Sources said Tim Marchman, a former top Deadspin editor and head of GMG’s special projects desk, was also fired. monitoring_string = "9825918b2b361fb0e003f4935ce18ae6", PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake. The new regime has also set the bar extremely high for the current sites and has made business moves at a rapid pace that have angered some staff. Why was Gizmodo sold? Great Hill Partners will likely do as investment firms do: turn a flagging business around in exchange for some board seats, a bit of equity, and a hefty return on their investment. Spanfeller told The Daily Beast that the company has asked a new human resources exec to address diversity and inclusion “in both written policies and practices. Multiple sources told The Daily Beast the company's new editorial director would likely be Paul Maidment, a former editor of “As for commenting on the number of questions, I was noting that this was clearly an important issue for the union as it was for me,” he said. Click here to browse. “We feel it’s hard to have authority when talking about ourselves,” he said. A manufacturing error is raising concerns about a promising covid-19 vaccine being developed by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. Multiple sources told The Daily Beast that editorial director Susie Banikarim and executive managing editor Alex Dickinson are out G/O Media, several weeks after the company was sold by Univision to private equity firm Great Hill Partners. As part of a major restructuring effort that could affect 25 staffers. When Jim Spanfeller and a private equity firm called Great Hill Partners took over G/O Media—formerly Gizmodo Media Group—in April, their stated goal was to make the company profitable. This affords marketers with unparalleled reach and results among their most important consumer markets. In meetings with top editors, he has suggested implementing traffic-juicing methods including slideshows and listicles, largely outdated strategies that most reputable sites have avoided in 2019. The sale of Gizmodo sees a number of notable properties coming along with its flagship site including The Onion, a longstanding satire website that does a scarily good job of looking just a little too much like real news. The new boss of the Gizmodo Media Group plans to focus on a strategy combining paid content and e-commerce. [1] Prior to the sale, the former Gawker Media properties had operated as Gizmodo Media Group after being acquired by Univision following the conclusion of the Bollea v. Gawker lawsuit and subsequent bankruptcy in 2016. Spanfeller told the Beast he was simply questioning why the current slogan—“A supposedly feminist website”—wasn’t more definitively feminist. Maxwell Tani. But what I longed for, I wrote in my SE review, was an iPhone 12 Pro Mini: an almost bezel-free, pint-sized phone with incredible cameras and…, No matter who you are or where you are, 2020 has been a rough year. The practice may put the company in violation of the Coalition for Better Ads standards for online advertisements, potentially causing issues with the site’s ad performance in Google’s browser. High-level staffers at the company that now owns ex-Gawker sites like Jezebel and Deadspin complain their new leader is destroying a famously freewheeling culture. I asked if the Editor-in-Chief would be up for meeting with senior executives at Lexus and suggested that we would have a sales person there, not to sell but simply to be an observer, and the EIC was fine with that.”. Some employees were initially shocked by the lack of understanding the new CEO appeared to have of many of the one-time Gawker sites—which include Deadspin, Gizmodo, and Jezebel—and their tone or politics. Finalization of a deal has seen Gizmodo sold from Univision to Great Hill Partners, an investment firm specializing in businesses worth $25–$500 million. It had represented the first foray into English-language media for a company that was primarily focused on television media. Since taking over, G/O has gone about slashing costs and changing the business significantly. Shoshana Wodinsky Gizmodo G/O Media. The Inventory. Deals of the Day G/O Media may get a commission Show all View all. Spanfeller responded at length in an email to The Daily Beast. G/O was formed in April 2019 when Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm, purchased the websites from Univision for $20.6 million. After joining G/O, Spanfeller immediately cut 25 non-editorial staff across the company within three weeks, according to an internal memo obtained by The Daily Beast. Gizmodo sold to Great Hill Partners, forming G/O Media. Two people with knowledge told The Daily Beast that in a private meeting, Spanfeller reviewed the coverage of Lexus with the editor-in-chief of Jalopnik, a car-focused website, to ensure that its stories did not discourage the luxury automaker from advertising with G/O sites. It’s different for…, The economic fallout of the covid-19 pandemic has hit the oil industry hard, and Exxon in particular is feeling it. Asking for sites to quadruple their traffic—with no new resources. G/O Media Inc. is a media company that runs Gizmodo, Kotaku, Jalopnik, Deadspin, Lifehacker, Jezebel, The Root, The A.V. Internal documents show the company’s not expecting to make a grand recovery any time soon despite putting on a good face for…, When you’re a journalist or club promoter or financier, fraud is always a gamble—you might be publicly disgraced and have your venal misdeeds replayed over and over in Netflix documentaries and prestige podcasts, but you might also get away with it.…, I am going to answer this one right here in the intro: no, you can’t. In his first all-hands meeting, he claimed that programmatic display ads were going to make a huge comeback. And after signing a new contract with Taboola, the ad company most well-known for “recommended for you” boxes on digital websites, he ordered the company’s product team to roll it out just days later, per one source, and rebuffed their requests to test the product’s effect on page views (Spanfeller said if there had been an adverse effect on traffic, the company would have reverted). It’s something we take very seriously.”. The new CEO moved the company into new offices weeks after Great Hill Partners purchased the company. Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. The Daily Beast has learned that reporters at G/O have been working on a story about their own company. G/O Media’s proprietary technology provides a powerful publishing platform to engage affluent and influential Millennials who crave our trusted, authentic and often-times irreverent news, entertainment and service journalism and experiences.