It’s highly effective inside PvP with the current meta. Dire Promise. Dire Promise is another vanilla Destiny 2 hand cannon that’s been updated in Season of the Worthy. How to acquire: World drops, Master Rahool. It is a 150RPM hand cannon with random rolls. If you like these type of videos let me know by dropping a sub and a like. Modified - 6/8/2020; Season 10 Season of the Worthy. Similar to the Truthteller, the Dire Promise cam come from any Legendary Engram that drops in the world. Modified - 1/27/2020; Modified - 12/9/2019; Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. The best, most expensive method is to spend your materials at Banshee-44 since he will only award Legendary weapons. This makes it pretty difficult to farm since there are so many different weapons that could drop. —Arach Jalaal "If you think this world ends well, you are mistaken." —Arach Jalaal. So, for this weapon, you should be looking out for rolls like Snapshot Sights or Opening Shot with Rangefinder. Modified - 3/9/2020; Season 9 Season of Dawn. Legendary Hand Cannon Kinetic Review Rating "If you think this world ends well, you are mistaken." Dire Promise. Season 11 Season of Arrivals.