Idaho’s Transportation Asset Management Plan is a tactical-level document which focuses its analysis, options development, programs, delivery mechanisms, and reporting mechanisms on ensuring that strategic objectives are achieved because it acts as a focal point for information about the assets, their management strategies, long-term expenditure forecasts, and business management processes. US-95 continues north as a divided highway until just south of the Spokane River, where US-95 enters Coeur d'Alene. This certification is then used throughout the following year to distribute State Highway Distribution Account monies to each of the local jurisdictions on a quarterly basis. The project will straighten out ID 53 over the nearby train tracks, remove an intersection with Garwood Rd with a new bridge, and extend the frontage road on the east side to Garwood Rd. If you are interested in submitting a marker proposal, please be aware that researching, writing or revising the text, and fabricating a marker can take several months. This recently completed section bypasses the tribal casino and its Circling Raven golf course. Dist. Click on MP for link to RoadViewer Explorer and Streetview. The north end couplets were completed in the early 1990s,[41][42][43] the south end in 2000. This video information is available to the public at no cost- you can go to the website and view our highways any time you like. For more information, contact the State Historic Preservation Office at (208) 334-3861. This is the top line, generally a single line. [17][18] The new routing is now above, rather than in, the curvy Lawyers Creek Canyon between the cities, crossing the canyon on an elevated bridge (photo) constructed in 1991. Please note this is a 164 page document. Please contact your ITD representative to request access. ITD’s Video Log-View all of our routes as if you’re the driver! Go to IPlan Maps to interact with the State of Idaho road system and administrative data. This new software housed a pavement management system (PMS) and a maintenance management system (MMS) to work in tandem as part of the Department’s long-term vision for asset management. [37][38], In Moscow, US-95 is diverted a block to either side of Main Street onto multi-lane one-way arterials: northbound on Washington Street, southbound on Jackson Street. We also manage traffic-related databases, locate, design, and build our own traffic counting sites statewide, and integrate computer-assisted analysis with technical support. Idaho Mileposts maintained by Idaho Transportation Dept. The current bridge for US-12 upstream at Arrow replaced the old Spalding bridge in 1973;[25][26][27][28][29][30] ice jams on the river a decade earlier shifted it.[27][31]. Transportation Systems CADD Files Route description. Scheduled to be completed first, the divided highway construction between Thorn Creek and Moscow was put on hold, due to new right-of-way and environmental impact concerns. Thank you for your interest in our data. Deemed a success, the program continued and is now operated cooperatively by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and the Idaho State Historical Society. Click here to download the Idaho Highway Historical Marker Guide. Map topics include: This program collects information from all local Highway Districts and County Road and Bridge Groups regarding miles of improved local roads that they maintain and are responsible for. US-95 then turns briefly west, then north to Homedale, and crosses the Snake River before a junction with concurrent US-20 and US-26 as it passes through Parma. That can be viewed here: Monthly and annual reports are also available for most WIM stations. It originally terminated at U.S. Route 30 north of Parma, near the Oregon state line, and was wholly located within Idaho except for a small segment in Washington state northwest of Lewiston. Find your polling place to vote; Who's my legislator? Typically 3 to 4 lines of 2″ text. The guide is also packed with 90 drawings, maps and old-time photos. These reports are maintained by the Idaho Transportation Department Roadway Data Section. Annually we produce a certification of these mileages for the Department Director’s signature. US-95 then was extended through Oregon and Nevada to California, terminating near Blythe. On a typical 4’x8′ Historical marker, the following rule of thumb applies to the text/line. Max 9 lines of 1″ text if 3 lines of 2″ text are used. The Department’s standard civil engineering products are the InRoads suite of products by Bentley Systems. Visit the video page and view the route any time of day. : All All All All US 95 Main Route Ascending Road ITD District 3 Owyhee County 001540 0 OREGON/IDAHO STATE LINE 11 001540 0.972 MISC LOCAL RD RT 029619 100 11 001540 4.851 MCBRIDE CREEK RD LT 011711 103.779 11 001540 6.984 MISC RD RT 011716 100 … This software contains a robust database that houses several kinds of data, such as bridges, maintenance activities, pavement condition, traffic data, skid data, R-values, boring logs and several others. US-95 turns northeast, then westward to climb a steep grade, gaining over 1,900 feet (580 m) in five miles (8 km), ascending to the southern edge of the rolling Palouse region. Or want to see that business name one more time? Max 7 lines of 1″ text if 4 lines of 2″ are used. Or write to As it enters Benewah County, US-95 enters the Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation. The system suggests pavement project choices based on budget constraints and desired deficiency goals, which the engineers balance against needs and their expert knowledge of the system. [44] The construction on the northeast couplet forced the demolition of a noted Moscow watering hole's original west end in January 1991,[45][46][47] after staving off its elimination for over a decade.[48]. US-12 briefly turns south to re-cross the river into the city center, and then west to cross the Snake River into Clarkston, Washington. Separate maps for each year include traffic volume counts for interstate interchanges. ATR & WIM Data US-95 was established in 1926 as one of the original routes in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) system of national highways. Download land parcel or cadastral data from Idaho counties. Check the road report - 511; Download the Idaho 511 app on your iPhone; Download the Idaho 511 app on your Android.