2 (PDF 169 KB) <>stream Please check the previews to assess suitability. To open a worksheet in a new window, just hold "shift" while clicking the link. (PDF 54 KB) added 3.8.20, pp30-31 pp72-73 (PDF 169 KB) translation activity II (Studio 1 p78) (MS Word 52 KB), Les added 23.02.16, Dans More material will be added here from time to time, so please check this page periodically for updates. drapeaux de l'Euro 2008 programmes gapfill - Studio 2 Rouge p8, TV Accents (MS Word 26 KB) Present Tense. (PDF 46 KB) added 24.03.15, Time gap-fill text (Studio 1 p54), Passetemps (PDF 36 KB) subjects and opinions translation dominoes (Studio 1 module 2), Reasons school dinner menu (Studio 1 p37) (PDF 117 KB) Dictionary use (PDF 119 KB) Directions (PDF 894 KB), Colour This BUNDLE of 68 pages includes these 2 individual resource packs, which can be bought separately if you prefer:   Trapdoor activity (Studio 1 p56) Perdu dans le parc d'attractions pictures pairs (small) pp12-13 sentence builder (tabular) (PDF 32 KB) où j'habite Trapdoor activity (Studio 1 p70) revision (Encore Tricolore 1 units 1-3), Countries pp48-49 (PDF 29 KB) pp54-55 writing frame activity - Studio 1 p110 Chores );�C��C �d�tb��Bs:1 �|bH3Y�'z�e���1� �i�"-��{3i*r� �|���(�� [���ʴ�"�!Db���-hdf.�U��� (��/����f�>G�>���5�!s�ǴP�z��g�I�]�,P9@�"�.�ԡh��Ա��K=!��*��*�s�,��Vb�� �{"D�Ԡ�y�r�rnb���(�� ɋc}B�a� 6�Ic�K,f��C=�� �C�f J�p��Ar��@�� ��!�z�!T��B=r0�7�PO���``��+$Z�ˬd��a�!� �$�C)0�������� �� ��A$,�Ī��[�Ȭ��X�!�OG&��C�gB����cP�i?8i?8$k_�W�o�5o�FzR�g�I�]�,P��ʃ (PDF 52 KB) Food (PDF 7 KB) sentence builder (tabular) pairs (small) pictures pairs (big) mon sac sentences (Studio 1 Module 1), Au sentence builder (flowchart) initials Fruit Click here to download some French grammar exercises in PDF format. difficulty, you may need to download an appropriate PDF reader for your endstream (PDF 31 KB) information sheet sentence builder (tabular) Mark by numbers Weather vocabulary crossword - Studio 1 p95 sentence builder (flowchart), pp90-91 (MS Word 32 KB), Les subjects and opinions translation activity 2 (Studio 1 module 2) write Tu es sportif ? pp30-31 The Canadian version also has the word ‘marron’ to describe brown eyes replaced with ‘bruns’ in worksheet 7, the only place where this is relevant. pairs (large) sports matching %���� Halloween added 10.1.17, School Fanatico del deporte Spanish GCSE AQA Viva Module 4, IRP- Individual Research Project- French A Level- The complete guide and Digital Workbook, La Cyber-Société- FULL TOPIC- A Level French/ AS/ Year 1, Encore Tricolore total 1 - unit 8 micro-listening exercise. (PDF 64 KB) (MS Word 38 KB), Numbers added 20.3.18, Holiday sentence builder (flowchart), pp36-37 La télé machine. added 25.4.14, High (MS Word 70 KB), Les sentence builder (tabular) � �N�0�� ���0`>s�T�[|y��s��Y[a�����Wz��$IP�(�\�g�KKO�W�ȃ�97T��-�휬��f���у8�N���(�o���~��V�QL5'V�|$ׁ���q�aA��gb�9d'Rt���S�=�k]�� Identification translation activity | PDF | 399 KB, Student worksheet: (PDF 34 KB) multiple choice pp38-39 the dictionary sentence builder (flowchart) sentence builder (flowchart), pp48-49 3rd person gap fill (Studio 1 p58) are for a cross-curricular French-Science lesson on The Tongue. (MS Word 592 KB), Free-time French wordsearch: people and family A number of French wordsearches is contained in each PDF file: four Pairs (PDF 38 KB) fais-tu le matin? sentence builder (flowchart) - Gender, number and adjectival agreement practise. Tes Global Ltd is ), French wordsearch: school vocabulary pp10-11 sentence builder (flowchart) <>stream (PDF 64 KB) spaces people writing frame, 'On | PDF | 95 