That looks like bullet hell then shmups. I am also weary of this being a bullet hell game, I know Cave makes some high quality shoot-em-ups but they can also make some absurdly hard ones. Release date December 19th 2019. At least 3 other people @Kalmaro @Fath @niner also had problems with the review. Real talk here: if you are not Japanese, none of that matters. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information. @EmirParkreiner Psy Delta is a really cool shmup and it does have a lot of great features. Visually I don't like the look of the game from the screen shots. And that is totally fine. ESP Ra.De. 1 credit clearing, or 1CC-ing, then "No Miss" (1CC without dying), is the endpoint of survival gameplay. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on, This item has an extended handling time and a delivery estimate. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. ESP Ra.De. I went the eShop route rather than import and ended up setting me back about £40 after spending some gold and affiliate payments from Play-Asia. I doubt the all the combined Zerodiv releases of Psikiyo games combined have took even half of the effort what has been put to a single M2STG release. Anyways I would love to see you do a video on the subject, do you use the NintendoLife Youtube channel? Yeah my profile was empty ha, I was fast asleep (timezones and all that). They are highly respected among this field of video game creation. @JayJ No, I have my own channel, the electric underground I think I'll try to record the video tomorrow if I can. Looks like a really great and fun arcadey bullet hell shooter. has been (commercially) available since the original arcade version. For those who think it is expensive, it is a niche product for lovers of the arcade game which add things. The greatest shooter of all time get a 9? applicable). The ShotTriggers team is a small group within the Japanese development powerhouse, M2 – the studio behind many acclaimed ports that have been released on modern consoles, like the Collection of Mana and Castlevania Anniversary Collection. It sucks in comparison and it would be great to somehow opt for the original character art in Plus mode. It is a great aesthetic game with awesome art and music, and even something of a coherent story; unheard of in shooter games. And because it is a deluxe edition which add something, it will mean people will actually buy it over emulating it (which can do for quite sometime). @Kilroy Thank you for reading my dude and the positive feedback! Anyways soldner X2 Final prototype would like to have a word about "the best shmup ever" Edit: If and when it gets a switch release date. I prefer fast bullets, more reactive dodging, and checkpoints. Besides Ikaruga ofcourse. @Damo Yep. However, as refreshing and fun as the original scoring system of ESP Ra.De. Now this is how you write a shmup review! With ESP Ra.De. - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in new window or tab. Maybe it was Mega Man 2, 3, or X1, or TMNT arcade 1 or 2? soundtrack is very strong, so there is still extra value with the new music. For every 20 mainstream reviews of a shmup I see, if they even get one, there's one of these that goes over the finer details that only someone really familiar with the genre can communicate with others that understand those details, and it's refreshing. I’m enjoying this game immensely and i already know this is gonna get a huge amount of playtime from me. @Shmupsnstuff Thanks my dude, I really appreciate it. $69.90. does seem confusing, but the basic idea can be summarized as follows: hit the larger enemies with your fully charged special shot, while the "bubbles" of the special shot stick to the larger enemy, quickly fly around and kill the smaller ones with your regular shot to collect higher value score items. The user interface of ESP Ra.De. I do hope my love for the genre comes across to people who haven't seen my content before. I think it helps if you grew up during the arcade era, I grew up when they still had the 90's era arcades and I always enjoyed playing a lot of shoot-em-ups and it's why I still enjoy playing them from time to time. My copy should be arriving with Samurai Spirits in a couple of weeks. Oh, and “sai” a la “psi” tacked on the end. I really hope M2 come around to doing a Western release to make the game more accessible. However, one thing to keep in mind is that, if you plan on using the Hori D-pad Joy-Con — which is absolutely superior to the stock Joy-Con D-pad, even with a case mod — you are going to be out of luck because, unfortunately, Hori did not add wireless functionality to it. Not calling the critic a fanboy or anything like that, it's just that you can tell how he is a really big fan of games like this and this review is more for people who can relate to that. /sarcasm. And thanks for reading. This game is too expensive for a Cave SHMUP, it’s $50 for the digital version. Psi has to offer, it has to be said that Psyvariar Delta also has a lot of similar features (a training mode that lets you select parts of stages, a mode that allows you to record replay and lets you fast forward when watching them, a lot of info on the borders in Yoko mode...) while having 3 versions of the game and 4 soundtracks (and all 4 of those are amazing).