In order to create a graph with broken graph lines, such as for a single subject A-B research design, you must stagger the baseline data and intervention data in two separate columns on your Excel spreadsheet before creating the graph. Highlight the data you wish to include in the graph. 2 Step 1: Set up the Variables X-Axis . 4 Step 1: Enter Data for Conditions . Click on the 'Chart Wizard' icon in the toolbar and select the standard line graph… The following directions are for Excel … Step 4: Create the Line Graph Adjust the Points 1.Double Click on a point in baseline condition Step 4: Create the Line Graph Adjust the Points 1.Change the color of the lines to black 2.Change the style of … Single-Subject Design Graphs in Microsoft Excel 2007 . 3 Step 1: Set up the CONDITION LABELS . Customize your graph's appearance. Microsoft Excel's spreadsheets work intuitively, forming charts and graphs from selected data. It will provide you with step-by-step directions that will take you through entering your data, making a graph, adding phase lines, making your graph … 2. Label the first row of each column with the condition name. 6 Step 2: Create Line graph Highlight cells A1-E17 Select insert tab Select line graph … You can make a graph in Excel 2010 to increase the efficacy of your reports. 3. === Gathering Data … The purpose of this document is to provide you with instructions to reference as you create a line graph in Excel 2007. 5 Creating the Line Graph . Type in your data into an Excel worksheet in which each column represents a separate baseline condition. Once you decide on a graph format, you can use the "Design" section near the top of the Excel window to select a different template, change the colors used, or change the graph … 1.