This brief, interpretive history of American schooling focuses on the evolving relationship between education and social change. The relationship between education and social change takes a dual form-education as an instrument and education as a product. Through this article let us attempt to highlight the difference. Social change will take place when the people, who make society, actually change. At the individual level, education eradicates ignorance. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EDUCATION AND SOCIALCHANGE Education and social change is a two - way traffic. Education brings social change both to the individual and the community at large. Earlier educational institutions and teachers used to show a specific way of life to the students and education was more a means of social control than an instrument of social change. Functionalists and Traditional Marxists have generally argued that religion prevents social change. There are wide variety of opinions with Feminist thought as to the relationship between religion and social change. As mentioned above, Social change refers to the changes that come about in the society in relation to human relationships and social … Relationship between education and social change Education is the process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge with an aim of developing powers of reasoning and judgement, preparing people for … Neo-Marxists and the Social Action theorist Max Weber have argued that religion can be a force for social change.. Education passes on the knowledge and values that are part of a culture, and good education can even help bridge the gap between past differences in cultures and allow people to come together in a new, shared understanding of the world and their place in it. Does religion cause social change, or prevent it? For people to get changed there should be logical, scientific and practical solution of a problem that arises in front of the society. As such, the institution sponsored the Social Change … The Relationship Between Social Change Involvement and Education Michelle S. Brown Walden University Beate Baltes Walden University Positive social change is part of Walden University’s mission. EDUCATION ASA CONDITONOF SOCIALCHANGE It is noted that social change is impossible without education. Like its predecessors, this new edition investigates the impact of social forces such as industrialization, urbanization, immigration and cultural conflict on the development of schools and other educational institutions. What is Social Change? It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationships and thereby it may cause social changes. Relationship between Education, Personal and Social Competences and Quality of Life of Adult Family Caregivers Santos, Ana; Galinha, Sónia; Cunha, Bruno International Journal of Curriculum and Instruction , v12 spec iss p159-171 2020 The phrase "education and social mobility" implies a relationship between the two processes, between the process of education and the process of "social … This is the key difference between social change and cultural change. social change is the instrument and precondition of educational thought. While education preserves, transmits and disseminates the whole culture. Teachers are the agents of change, education the stimulus and the students are the recipients and preservers of change. This implies that education as an instrument is used as a means for bringing about desired changes in the society and in the later case changes in the educational structure follows as a consequence of changes which have already taken place in the society.