwear seems good, probably you will match the shade with the suit. No matter what the occasion! In this guide, I’ll show you how to master the blue look. Blue suit with red wine color shirt, tan brown shoes for wedding? Follow this complete guide on how to choose the perfect suit for your need. What color tie? There are no hard and fast rules. Excellent for any occasion, they are one of the most popular choices by most of the people. All the shirt and tie combinations below work well with black or grey suit. Gone are the days when the color pink was considered to be effeminate. Navy or orange tie is a good choice too, it really depends on the shade of your navy suit. Or it can make a statement about your character, your ego, and your state of mind. Light blue suit with light grey checks. By following the color wheel, we can create four basic combo color schemes: The single color scheme leads to the same color combination for your suit, shirt, and tie. In my opinion, a black shirt works best with a mid to light blue suit. Ensure the shirt … White shirt and tie. Add a specific color tie to your pink shirt/blue suit outfit to create an eye-catching en vogue statement. Read more! This combo falls definitely into the statement category. Shoes: Brown monk strap shoes by Kenneth Cole. I would recommend a white shirt. A wide, white polka dot navy tie of silk or satin will draw admiring glances. Try it and see. This means you can wear a warm tie with a slightly cooler suit and shirt. A forest green tie makes a refined and effortless statement at work, while basic neutrals – charcoal and brown – are ideal for men sporting a pattern jacket – be it, windowpane or chalk stripe.