Or do you have a YouTube blog? What type of grinder do you use? Hey Bud. In your opinion which portable units emit the least amount of odor? Easy to fit replacement flat mouthpieces. Using PAX 2 First, make sure your PAX is charged! (The moutpiece works fine for me because I soak it in soapy water and seasalt while I’m cleaning the rest of it and I also lubricate it well.) I also still enjoy mine as much as I did when I first got it and it’s now summer 2016, so it’s definitely a solid choice and I think you’ll be really happy with it. Performance is pretty damn good considering how small this thing is. Thank you! They sure can confirm the originality of the products sold, but suggested me to check for the their warranty. That is just my overall rating I still think the Firefly is awesome too!! I had about 5 sessions through it being brand new and never cleaned. I pop my screen out and give the chamber a quick scrub every few sessions, but I’ll talk more about maintenance in a minute. I am really torn on what I should do because I really wanted the Pax 2 to workout but this effect is unacceptable because the oder is so strong. When we first started using it before I got a handle on what method I liked the best his skepticism remained unchanged. Even emailed the CEO – no response.”. Ordered the pax 2 and can’t wait, battery life was the real winner for me. And a $14 upright charging dock – looks good but I haven’t bought it yet. The off and on button slowly gets harder to push with age, and finally after using them a lot, 10 months worth I can no longer turn any of them on! Hey Bud, love your reviews man, you seem really educated om vaping and I can tell you want consumers to get the most foe their money. Around the 0.1 or less range? Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. A only 2 years of light use and I’m SOOL. This is probably already on here somewhere, but I figured just in case it isn't or for anyone who is just getting into it this could seriously shorten your learning curve. It allows less than full chambers. The output of the adapter you use will affect how long the battery takes to charge. Does the increase air flow make the device less stealthy and efficient? Occasionally break up any resin with the included pic tool, or giving it a thorough clean every few sessions is the ideal way to keep it clear and to ensure that your air path is clear. Try grinding your herbs finer or packing it a little tighter to see if that helps! Wondering if other heavy medical users experience this problem or if it is isolated? This allows you to use half the amount of material you need to fill it and you just get half the number of draws without any real noticeable decrease in quality. You'll probably notice denser vapor output if you try drawing for a few seconds instead of doing it in half-second bursts so the lip sensor can work its magic! Another con is the experience of blowing out a lot of vape , you do get a smoky effect that is visible (first five draws especially) but sometimes it’s just not noticeable and this can dampen the experience for some people as they like to see lots of smoke coming out . Due to your info I just went ahead a copped one from VW through your link. This process will also ensure that the stainless steel vapor path will remain clean and clear also. How do I know when to replace the product in the oven? The draw resistance of the Pax is much more user-friendly than in the original vaporizer. This was the hardest part for me to take the plunge on as I am not filthy rich and shelling out the 250$ for a Pax cut into my budget for material, so I was not wanting to waste any and packing it in too tight has always been synonymous with not getting good draws and wasting material. THEYRE SENDING A NOTHER OUT TO ME TOMORROW AND I GOT TO CHOSE A NEW COLOR! I’m currently in the market for another vaporizer. Is this user error or something going on with my vape? THANKS. I don’t even want to put anymore product in it because I don’t want to ruin/waste more. #2 - It has to be packed in uncomfortably tight. Compared to your other reviews it is lacking, especially for what I expected on what seems like a true vape staple. As a seashell collecter I get all sandy all over. We really love this innovative yet simple design feature, which keeps your herb safe and contained while also being really easy to operate. When vapors all gone, your end product will be brown as coffee grounds and practically powder. There are two types of PAX users: those who sip, and those who rip. I just bought this product and its a waste of money. Thanks man, now if you could help me with the previous comment! Conduction vapes are usually like this because sometimes too little resistance in the draw can actually hinder vapor production. I love them, but the coils are not holding up long enough. Le four du Pax se trouve derrière un petit clipet magnétique, à l’opposé de l’embout buccal, ce qui permet à la fumée de refroidir au passage. This has happened to me inside my purse. 1 – unfortunately there is not :( you will want to keep it inside of a case or sleeve to keep the mouthpiece free of debris. However, I assure you that after I tried this once. I love the way it works, but the batteries are bad! Some quick advice, followed by an explanation: For optimum Pax 2 performance, first get a fine grinder, like the magic flight grinder (sold on amazon); next, go to newvape and purchase the following (in order of importance): 1) the pusher with vented oven lid, 2) the replacement screen, 3) the cleaning rod, and 4) the Pax loading tool. I did…just in case. KOMPLEMENT. But I’ve never had a problem with the flat one. Max draws from the first one is about 20 and it’s about 15 with the new one. Lastly, their warranty and support rocks. I’ve watched all the videos, etc, but no where does this seem to be a problem for others. Rippers will be pretty satisfied too, generally the longer you pull the more vapor you’ll get and it stays nice and smooth. No muss,no fuss. Reduced odors and a remarkably small and light size allow for low-key consumption on the go. Then you’re doing something wrong! La finition aluminium brossé du Pax le rend très élégant. Dur à vérifier, mais on a pu remarquer qu’on pouvait tout à fait consommer un bol complet et plusieurs sessions sans compromettre la qualité des arômes ou de la vapeur. Even I don’t have the warranty. The PAX gets me nowhere. I brought the unit to a family members house over Easter and that was the first thing he commented on. i love my pax. I called the company to exchange it for the PAX 2 but they want me to try a few things. Draw technique is an important factor to consider when you are enjoying a dry herb vape experience. It’ll last a tad longer on the lower heat settings – on level 2 I’ve been getting around eight 12-minute sessions which is not too shabby. Coarse salt might be a good description of the consistency you’re looking for. Hey Bud, I plan on buying one of the pax but im not sure which one. Overall, it works ok. Not great but not poor. Thanks i’m very disappointed with these results, I hope I don’t have to buy a 4th one. If you want to get super efficient, stir your herb once or twice during a session. Sent email after email all they say is there looking into it. Hey man thanks for all the great reviews, I was wondering if you knew if the pax 1 mouthpiece would fit in the pax 2 hole and possibly provide less draw resistance?