I have a similar Fender bridge on my Troy Van Leuwen Jazzmaster and it really helps. term “vibrato” to refer to what is really a tremolo effect. The previous reviews are correct and it appears StewMac simply doesn't care that they are carrying an inferior product. They are being blown out and going cheap right now. What did you do to make the Mustang bridge rattle? I have long been a fan of the Fender Jazzmaster. The further back he tilted the neck, the bridge would have to be set higher to achieve playable action, and thus, more downward force on the bridge. I've also got a Mustang bridge on a Mustang here (admittedly a vintage bridge which is slightly different) that doesn't rattle either. So, one rainy afternoon, off we set. The Staytrem is another one people seem to like, but I just haven't felt the need to try one. I think modern Fenders are very consistent. Enjoy your Jag and SO glad it worked out for you! One other solution is to deepen the grooves with a file, which is a fine solution that I’ve had to use a few times. As for the sound, I usually have the tone around 7 or 8 on the bridge pickup, and 8 to 10 on the other positions. I work in London as a Principal Consultant for a digital research, insights and strategy consultancy. Be ready to cut the screw to intonate the low E. StewMac makes great stuff, so if you’re good with this things, you should be a happy camper. Also, the height adjustment screws on the brass bridge saddles could be longer than necessary, which means sharp pieces of metal digging into your picking hand. Always used 10's with my JM's, 11's worked well on the Jag due to shorter scale length. The vibrato still works well like this, but again, it’s not a total solution. 11s are great on a JM, almost like 9s on a strat. Staytrem is another great option. Here's a link that may help with the bridge setup; http://mmguitarbar.com/2013/03/09/de…ubled-vibrato/ […]. You’ll need to do some surgery to install the original offset bridge and vibrato on that guitar, including routing and filling in the original thimble holes and redrilling. The patented Offset Mastery Bridge is crafted in Minneapolis using the highest quality materials. A mastery bridge is no good with a wound third string. The bridge improves tone and playability in three ways. The Mastery Bridge may be a better choice but I put a roller bridge on my CPJM and it made quite a difference. Obsessive compulsive. The differences are few. Guitars using AOM or TOM style bridges require Mastery thimbles to be installed. If you put a TOM on a JM you have a radius mismatch. The bridge doesn’t always return to its zero position, but this is a problem just about every trem system on the market has, and if we lived in a perfect world it would be enough. The Mastery website provides a demonstration video and full instructions. - Walt Kowalski, "Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand." [quote="ThePrettyDamned;298279"]Staytrem! No rattles. I have tried many different pickups and other mods through the years. YEAH. Any other brands in the 2000€ give or take price range that I should look at? DON'T MISS A BEAT, sign up for StewMac news, Black Friday Sale! I don't like 11s - they hurt my poor little fingers - I know - men play 11s etc!! Mastery also makes a beautifully engineered Offset Vibrato. I do not want more sustain from a Jazzmaster. That’s *literally* my favorite thing to see! I’ll admit that this feature isn’t my favorite element of the design, but it really does work, but not perfectly. The saddles on the original bridge design had multiple shallow slots which meant that under moderate or heavy pick attack the strings were liable to jump to a different slot or jump off the saddle completely. The height adjustment screws of the bridge won't rattle and move as are held in place by nylon washers. Play it with 11s. While this solution certainly works, it also kills the vibe of having a Jazzmaster or Jaguar; the strings behind the bridge are deadened – a huge part of what makes these guitars  so fun! Simmer down. I am aware of the G&L Doheny but it seems to be impossible to get in Europe right now, haven't found any online or locally. But that’s an article for another day. Other reviews here state the trem lock does not work. Can you tell me if the Squire jazzmaster J mascis dinosaur junior model can accept the original style traditional rocking Bridge and the locking tremolo assembly ? *CAUTION: Never, ever use the red Loc-Tite on guitar parts unless you want them permanently frozen in place. We’ve got you covered! The Mustang bridge and 10s. I prefer the Antiquity over the Antiquity II. In that case, either sweat a lot or dab some blue Loc-Tite* on the saddle screws, which will not only diminish rattle but also ensure that screws don’t turn when you don’t want them to. As for bridge choice there is only one. But I don’t own one for the simple reason that the bridge is a bit crap. Periodically, Fender has modified its Jazzmaster and Jaguar models in an attempt to resolve problems associated with the original bridge design, including fitting tune-o-matic/adjusto-matic style bridges to some models. This is called the break angle. Heavier strings equals greater tension, get it? "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. OMG that’s amazing. ( Log Out /  Bridge. Most of the time, the bridge buzzes because of a weak break angle and thus, less pressure, which means the saddles themselves aren’t tightly seated on the bridge plate. My son ran into Rev. So, so jealous. After looking at them and being put back several times looking for i.d.’s who knows what was on top. 2: Bridge Over Troubled Vibrato, http://mmguitarbar.com/2013/03/09/demystifying-the-fender-jazzmaster-and-jaguar-pt-2-bridge-over-tro…, An Open[ish] Response to Fender CEO Andy Mooney’s Thoughts on Offset Guitars, Guitars with Issues: Where to Draw The Line? I know because I’ve installed hundreds of the bridges over the years, and I’ve never had an issue properly intonating them. The quality of the part is great, as expected, although I do hear a lot of spring buzz. The bridge features the original pivoting design: the support posts fit into recessed body bushings, and rest on height-adjustable Allen screws. Well, the g and l version of such. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Antiquity II has a big mid scoop, with strong presence and bass. When you want to use light strings on a Jazzmaster or Jaguar, you’re going to have to compensate somehow. Just reply to that message when you get a chance and our customer service team will take care of everything. I love that, but it’s not for everyone. I was actually testing pedals so I did not spend too much time inspecting the guitar that carefully. The AV65 will be like the Antiquity II. That’s A Bruce Campbell, not THE Bruce Campbell. Sheila spoke highly of Feline. If they read the same, then put them in and see how they sound. Easy dremel, but obviously I’ve voided my warranty and return ability. Fitting the bridge is easy. Pickups, sure, if you find you don't like them. They either don’t work that well or are not congruent with the look and feel of the Jazzmaster. Close-up of Offset Mastery Bridge on a Jazzmaster (click for larger image) The patented Offset Mastery Bridge is crafted in Minneapolis using the highest quality materials. The whole setup is fine with 10s or even 11s, so why go heavier? At least, it usually does; new bridges that haven’t been played-in will often make noise because they don’t have years of oxidation helping to tighten things up. All of a sudden, the acquisition of a Jazzmaster makes perfect sense. - Homer Simpson. The bridge is designed to rock back & fourth. $79.00 ... FREE Shipping by Amazon. I love its quirky circuit switching, offset waist and range of tones. Hi Albert, Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us, we genuinely appreciate that. Guitars originally equipped with Fender’s floating style bridge and stock body thimbles require no modification.