That's it... Watch them grow! Before you begin, choose where you will keep your setup, on a table with some indirect sunlight or under house eaves is best. I was thinking, instead of Installing the tube to check the water level, why not tape off a 1” vertical area on the side of the plastic water container? I plant my seed directly in the net pot all the time. As the plants use the nutrient water in the buckets, the roots will grow down to the bottom of the bucket and suck out all the water through natural respiration. You could plant one tub and maybe two weeks later set up a second container. We keep our plant going, in Hawaii, until it dies of something like infestation or disease and then start over. Now put the lid on your new lettuce bed. After you've added your nutrients to the water you have to test the Ph to ensure it's what is recommended by the manufacturer. I like to keep track of the water level in my reservoir, so I also drill a 1/2 inch hole on the side to insert a tube to monitor what's happening on the inside. Just wondering because it looks like it may be.Thanks, if one grows tomatoes, after they've given their "fruit" will/do the plants die or if water+nutrient solution is maintained steady they can survive for years? The ratio I use is one gallon of nutrient water per head of lettuce--usually one month to six weeks. If you want to discuss hydroponics, aquaponics, or anything growing/plant related - join the Facebook Group "Coast Hydro" or visit our Foundation page at Coast Hydro Inc. 5 months ago, That would work... we stopped using the water gauge all together. I find the gray Lowe's buckets work well for this. Insert the elbow into the hole with the rubber grommet... be patient, this isn't going to be easy! 2 years ago. You can just start over with new seed once the water has been used up or you can refill half way if the plant has more to offer. 2 years ago There are other types of totes that hold the same amount of water, but the shape and depth aren't what I considered optimal for lettuce growing. I've changed my growing medium to cinder and am much happier with the results... No algae! I've also attached a PDF file of one of Dr. Kratky's papers outlining his method and how it works... if you want to get all "sciency. If you feel comfortable doing so, use PVC and UniSeals or Bulkhead fittings to connect multiple buckets and use a reservoir to fill all buckets at once. And roots can be a lot more densely packed in water than in dirt (or so it appears to me) so you have more wiggle room to use a smaller container maybe. I live in mtns. To get a snug fit with the vinyl tubing (and to straighten it out because it probably was coiled when you bought it), dip it in hot water and attach to the elbow and then hold the tube straight until it cools down. If you don't have the monitoring tube, fill the container up to four gallons and mark the inside with a permanent marker and then fill up to the eight gallons and do the same. What I recommend is that you measure the water levels up to eight gallons so that you can use the garden hose and mix your nutrient right in the reservoir once you have it in place. It's not too big of a deal because you still need to paint the container and the repair will be camouflaged. Trying to figure if I can do small greenhouse or need to do indoors. Place the buckets in a sunny spot, and inspect your tomato plants routinely for signs of fungal disease. Our website is 4 years ago. I've been thinking of getting a grow tent to do some hydro gardening and make use of the space. Sticking tape over the clear area,so you can lift off and check when you need To. I use a brand called Chem-gro Hobby Formula 10-8-22. on Step 2, Is the above shelter with the clear corrugated supported by PVC? If you fill your bucket all the way back up, you will drown it. Reply Seed cups with romaine, mesclun, arugula, cress, komatsuna, bok choy, chard, mustards... a few seeds per cup. There is nothing inherently difficult about this and it works phenomenally for growing everything from peppers to tomatoes. Wouldn’t that work? You can also grow indoors under light if you want, I don't because I live in Hawaii and we have a year round growing season that allows me to use good ol' sun light. Yes, during the heat of the summer you… (noob here lol), Reply on Introduction. Please reference the pictures of nutrient included in this instructable for more information regarding nutrient ratios for specific plants. Thanks for the system, it looks great! I was very interested in what she was doing because it requires no electricity and only a one time nutrient feed. Question Net pots (get them pretty cheap on Amazon (, Rocks (river rocks, lava rocks etc, but no limestone as it alters water PH), Hole saw for drill the size of your net pot, Water soluble nutrients (You can get any decent water soluble nutrients from Lowe's or you can buy the best, scientifically formulated for this type of hydroponics at Coast Hydro (nutrient solution no longer for sale through Coast Hydro. However, once I transfer the seedlings to 5-gallon buckets and the tomatoes flower, things always go downhill. Reply Now we just lift the lid . Why not fill it up completely till it touches the bottom of the net pot.5 How can we grow lettuce if the outside ambient temperature is above 40°C.ThanksArun. Thank you. Lid for the 5 Gallon bucket - again, as opaque as possible. When buying the, I get the 6" ones as they are perfect to put a large Bonnie plant from Lowe's or Walmart in. !Please check out our foundation page. The Chem-gro brand has buffers in it so the Ph is always spot on. At first I was worried because of the word "Chem" in the title, but I called the company, Hydro Gardens, and they explained that it's just the brand name and that their product is not chemically altered and it doesn't have extra chemicals or anything like that... You can use any brand of nutrient you like, just follow the directions. Just that it might be easier for them to develop. Plants I'm thinking about are cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers etc. Another seed planted at the same time and transplanted into the ground the day after I built these buckets is less than half its size and only has 2 peppers on it. I've also grown tomatoes in 18 gallon containers, cucumbers in a 32 gallon garbage can, okra in five gallon buckets (replenishing with 2 1/2 gallons of nutrient water as needed), and squash in 10 gallon containers using this method and have had great luck! Do we need to cover and isolate the growing containers/ area with a plastic sheet or net.3.Can we plant the seeds directly in the net pot or should we plant the seedlings.4.If we start with seeds why do we need to keep some empty space in the container. (Alternatively, instead of net pot, you can also get large net pot lids for 5 gallon bucket (here on Amazon). 65-80 is generally said, but for Lettuce i would say between 67-73. A friend of mine, Ingrid, started growing her own lettuce mix at home using a non-circulating hydroponics system. on Introduction.