Calculate the angle of refraction for a monochromatic ray of light incident at an air to glass boundry. (Give you answer to two decimal places) Answer 1. The angle of incidence is 35 degrees and the refractive index of the glass is 1.50. Answer to: How to calculate index of refraction using critical angle? (b) Calculate the angle of … Umm, can someone help me with htis question: A ray of light strikes a glass block at an angle of incidence 50 degrees. Calculate the angle of refraction if the refractive index for glass is 1.5 and th speed of light in glass is 200,000,00 m/s. When a ray of light is incident at normal incidence, (at right angles), to the surface between two optical materials, the ray travels in a straight line. Refraction and angle of incidence. i think it's 50 over 1.5...does that sound right? refracted angle calculator: formula for refractive index of glass slab: formula for refractive index in terms of wavelength: refractive index wavelength equation: formula of refractive index class 10: index refraction calculator: how to calculate critical angle when refractive index is given: how to calculate … For Higher Physics, revise how to calculate the expected direction of refracted rays using Snell’s law. (Round your answer to at least one decimal place.) 2.25 degrees 2. Calculate critical angle given refractive index. No refraction takes place 4. Image Transcriptionclose (a) Calculate the angle of refraction at the first surface (in degrees). 22.48 degrees 3.