Hollywood doesn’t often get it right, but these video clips can be useful to demonstrate or promote discussions about behavioral principles and strategies. Functions of Behavior (Behaviorbabe) by Behavior babe. She has served in the field of ABA for over 18 years and has provided and overseen services to individuals between the ages of 18 months to 24 years in homes, schools and clinical settings. Editor, bSci21.org, Teaching Robots with Positive Reinforcement at Johns Hopkins University, Teaching Autistic Children How To Cross The Street Using Virtual Reality, A visual aid to teach kids about coronavirus, The Four Functions of Behavior Made Simple, Realigning contingencies around student debt with Income Share Agreements, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) sees Success in Sacramento Schools, Positive Reinforcement: The Problem And Solution To Your Pet’s Bad Behavior, Why Are We So Addicted To Facebook? So the next time you are teaching a class or giving a training, keep these in mind to keep listeners engaged. What do you think is the function of his behavior. Behavior Frontiers offers online, video-based training for parents and professionals. Use the attached form to conduct an A-B-C analysis of this child’s tantrums. So the next time you are teaching a class or giving a […], By Todd A. Should Employees Be Asked to Choose Their Own Rewards? In the ABA field, there are four functions of behavior. Normand & Kohn, 2013; Poling, 2010). Have you ever come across an example of a behavior-change principle while watching one of your favorite movies or TV shows? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you know of any other videos from pop-culture to add to this list? Emaley’s passion is elearning, staff training, dissemination of evidenced-based interventions, research, film and videography and using technology in the field of behavior analysis and special education. November 30, 2015 bsci21 Society 1. https://flic.kr/p/e4MHwy. How to Train Your Dragon has a lot more than pairing (although, I don’t know where the clips are). In this video, Sheldon experiences unpleasant respondent behaviors (more mentalistically, anxiety) that revolve around not getting “closure.” Amy helps Sheldon go through a respondent extinction procedure (aka exposure therapy) to help him overcome it. The end of the video is also an example of counterconditioning, as the ex-boyfriend has been paired with Nickelback so many times that he is now an aversive stimulus. November 30, 2015 bsci21 Society 1. https://flic.kr/p/e4MHwy. Tony James, of the private equity firm […], By Todd A. bSci21 Contributing Writer Decades of research have shown that, when done effectively, providing rewards to employees can boost performance, morale, and productivity. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D Founding Editor, bSci21.org Behavior and Social Issues recently published a study showing the effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis for reducing electricity consumption in Northern Ireland. Thank you so much! (start at 1:20, “You Know You Are A Behavior Analyst When…”, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2995521/, The High Cost of Stress in the ABA Workplace, Six Funny Videos that Illustrate Behavioral Principles, Applied Behavior Analysis Reduces Electricity Use in Northern Ireland, Future Implications of Drone Technology from a Skinnerian Perspective, Drones and Behavior Analysis: From Pizza Delivery to Autonomy. After a while, every time Double D raises his hand (signaling impending pain), Ed stops engaging in the problem behavior, making the raised hand a CMO-R. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7861V3YbfE. This means training programs are in greater demand than ever. What’s somewhat less conclusive is how leaders should determine which […], By Clelia Sigaud, M.S. A Behavioural Perspective, Four Reasons Behavior Analysts Can and Should Seek Opportunities at their Local Aquarium or Zoo.