This was supposed to be Kim Soo Hyun’s come back drama to remember and rewatch. I have watched a drama that’s sucked me in like this since crash landing on you and the world of the married. Dyn Aug 09 2020 9:28 pm I think there’s no more secret that they like each other. Especially the part where KSH danced like a robot.. never seen a well-written drama like this one. I don't know what to do with my life now!!! I'm so sad because I have to part with this drama, I don't want this story to end, I really like all the players, they all play completely and perfectly, hope there is a drama that is so good like this drama again, not boring and non-existent.I really miss Sang Tae hyung who is very good at bringing autism characters, the character Moon-Young who is beautiful, angry but has a soft heart, and most importantly the character Kang Tae who is very patient with 2 people who each have different u fuuulll for this drama, miss the 3 of you, I'll watch over and over again... aren Aug 11 2020 9:23 pm This is my first time to watch Kim Soo-Hyun. Let’s find out together. Storytelling: Consistent and Beautiful. Everything they’re in a scene together the chemistry is just there, they don’t even need to try hard or whatever. Kelly Jul 13 2020 9:10 am Can’t wait for Kim Soo Hyun’s drama “It’s Ok To Not Be Ok (Psycho But It’s Ok)” We appreciate and respect KSH talent and all his works! They are soo gonna be one of my best couples.. This drama shows that everyone deserves to be happy despite what they have been through. zeeyhen Jun 28 2020 6:51 am The first 3 main lead acting are really awesome. A.A.A Nov 15 2019 9:47 am Zhi~Yan Jul 06 2020 2:55 am Sai Jun 02 2020 2:36 pm I watched so many kdramas, more then 200, and this one is on the way to be my favorite. If you are into sweet romcom type of drama then don't watch coz you may not like it, although I find it funny and romantic at times. Cleo Aug 01 2020 7:38 pm Really hope to see them together. such a great actress <3 she was really good in save me drama too ? The greatest korean drama of all times! One of the most amazing drama I have watched after a long time.. All the characters in this drama were amazing.. Bayane Oct 22 2020 2:45 am I love it, drama-on-tuned Jul 05 2020 8:23 pm I get all giddy with their tough love and all!! hurm I dont like her acting.. she has really weird face expression. This drama is not just good it has really amazing soundtracks too! SYJ acting has evolved a lot. Admirer Aug 07 2020 8:19 pm Once again thank you. The Korean dramas usually don’t have Seasons so the fans might have to compromise with a single season. Yana Jul 20 2020 5:05 am Here is more information. no wonder why kim soo hyun is one of highest paid actor! if you’re thinking on watching this drama, Go For IT. Anyway, not all comeback drama of top actors are successful. The story, plot, songs, casts are just fit in this drama. Hope we will get to see more of this trio in some other rom-com. Lolly Mar 09 2020 11:11 am The lead actress is a caricature. Crazy cat Aug 01 2020 10:17 am Today I couldn't help myself, I cried like a child at the perfection of this story. does anybody know the song played in episode 7 at about 16:10 because i feel like i’ve heard of it before and my curiosity is killinng meee. fina Jun 24 2020 11:57 am The plot sounds kinda trashy and I don’t like that SK doesn’t seem to care about Mental Health so it feels like it’s gonna be full of stereotypical shit. Even though many viewers believe it will not be renewed, the rest; however, hope for the development of the couple’s relationship. SYJ needs to accept or decline the role of GMY the children’s writer so until then we’re pretty much waiting....It appears from the synopsis that PGY character has a one sided love with KSH character so it does appear confusing because PGY has confirmed ahead of SYJ which makes us believe she is the lead...which she is not. Daisy Aug 11 2020 10:28 am So many more to watch. Prince Jul 27 2020 7:22 am emilia Aug 07 2020 11:02 am It's the story of two people who live in the same era but in different worlds. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay received good reviews from the audience, which led to the question: will there be a second season? Happy ending but sad for me. Firstly, it is not very usual for Korean drama series to have followed up seasons as the first ones always end concluding major events and tying any loose ends for viewers. The main characters' acting were awesome. Dammit, I should have waited....:-(. who make this drama successful. Anyways I guess we will find out more tomorrow on EP 14. Anggi Retnani Jul 12 2020 4:49 am Ren Jun 28 2020 10:38 am jennie Jul 11 2020 10:36 pm Not since Dustin Hoffman played "Rain Man" have I seen such true representation. Penny Nov 21 2019 9:05 am Saturday has never been this far since Goblin 2016. I would love to see different perspectives of different characters with their own lives, but I was so fed up with the two leads having their own love thing then their dynamic is confusing because they can’t keep up with their own convictions. Back to back great shows! Will definitely miss the couple after finale ? The experience that I have gained by entering in this field has been unforgettable and I continue to do so as I cover more interesting stories with all of you. Someone that makes you daydream all day, but thats all that it is Kdrama, but watching all this dramas it takes away the part of my life i wanna forget. japjap Jun 29 2020 10:41 pm Jennie Aug 14 2020 2:42 am Flower Rain Jul 31 2020 4:48 am I really enjoyed this drama. It has deep meaning behind the plots. Overall, the direction and supporting cast was executed very well. Omo Omo Plz Plz Pearl Nov 03 2020 5:22 am Kwak Dong-Yeon would have played a good second lead...such a good drama already. The drama has its ups and downs. Leny Aug 08 2020 11:42 pm I really really can't wait. It is really a masterpiece. In […] The teaser got my whole attention. Vreeze Sep 04 2020 11:25 am The small kiss scene on ep 9 is just so beautiful. Unlock Great Features. And here is the list of what I kinda feel like meh in this drama: This drama is not that good, but I must say that the thing that makes it stand out from all the other currently running dramas is the chemistry between the lead actors.