About nine months ago I tried Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream, a brilliant $14 gel-cream from Amazon and never looked back. In addition to that, most reviews claim that one of the most common Mizon Snail Cream side-effects is an acne breakout. Your email address will not be published. Instead, snail farmers harvest the gooey mucus and companies package it and sell it on the internet as a restorative snail face cream. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. And I'm a little giddy looking forward to the day when someone compliments my complexion, just so I can see the look on their face when I say, "Thanks, it's snail slime.". This isn't even the worst photo. I am one of them. Ingredient-wise, snail cream looked like a better product than what I usually get from Sephora. The procedure is supposed to fight pimples, fade your dark spots, and plump up your skin. I woke up with my right eye completely crusted over and oozing gross yellow gunk. Ah, the joys of parenthood. At night I double-cleanse (read more details on that in my blog post here), then I use Mizon snail cream like a serum before my heavier moisturizer (I’ve run out of my favorite night creams, the La Prairie Ice Crystal Cream or the Amorepacific Time Response Skin Renewal Cream). I hurried to the doctor. Plus they'd probably want to be gliding across a lettuce leaf rather than my nose, anyway. "Glycolic acid is a fruit acid that is used to exfoliate the skin," says Purvisha Patel, a dermatologist in Memphis. (Although these ingredients worked for me, if you're dealing with serious skin issues, before you try these on your own, make an appointment with your dermatologist to find a treatment plan that's best for you. In my opinion, Mizon snail cream excels at brightening, plumping lines, and balancing oil. My skin looks and feels more hydrated and plump, yet I need to blot less oil from my T-zone during the course of the day. Glycolic acid, vitamin C, hydroquinone, and, believe it or not, snail mucin. Ad Choices, I Finally Found the First Hyperpigmentation Treatment That Actually Works on My Skin. Going into this experiment, I thought that trying snail cream would be fun, but I really didn't think snail cream was going to do much for my complexion. Known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, they are the pigmented spots left behind following significant inflammation or irritation of the skin. I don’t think I could live without any of them. This morning, I took a makeup-free selfie, just like I did on day one. Due to its viscous nature, to make it absorb better, you need to pat it really well. That’s right, snail trail goo has clinically-proven hydration properties and has been a staple in Asian skincare for years. So much for some zany snail cream selfies. After much deliberation, I took into account how frequently I reached for each item, if I repurchased the product, and, of course, how well the product delivers on its claims. ), One of the first kinds of AHAs I learned about when I set out to get rid of my dark marks was glycolic acid. So much so, that all of the commonly used skin-care tricks I relied on to immediately get rid of my breakouts didn't suffice, and my go-to concealers were no match for the protruding spots. After all, if it could do great things for my face, maybe it could also be great at plumping up my post- pregnancy boobs. This was before my Korean Skin Care Routine; ... With the skin layer around my eye looks and seems stronger after using Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream. Since I was so happy with the way my experiment was going, I decided to be bold and use the snail cream as a total body moisturizer. It felt lighter than my usual creams, like it was sitting on top of the skin rather than sinking in. Then I saw it was rated as safe to use on sensitive skin and didn't have any fragrances , parabens, or colors. "Vitamin C has been found to weakly affect an enzyme called tyrosinase," he explains. I've also been taking lots of walks in the sun while coated in sunscreen, so it makes sense that the pores around my nose are rioting. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I woke up this morning and was thrilled to find out my zits had packed their bags and left while I was sleeping. Armed with eyedrops, I headed back home to continue the experiment. Final Verdict: Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream. All rights reserved. Post-cleansing, I always use a hydrating toner such as Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner to hydrate and avoid irritation. They had given me a gross case of pinkeye they'd had themselves the week before. "This enzyme is an important step in melanin (skin pigment) formation, therefore vitamin C may inhibit its function, thus leading to improvement in irregular pigmentation.". High-profile NYC dermatologist Francesca Fusco agrees: “The hyaluronic acid and peptides in snail mucin have been demonstrated on cell cultures to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.’’ After using up multiple jars of the stuff, I am team snail and have zero qualms about liberally rubbing this stuff on my face daily. Also it is worth noting that I tried two other Mizon snail products that I was not as enthralled with. No matter your skin type, you need this affordable face cream in your life! Eventually, I knew something had to change. Mizon has a high concentration (92%) of the snail goo and caught my eye due to the incredibly high ratings and effusive reviews on Amazon. Armed with the information I needed, I developed a routine fit for my skin type through trial and error over the course of two weeks. The snail cream didn't smell funky, either. In the end, while there are still hints of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and I still get the occasional breakout, my skin's erratic behavior has subsided significantly. I regretted it immediately. "Hyperpigmentation lasts longer in darker skin types because the more melanin that is produced, the deeper it sinks into the skin and the harder it is to get rid of," says Lily Talakoub, a dermatologist of McLean Dermatology and Skincare Center in Virginia. Now my skin-care routine (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and even masking) has become a necessary form of self-care, and I couldn't be happier. When used regularly, this cream improves skin … Apply it every evening on clean skin, as the final step … Honestly, up until this point I wasn't sure I was loving the snail cream all that much. Under eye cream. That said, tread with caution, as the ingredient may not be best for those with sensitive skin. The acne scars they leave in their wake. It is great for all skin types because it is very gentle and non-irritating! I've never shied away from a challenge and I love being on trend with what's new in beauty, so I totally volunteered to give my face the snail treatment. While I'm still not loving my zits, I'm happy to report the snail slime didn't make my primer or foundation clumpy like I'd feared. I'd imagined having cool, soft snails sliding over my face would be quite relaxing, but apparently you'd need 75 of them on your face at one time to see any effects, so it just wasn't feasible. Stay tuned as I continue counting down my 2016 skincare favorites!