I am still researching and have been 16 years at this off & on as my life permitted, but to be honest I did not expect to find much of interest. I have learned that I am a direct descendant from Edward Doty & Faith Clarke on my father’s mother’s side. Required fields are marked *. She said she could dance with a cup of water on her head without upsetting it, and could lift one end of a bale of cotton. Make Instant Discoveries in Your Family Tree Now, 12 Billion Genealogy Records Are Free for 2 Weeks. I’ve been doing the ancestry website and have traced back to Thomas Rogers. I’m a direct descendant of 4 Mayflower Pilgrims. So we have the first bit in common. I am also related to Priscilla Mullins, 10 ggm on my mother’s side. 4thGG- Thomas Godfrey Hart- Ann Ross. My great grandma has records of being related to William bradford. When I wrote to them they said they needed actual birth certificates, death certificates etc etc. It was at the Historical Society that I found a lineage paper my grandmother Mae Peterson did for her grandson. it was fun. Also, is there an associated fee for sharing this way? Searching on findagrave, I noted that John’s descendants through his son Stephen (brother of Bethia Hopkins Stocking Steele) almost always name a child Stephen and several findagrave bios claim the Mayflower ancestry, so the family oral history tradition is strong despite the silver book directly disavowing it. I am a direct descendant of Stephen Hopkins through his son, Giles. William Bradford. But, I have found the complete opposite. Again, you can use Hathitrust as well to access established lines in various publications, or search for your potential connection in Google to locate a location or family based project with published, accurate genealogies. I am also a descendant of William White through his son Resolve White. mary aurora Thompson was my ggreat grandmother and her daughter ada simpson Sherwood was already approved now I have the burden of finding documents to lead just back to her . Include names, dates of birth and death and marriage information. William and Mary Brewster are my 11th great grandparents… family history is awesome! I believe I am also related to William Brewster, but I’m having a hard time proving it to the Mayflower Society. 1593–1680 The only active colony is the Nova Scotia Colony of Mayflower Descendants, no doubt due to the migration from New England ca 1760 and perhaps some of the Loyalists may have been descendants as well. This past summer, quite by accident I found I’m a 9th great granddaughter of Isaac Allerton and his 2nd wife fear Brewster, daughter of William Brewster. Thanks, Ellen. I am a descendent of John Howland. Any help appreciated. My mother who is 94 has related many stories. Judy Bohn- I am also related to the LeBarons on my mother’s side. I have discovered three people who were aboard the Mayflower that are direct ancestors. mary cooke and john Thompson line, I am related to two of them – Thomas Rogers and Stephen Hopkin. I would love to find a possible connection to any of the Mayflower passengers. Their last name is Thomas but don’t think any more of his relatives are there. In addition there is a connection to Edward Fuller. Along with connections to the Aldens, and Richard Warren! My 10th great grandpa was Gov. PRESIDENTS & VICE PRESIDENTS ♦ John Adams (1735-1826): 2nd President of the United States. My mum was a Chipman. Mary Allerton and Thomas Cushman later marry. My Mayflower ancestors are William Bradford, Stephen Hopkins and Constance Hopkins. I was looking for the submission process for my Brewster Line . her son Robert John Huff, m Carol Anne Rosenbloom 6thGG- Gideon Godfrey- Sarah Hadley. My father was John M Hyde. Ashley Judd is one – as shown on her episode of “Who Do You Think You Are”. I have just started my journey with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Fascinating! her daughter Rebecca Cain, m Capt John Wood I first proved his line of descent from Miles Standish to the satisfaction of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, and I got him membership in that Society and the California Mayflower Society as well. Many thanks. DEATH FEB. 21, 1621 • Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA Me- Jan Given- Frank Donald Corley ( we are divorced but I still go by Corley ). My name Terry McPhillips. My lineage is also traced to John Billington! We found this out through ancestry.com years ago. My line moved to New Hampshire, then to Michigan, and finally to Texas. I am a direct descendant of Edward Fuller. St Augustine will turn 452 this year, come celebrate and learn, the town is charming and welcoming. Wow, me too! My 9th great grandfather was Capt. Of the passengers, 37 were members of a separatist Puritan congregation in Leiden, The Netherlands (also known as Brownists) who were seeking religious freedom in the New World. An archaeological dig is currently ongoing, making discoveries of that lost time in our past.