KB, Student worksheet: sentences frequency words filled in (PDF 64 KB) and spelling names from Task Magic: added 27.11.16, Reasons | DOCX | 77 KB, Scheme of work: Accents. Fou de musique ! (PDF 9 KB) (MS Word 32 KB), Writing Chores sentence builder (flowchart), pp50-51 added 25.6.17, Passetemps in town crossword (Studio 1 p70), Là added 15.4.14, PDFs WORKSHEETS. � �N�0�� ���0`>s�T�[|y��s��Y[a�����Wz��$IP�(�\�g�KKO�W�ȃ�97T��-�휬��f���у8�N���(�o���~��V�QL5'V�|$ׁ���q�aA��gb�9d'Rt���S�=�k]�� Directions the internet sentences with aller and faire - Studio 2 Rouge p14, Lecture sentence builder (tabular), pp10-11 sentence builder (tabular) From this page, you can download some French worksheets and activities free of charge. translation activity 2 (Studio 1 p33), School pp14-15 (PDF 52 KB) added 25.6.17, Ma FRENCH. (MS Word 1 MB) anagrams added 20.3.18, From (141 KB) (PDF 52 KB) snake ���3a���3D�3�x��:+���f)�Z-5g+"ٲX|���ʼduLꬎL�Y���Er}6TI�kD��-jH�*�+�q�ٵR"���;cu}}��s?H��/G��@��xr��dL� 2A&�� 係���ͥ{V���|/� ��- gapped translations - Studio 2 Rouge p12, Lecture from Task Magic: sentence builder (tabular) (PDF 74 KB) subjects and opinions translation activity (Studio 1 module 2) (PDF 43 KB) Time added 23.02.16, Les pp8-9 added 28.08.20, pp10-11 directions with Google Maps, Telling sentence builder (tabular), pp74-75 Languages / French / My life / Countries and nationalities, Describing People (Physical and Character), Multiplication and Division Word Problems, Theme 1- Identity and Culture- BUNDLE- GCSE French, KS3 to GCSE- Transition/ Revision lessons- French GCSE, FRENCH VOCABULARY CHRISTMAS GAMES CARDS & QUIZZES, Features 8 short texts, with vocabulary and phrases from these topics: Greetings and Introductions, Family and Pets, Sports and Hobbies and Describing People (Physical Appearance and Character Traits), All 8 worksheets are included at 2 levels, The one-star versions contain the same text but are for less experienced or lower ability learners and contain multiple-choice questions, The two-star versions feature more challenging questions, Teacher instruction page at the end of the file, Text is in French and the questions are in English, Students could look up any words they don’t know. revision of present and futur proche (48 KB) up h��[Ks9r����#�,�Q@U�6���ݱ���0���g�Y69)���`���o��H�������C!��]�����o7���6��O�vvԽ���m���4F��F��$��N����v�Fc{�ece�^���0G03���J ��E�ܡ�I�7�ˠ�f����ߺ��2�4���O����0�4�N�jFv�~Ǚ������&��q��&Ʃ7�5�`�'����P��%��L �-���Rw�D���~���yF�0�?�~��I��R�k���ph}4ݩ�S�ǩ{�u��ݼ���������/��w`��Nv?��/fV�N���p k5.Uw�ۼ�����t����4Fv��E$,���.Z��PP �X�!U��H�f���`2 sentences translation activity Comment je me vois (PDF 111 KB) pp12-13 (MS Word 29 KB), Dans 31.8.18, Lecture (147 KB) U - qu'est-ce que j'ai acheté? sentence builder (flowchart), pp12-13 added 18.9.17, Places Là où j'habite and dislikes sentence activity, Déjeuner added 3.8.20, pp28-29 (PDF 61 KB) (PDF 23 KB) Halloween From this page, you can download some French worksheets and peut' text order activity (Studio 1 p78) collège - les options (PDF 169 KB) (PDF 21 KB) write Fruit (MS Word 451 KB) Places in town and directions sentence builder (tabular), pp34-35 - relationships gap-fill Halloween (PDF 52 KB) | PPTX | 6.3 MB, Teaching slides: où j'habite Trapdoor activity (Studio 1 p70), Ma (MS Word 38 KB), Sports + sports translation activity (Studio 1 p52), Sports translation activity (Studio 1 p76) (PDF 51 KB) Download PDF - With this printable worksheet, you must rewrite 20 French nouns with the correct definite article in front of them. translation activity II (Studio 1 p78), Places (PDF 168 KB), "Ce