We will ship it separately as soon as it arrives. If you are looking to try out a Kala Elite USA ukulele or have already made up your mind which one you want, you can check out our list of dealers to find them online or in stores now. This ukulele has such a sweet classic sound. The Series are differentiated by the grade of Koa used to build them. This product is temporarily unavailable online. Port Orford Cedar grows along streams in the valleys of the Klamath Mountains. Take a look through our Elite USA Gallery and see some of the Elite USA and custom ukulele today. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. One of the best sounding ukes I've yet to hold and play in my life. The All-Solid Satin Hawaiian Koa Concert features a wood grain with light curling and figuring with colors ranging from golden blonde to auburn re... Made of Honduran Mahogany and painted black, the Blackout Elite’s first impression is...classy. The elegant curling of the Koa makes this ornate wood sought after by builders and players alike. Culling ideas from our talented artists and drawing inspiration from near and far, Kala is proud to introduce the Luthier Collection. It came packaged extremely well. The Science refers to each part of the Kala Elite USA, from old-world craftsmanship and the use of modern technology we are able to produce the best ukulele possible. The natural wood shows through with no color fill. In our pursuit to build unique and compelling instruments, we partnered with some of our artists to mindfully design beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Going against the grain is literally what gives Flame Maple its beautiful perpendicular, undulating, almost iridescent stripes. The strings sound bright and the Gloss Koa sounds just insanely clear and bright. An absolutely gorgeous and AWESOME sounding Uke! Our philosophy behind the design of the Kala Elite USA is based on The Sight, The Science, and The Sound. The Hawaiian Koa Gloss line is built from Hawaiian Koa, the most traditional of ukulele wood. The elegant curling of the Koa makes this ornate wood sought after by builders and players alike. Satin Hawaiian Koa Tobacco Burst Tenor Ukulele. The entire line are made from Solid Hawaiian Koa. is backordered. It is widely considered the sta... Torrefied Spruce Top Ebony Tenor XL Ukulele. The KOA 1 Series features the lightest wood grain flaming and curling, the KOA 2 Series displays a more rich and full flaming and curling, and the KOA 3 Series exhibits the richest and fullest flaming and curling. SPECS Size: Tenor Top: Hawaiian Koa Back & Sides: Hawaiian Koa Binding: Maple Finish: Gloss Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Pau We have a wide range of ukulele, from our inexpensive, durable Waterman line to our heirloom style California made Hawaiian Koa Elites and everything in-between. Simply the best entry-level ukulele for over a decade. Fits ALL Kala TENOR sized bags and cases, except: DUB2-T, Scale Length: 16.875 inches, Overall Instrument Length: 26 inches, Body Length: 11.75 inches, Number of Frets: 18, Width at Upper Bout: 7 inches, Width at Lower Bout: 9.3125 inches, Width at Waist: 5.625 inches, Body Depth: 3.125 inches, Fingerboard Width at Nut: 1.4375 inches, Fingerboard width at neck/body joint: 1.8125 inches. It sounds incredible and allows you to … With many color and design options, there is a Makala ukulele to fit any personality. Through trial and error, feedback and direction, we have created an instrument that marks a new standard in ukulele. Kala is known for high-quality instruments that have amazing tone, and our Makala ukulele are no exception. I will forever continue to purchase my Ukes and otherwise through Kala. Kala is known for our quality and value. The Series are differentiated by the grade of Koa used to build them. The chromatic tuner on the EQ is incredibly useful and accurate as well.