It is as perishable as the things on which it feeds.4. The Christian is anxious to be delivered from sin; the unrenewed man cares only for its consequences. You know the vice, the squalor, the misery of these great cities; you know how in this awful city there are tens of thousands of the unemployed, of paupers, of criminals, of drunkards, of prostitutes; and that there are at least two millions and a half who scarcely ever enter any house of God. 2. Is it about such questions that the new life is concerned? And is not Christianity exactly what it ever was? You know the vice, the squalor, the misery of these great cities; you know how in this awful city there are tens of thousands of the unemployed, of paupers, of criminals, of drunkards, of prostitutes; and that there are at least two millions and a half who scarcely ever enter any house of God. THE NEWNESS OF RELATIONSHIP TO GOD. The prophets were interested not only in their own nation, but in the world around them. Be a Christian, out and out.(C. The official religionism and ritual and priestliness had wholly failed to touch this mass of sin and misery. 3. Christ's word was, as ours ought to be, largely with the individual. You are the slaves of sin; but Christ came to ransom you from sin. Look at the relations of European nations. Where does my part in the matter lie? The knowledge of Divine things, always desirable and useful, is pursued with peculiar ardour so soon as we have attained to that patient admiration of its glorious objects which accompanies the full assurance of hope. Let none of you say, "It does not concern me." (iv)Of good taste, where it is simply taken for granted that certain religious properties belong to a particular social position — phantoms each and all; for they melt into thin air under the harder stress of service or sorrow. Does it run through society like a cleansing flame? There is, first, that the lower animals possess; but in this there is for man no more than the lowest animals. Am I in full connection with Divine Omnipotence? We must help Him. I think if we’re not careful, we can in our efforts even to lead as many people as possible to Christ or bring people to the church, we can almost delude what it means to follow Jesus. St. John in a breath calls it both. Know ye not that as many as were baptised into Jesus Christ were baptised into His death? It asserts with Von Hartmann that existence is unspeakably wretched, and society will ever grow worse; and with Carlyle, "More dreary, barren, base, and ugly seem to me all the aspects of this poor, diminishing, quack world, doomed to a death which one can only wish to be speedy."4. "Yes," the cynic will coldly answer, "the world goes mad at times, and this was one of the world's strange delusions; but we have changed all that." When you think about baptism, so … McLeod, D. D.Progress in the new life, commenced at the time of the second birth, is more desirable than success in business, or growth from infancy to manhood. Farrar. WHAT IS "NEWNESS"?1. He saw the blind, the halt, the leper, etc., and He cured the incurable who came to and believed on Him. The fourth period of Christian progress is characterised by public spirit in promoting the interests of the Church. 2. But Jesus took manhood, and did His mediatorial work, that He might become, like another Adam, the root of another pedigree. Its hands and feet are bandaged with the grave clothes of selfish habit. IS PERFECTED IN AN EVER NEW IMMORTALITY. If in one single congregation the fire of God burst forth again in every heart as in some of those congregations of the early Christians — yea, if there were but one man here and there capable of a God-like and absolute self-sacrifice — how would such a man flash the vivid thrill of nobleness into ten thousand hearts; how would life move again among the dry bones of the valley of vision! Are there no sweaters' dens? Copyright © 2020 Romans 6:4 Ministries - All Rights Reserved. THE SUBSEQUENT STATE OF THE BAPTISED AS DEAD TO SIN. "Walking" indicates not only vital action, but also progress from one place to another. The spirit has its resurrection even now; but we are "waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.". 3. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? The new life that God gives us is exceedingly active. And so it was with yet more miserable outcasts. God never does for man the work which He has assigned to man himself to do. Are not men estimated for what they have far more than for what they are? The work of Benedict, Wycliffe, Huss, Savonarola, and , was but a successful rekindling of dead or dying claims. And herein lies the essential and the irrevocable evidence of Christianity — the changed lives of multitudes of Christian men.5. And now what are the distinguishing characteristics of this newness of life?I. It was the revelation of God as a loving Father; it was not any weak and beggarly observances, it was not any threats of a bodily hell which made multitudes holy in a world of paganism, where heretofore the very ideal of holiness had been unknown. Well might Christ say, "Behold I make all things new."3. Does it achieve one thousandth part of what it was intended to achieve; and if not, what is the reason? It moved with trembling footsteps, essaying a new walk. Nay, he may be a religionist, and that of the most orthodox stamp: but his creed and devotions will "be after the law of a carnal commandment," and his Christ "known only after the flesh.". The answer is that the source and motive power of the two are the same. "(b) Active. But on the stock of this animal life is manifest a bud prophetic of an unfolding which is independent of the material world. "If the light that is within us is darkness, how great is that darkness!" But "the new heavens and the new earth" which are to be, shall exceed the glories of Eden.2. Romans 6:4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. But to charge these crimes on Christianity is absurd and false; they are to be charged on anti-Christ. A handful of peasants, beaten, imprisoned, treated as the offscouring of all things, faced pagan Rome in the plenitude of her despotism, made whole armies drop their weapons before their defenceless feet. Now, this is a virtuous burying alive.