original claw with the Hipshot single claws. I'm ripping it out and replacing it with a Goeldo BackBox. Works with most vintage and modern tremolo equipped guitars. Minimising string … today I'd like to install a HIpshot Tremsetter. Ease of Installation: Pain in the butt. Since a normal spring-hanger would interfere with the device, the Tremsetter comes with replacement "mini-hangers" that each use one of the hanger screws and accomodate one or two springs. IF you ever get it adjusted. In the beginning, there was the Tremsetter, and it was good. The only problem with this tremolo stabilizer is that it creates a lot of noise because the tremolo stabilizer is connected all the time to the tone block. It had a variety of hooks and springs and whatnot. In the beginning, there was the Tremsetter, and it was good. It's made even tougher by the fact that you can't get the drill perfectly flat since you're drilling a hole down in the recessed cavity. Installation is tricky, but if you take your time and follow the … [<- Prev (Main)]    [Next (Ibanez BackStop) ->]. So all my string energy is coming out my amplifier not being absorbed by my, is that the fulcrum style tremolo doesn't come back to tune so i'm a plug in my little, the Hipshot Tremsetter insures that the tremolo comes back to its exact original. Hipshots patented system for stabilising Trem systems. okay, the tremsetter's in place I insert my three three seconds allah wrench into my, now I'm pushing the brass collar up against the end of the threaded tube, snug it up but don't over-tighten because you don't want to damage the pull rod, we got the guitar in tune with the tremolo in it's exact original position, then we loosened the outer two wood screw slightly that brought the tremolo, tightened it when we pulled the picked out we turn the tremolo back to its, when the tremolo is a neutral position your hands off the tremolo. If you break a string with the Hipshot, the bridge will stll pull the others sharp. This means that you have to unsolder the grounding wire from the stock hanger and solder it to one of the new ones. And there we are. Replaces the center tremolo spring to eliminate flutter and increase tuning stability. What the HipShot does well is it sets a zero point, so as you bend up or down, the bridge will get back in tune at the zero point when you release it. Looks like a pretty sturdy bridge. It had a variety of hooks and springs and whatnot. Either it wouldn't always return to pitch after using the tremolo or minor tuning adjustments (or bends) would cause pitch changes in other strings. I spent weeks tinkering with mine when I first installed it... and it never... worked.... quite... right. The third crazy contraption spring is a Hipshot Tremsrtter. i know that my tremolo is back to its original position. you can easily see this just by looking at the tip of the tremolo arm as I pick a string. The tremolo, You can hear it right now as I bend my g string up listen to my low e as it dives in. put the hook of the Tremsetter into the sustain block. I don' t want to go through, I might hit a, pick up on the other side. You also have to do a lot of drilling. The mini claw comes as part of the kit. The Tremsetter also requires the most-involved installation; you actually have to drill a hole in the hanger-end of the cavity toward the neck to make room for the brass rod that runs the length of the device. If Ernie Ball ever stops making SuperSlinky's (and my stockpile runs out), I'm not going to adjust this thing again. from the front of edge of the sustain block. I also have a Hipshot bridge on my Epi Jack Casady. Hi I'm Dave Borisoff with Hipshot Products. Best thing I've done to that bass (next are Grover tuners). That mini 2-pt. I have five strat-style guitars and there's a hipshot tremsetter in every one of them! You don't want to do that, make sure that the hinge clip is straight, mark right in the middle of the back hole. another problem we have is what we call tremolo flutter. I have a Hipshot on one of my basses. Back when I first got mine in 1990 or so, it was a marvel. take the second screw, check to see if it's straight, using a three thirty seconds allen wrench i'll loosen the set screw on the brass, that the pull rod of the Tremsetter does not pull out and springs and parts fly, the square cut out square hole in the back of the Tremsetter bracket, up with the center hole of the sustain block, i push to pull out of against the far cavity wall and make a mark. The only Hipshot products I have really used are the Tremsetter for 2 point floating bridges and they used to make a trem cavity filler to make a hardtail out of a trem equipped guitar. Overall: When it first came out, it was wonderful, because the alternative was just to suffer with all of the hassles of a floating trem. Figured I'd wasted my money and was going to sell when I decided to try it on another. Product Details. Fender Hipshot Trem Setter Kit ... Give your Stratocaster® tremolo added stability with the Hipshot™ Tremsetter. I'm waiting on a body being built from Rosser-Guitars and I'm using a Hipshot hard tail. ). It consistently brings the bridge back to center 100% of the time when you use the trem. ... it was a marvel. with ground looks cray cray. Hipshot Tremsetter. Discussion in 'Non-Fender S-Type Guitar Forum' started by Class A Knob, Jul 16, 2019. The Tremsetter virtually eliminates all my flutter! The hole has to be large enough such that the rod never catches on the side of the hole. Some modification may be necessary for installation. To make sure I don't need to, I haven't changed the gauge or brand of strings (so that the tension on the tremolo never changes). You have to remove all of the springs and hanger screws to put the new mini-hangers on. Installing the Hipshot Products Tremsetter, Collaborate with others to annotate & explain the things you love. Nowadays, however, there are devices that make this look like a rough draft. Question: what the fudge is that 3rd tremolo spring? Weird thing is that the bass I bought it for didn't line up. David Borisoff, developer of the Hipshot Trem (tremelo)Setter demonstrates how to install and adjust the device on an instrument....tremelo trem setter guita... Hi I'm Dave Borisoff with Hipshot Products. I think I ran through the process about 3 times before I was finally satisfied with the setup. Well, er... it was all you could get, so you kept your mouth shut. I haven't touched the adjustment in 17 years. You can upload anything that interests you, Enhance your text with annotations & notes, Improve any text by working together with other annotators. A little tip i've learned is to use a crimp on terminal instead of soldering, by turning in the claw screws. check to be sure that the pull rod moves freely in the clearance hole. Well, er... it was all you could get, so you kept your mouth shut.