Balsamic vinegar or pomegranate molasses for topping. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We found the fix for all our cheese cravings. 1 egg Notes: This recipe is all about the combination of eggs and za’atar. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Labneh: The secret to breakfast like a boss. 1 slice of sourdough bread. Most major cities should have a market that carries items from that region and their dairy section is ripe with labneh. Once your egg is done, carefully lift it out of the pan and place it on top of the labneh. ), beautiful delis with imported feta and olives, mouthwatering rows of unique pastries and dozens of other items that are addictive! Now, to give a bit of context, I have to add that 2017 was very much the year of za’atar for me. Bonus for the health-conscious: labneh contains less fat and clocks in at almost half the calories of regular cream cheese! And while this is more of a serving suggestion than a real recipe I nonetheless thought it worth sharing here simply based on how delicious it is. Of course, now, thanks to record-breaking heat, I have no such notions. Middle Eastern markets are incredible for offering a large amount of quality spices (for cheap! But this sounds delicious and will definitely try it. It's delicious! I am not much of an egg-poacher, especially not before my first coffee. I have enjoyed Labneh Cheese in Saudi Arabia, I tried to make it in Pakistan but it wasnt anywhere near to the one i enjoyed in saudi arabia, now i will try your recipe, hope i will make the good one. A home cook obsessed with real, nutritious food. The writer should have recommended buffalo yoghurt. An incredibly versatile middle-eastern cheese, labneh is made by straining yogurt to remove the whey or liquid. Crispy, tart, acidic, and completely filling, this loaded labneh toast with fried eggs is a fulfilling but truly delicious breakfast. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ltd. ( for Dawn. Take your toast, smear about 1 tablespoon of labneh per toast (or more if you are feeling cheeky), add the red onion slices, then the fried egg, then sprinkle it all with Aleppo pepper. Not to sound like a dinosaur, but I miss the good old days when Ramazan would roll around in the cool, crisp winter and we’d wake in the middle of the night shivering, the tips of our noses frozen numb. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Super stoked! I highly recommend Anhaar Unsweetened Yogurt for this particular recipe. Feb 10, 2019 - One of my favorite ways to start the day is with this ancient dish of rich and creamy labneh topped with poached eggs, melted chili butter, and sumac. I already mentioned how Tartine was one of the places on my ‘must-visit’ list when I went to San Francisco a couple of months ago. Many households there make strained yogurt. Unless that loaded toast has a thick smear of labneh and a fried egg…then it is unbeatable! Labneh or yogurt infused with garlic and paired with runny eggs and Levantine spices -… Even more about me -->, Copyright © 2020 An Educated Kitchen on the Foodie Pro Theme, « Grilled Flank Steak with a Smoky Cinnamon Dry Rub, Cast Iron Filet Mignon with Creamy Goat Cheese Mushroom Sauce ». I have also seen it occasionally at Whole Foods market, but you can always ask your grocery store if they will carry it. Toast your bread, when complete drizzle the tops with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. I mean, is it just me or is consuming anything more than a dry piece of toast and gallons of water at a pre-dawn meal actually a very real struggle? She had a "Gharha: Traditional Pot/ Pitcher of Punjab and Hazara belt" for hanging it outside. Labneh is a Middle Eastern yogurt spread that is made in the same fashion as Greek yogurt. And I can imagine plenty more variations to this – a sprinkle of chopped coriander would not go amiss I am sure, or mixing some minced preserved lemon into the za’atar olive oil mix, for example. Drizzle it with a little olive oil and sea salt and toast in a 400-degree oven for about 8-10 minutes (flipping halfway through) depending on the size, and toast color preference. Awwwyyyiiiisss! Labneh: Strained Yogurt Cheese (makes about 1.5 cups), 4 cups unsweetened yogurt (I highly recommend Anhaar brand yogurt). I also ordered a Morning Bun after reading so many people rave about them. And Yes the Gatha ( Your local Strained Sweet Yogurt is ready). Those were simpler times of racing my brother and sister to the lounge, hoping to claim the toastiest spot in front of the enormous gas heater. See, on those chilly nights, while we all sat cross-legged on the floor, crowding around bal-wala parathas, and spicy desi-style scrambled eggs studded with soft tomatoes, sweet onions, cumin, and plenty of green chilis, and leftover saalan and daal, and sticky-sweet french toast, Nano’s pre-Roza ritual defied all the norms of stuffing oneself silly. So when I first discovered labneh, it was like a lot of my favorite food items, I originally had no idea what it was. Then she used to have a clothing just like dupatta. While you are waiting for the bread to toast, slice your red onion thinly. This makes a much better labneh. I’m still against the bowl of blah, though. But to be honest, I would not think it would be easy to find at a chain grocery that doesn’t normally carry specialty items. I am also an adventure seeker, morning person, dog obsessed, and constant sing-your-own lyrics type of girl. Labneh: The secret to breakfast like a boss - Food - Images Your favourite local restaurants may not survive the Covid pandemic, Even during a pandemic, female doctors are facing harassment, The most interesting thing about PISA was what went down behind the scenes, Making butterbeer at home is the magical activity you need in non-magical times, 'Sugar is not the villain' — and other nutrition myths debunked, In the mood for yummy open-faced pesto sandwiches? Berries and stone fruits such as peaches, plums, and nectarines work beautifully. The Gharha used to outside for one day. I found her minimalist choice earth-shatteringly boring! Yogurt is cool, healthy, refreshing, and it’s packed with good-for- you bacteria that helps soothe that gross bubbly feeling you get in your gut when you’ve gone empty-stomached for too long. 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Tag @aneducatedkitchen on Instagram and hashtag it #aneducatedkitchen, The site looks amazing so proud of all your hard work , Thank you soooooo much Biz! But there was a difference in Gatha and Labneh. In a small bowl whisk together the olive oil with the za’atar and a pinch of salt. Flip, and finishing cooking. 4) Place the yogurt in the refrigerator to drain for 12-48 hours. Slide two of … ( Log Out /  In any case simply go to Carrefour and buy it! What is Dirilis Ertugrul and why does Imran Khan want Pakistanis to watch it? Now that’s my idea of a super-powered sehri! ❤, Great job Allie!!! I have an article on this incredible spice: What is Aleppo pepper? ( Log Out /  Slide two of the four eggs in the skillet, season with salt and a pinch of Aleppo pepper and allow to cook until whites have set and edges crisp (about 4 minutes or longer depending on heat of skillet). The flavors and technique of this breakfast are reminiscent of my childhood. 1 tsp of za’atar That way everyone can customize to their hearts content. To avoid this kind of water contact, I place my muslin-lined sieve over a large saucepan instead of a bowl simply because the depth of the pan allows the whey to drain completely. So fried eggs with a runny yolk it was. If you haven’t had labneh before, this is the recipe to reach for! Is Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari taking inspiration from Benazir's nikah outfit for her engagement? I like our toast a little darker, so I left it in for 10 minutes. There’s no such thing as too much cheese, right? 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