The uchi does need to be repaired frequently because of its low durability. You need the water bike to reach this area. It outpaces the katanas by ~7% and gets to ~93% of the ascended Claymore rating, at a lower weight but giving up range. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Black Knight Halberd – this powerful but heavy halberd was left-out because its top end damage is limited and it requires high stats. They outclass much heavier weapons with better damage and range. Both of these weapons have identical weights and stat scaling. And now for the top 3 weapons in the game: a strong case can be made for each one and the final decision will probably come down to personal preference. It is actually stronger than the much heavier Washing Pole. Once you have obtained a rare or unique weapon, you might be tempted to ascend it immediately. Any of them will transform into you a butt-whooping bully as soon as ascended. The Anor Londo gargoyles will typically drop it as well. That is not the case with Fire and Lightning weapons. Able to get through the normal content bosses with it, without a sweat except for Gwyn I needed to use great combustion, and then ended him with the halberd–halberd a bit too slow, and used solely the halberd for the DLC bosses, which I found harder than the original bosses (except for Gwyn). True to its brutish looks, this is a straight out two-handed medieval tool. The Barbed Sword also has lower stat requirements so if you are going to keep either DEX or STR at only 10, the Barbed Sword is the way to go. It has the same moveset and reach of the bastard sword but the stat requirements are down right pedestrian at 20 STR and 16 DEX. I think you should concider the Black Knight Greataxe. The movesets are the same, except for the 2H strong attack. This means you will be able to do massive damage at low character levels, while keeping a safe range from your foe. >.>. You can be wielding this beast after only a few upgrades at a bonfire. Alternates to the Claymore are the Bastard Sword and the Greatlord Greatsword. I am also working on a post and video for all of the new equipment in the new DLC. But the move set and strike area are limited, especially with one hand. This sword is both quick and light. ( Log Out /  With this combo, it is possible to backstab your way through Havel the Rock and most of the black knights in early game. It is actually stronger than the much heavier Washing Pole. The Gargoyle Halberd can be farmed by beating the first Bell Gargoyle, and letting the second one kill you if you don’t get a drop. What about the Barbed Straight Sword from Kirk? The Balder Side Sword is an outstanding weapon that can be used to finish the game in its fire or lightning modes. With that out of the way, let’s get to the countdown of the Top 10 weapons in Dark Souls. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In spite of the slight nerf in the latest patch, the Claymore is still one of the best weapons in the game. #5 & 4 – The Great Club and the Large Club. The normal attacks have large hit boxes that hit up and to the side. It is fast enough that you can score multiple hits on a boss during recovery animations. The running attacks are very fast overhead chops, with extended reach. A strong magic build will deal more damage with an enchanted sword, while a melee build with high STR will deal more damage with a large sword or hammer. But the bleed of the Barbed Sword is nice and you are able to build up bleed pretty quickly due to its fast attack speed. Finally, a suitable reward for a truly terrifying boss encounter with a very tricky tail cut. Add the increase in toxin and poison resistance, long range and strike area, low weight and it is easy to see why it ranks first on my list. There’s a big stone circle, behind each stone is a different type of Evo Stone. A fire or lightning Bastard Sword does more damage, but the Claymore has the superior range and a thrust attack good for tight quarters. A +10 Fire Washing Pole is my favorite weapon in the game. My first ring is typically the Hornet ring to pair with a normal +5 Estoc. This is a good choice for PVP as well because of the high criticals and ability to get life-draining quick hits on an opponent. This DEX weapon was made for spell-sword builds. My recommendation is make a fire or lightning Bastard Sword and upgrade the Claymore through its normal path. Anonymous. After much contemplation, testing and yes, even some hand-wringing, I have come to the conclusion that my first “Top 10 List” needed to be upgraded. I love this sword because of its move set. The uchigatana has an attack rating of 420 at 40 DEX so the damage quickly adds up. It characterizes and guides your build and upgrade progression. It is a good choice for NG+ as well, especially if you favor heavy weapons, have high endurance, or want to switch from a pure STR build after meeting its requirements. ( Log Out /  That is a very good question. It is viable for both STR and DEX builds. Large chunks of the boss life bar will disappear when a two-handed strong attack connects. Larger ones can be hit multiples times or from a safe distance or dispatched via backstabs. Is it just me or are the Halberds like Tim Tebow? The 2H normal attack is fast and can stun. If you don’t believe what I have said, take this weapon for a spin in your next playthrough. Getting it can be painfully long without equipping a lot of humanity or the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (but worth it in my view). What I'm interested in is the amount of power coming … In addition, some weapons are only available once per playthrough or require laborious farming. Commander. That’s because Dark Souls has the most responsive and efficient sword play mechanics of any action RPG. The upgrade material for fire and lightning weapons is expensive and rare at least until the Lord Vessel unlocks new world areas. This is a great secondary weapon for those who prefer ranged attacks but need some solid back-up. Best Weapons in Dark Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls Best Ascended Weapons, Dark Souls FAQ, Dark Souls Fire Weapons, Dark Souls Lightning Weapons, Dark Souls things you should know, Fire Weapons in Dark Souls, Lightning Weapons in Dark Souls. The attack rating is 469 at 40 DEX. Both do the same damage as their cousins but have superior range and a better moveset. But this is my list so here is how I ranked them. Swords are just preference. The normal attacks are moderately fast but will build-up your enemies bleed meter. In addition to being an offensive powerhouse, this weapon will boost your defenses with a 25% reduction in poison and bleed build-up. The Balder Side Sword is to straight swords, what the Estoc is to thrusting swords. The new bosses in the DLC are pretty much immune to magic and elemental damage, plus they attack relentlessly and in fast waves. More importantly, this is a bleed weapon that will reward chain attacks with a satisfying blood-spurting animation that deals bonus damage. Alternatives are the pickaxe or any other halberd, but nothing quite compares to my sweet Lucerne. It is also very light. They are also very good alternates if you miss out on the Gargoyle Halberd drop. Read on my fellow gamers, for my recommended best choices for ascension to fire and lightning. Take an Estoc, combine it with a straight sword, give it some reach, add an incredibly rangy, fast and useful poking attack, and you get the perfect straight sword. The range is obscene.