GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. Once you reach the hunting spot, all you need to do is to kill three Ibexes and then go to the beach to complete this quest. With rebellion on the rise thanks to the previous missions, head to the Mykonos City Leader House. Photiosis Pre-Tirement Once you have killed them, you must loot their items and take them back to the opposing commander to confirm that they are dead. Setting the army’s supplies ablaze, loot their chests, kill the important leaders, cause havoc and chaos all around, and put the soldiers at a disadvantage. You need to escort her son. There is a final objective still left though. Head to this location and you’ll encounter a man who’ll tell you where the feather is exactly. Age is Just a Number Portion Control - Megaris Quest Walkthrough Quest Reward After completing the above-mentioned quest, Iatrokles in Agoge Camp will have a job of investigation for you. You need to talk to the girl in front of the Champion’s Gymnasium in Thasos City. After discovering Little Egypt, travel to Kydonia and acquire this quest from a textile merchant there. Dive into the water, grab the Makedonian bracelet and hand it over to Xenia to complete this quest. Eliminate him and then proceed to deliver a killing blow to the leader of Messara who will be residing in Daidalos Fort in one of the buildings to the north, at night. Beware of the lynx here, so get rid of it first. Reach the Huntress Village in the Hunted Forest of Artemis. Enter the cave and save the woman to complete this quest. Barnabas Abroad Return to Ardors and decide whether you want to keep the ring or hand it over. Once she has been defeated, take the loot. A Family Ordeal You may also be rewarded XP and Drachmae depending on how well you performed this sub-quest. Bravely Ran Away Remember that you must avoid alerting the enemies as there is no escape route for you and if you are caught, chances are that all but the most skilled of players would end up dying. Once you finish telling your story to the kids, you are awarded Spartan Cuirass for torso, XP and some Drachmae. Enter the Cave of Pan and go inside the Apollo Temple. You need to follow Lykaon to Praxithea’s house. For this quest, you have save a woman. She Who Controls the Seas If you already have these, you are in luck. Training Days The rewards include The Colors of Keos itself, Pirate’s Blade for a weapon, a high number of Drachmae and some XP to go along with it. Mikkos gives you this quest in his house on Lemnos Island. You need to throw a torch at the wooden hatch at the bottom of all of the silos in order to set them on fire. At the first mirror, hit the barricade blocking it. You can start this quest by talking to Heitor at the abandoned farmlands. There is a Tekton on the waters and he is the one who wants you to save his brother from the Pirates that have destroyed his ship. Fun fact, this is the cave the traitor to Leonidas used to lead the Persians around the Spartans. If you have already somehow burned down the silos, the quest is completed as soon as you accept it. For the medicine, head to the middle floor of Mytilene’s Leader House and grab it from a table. The Blood Fever 1 x Loot Treasure. There are footprints on the road southwest of the cart, the body beside the tree to the west side of the cart, and the cart itself. The other one can be found if you look behind the statue and investigate the crack on the wall. Those who are looking for Ares Followers in Megaris this is the location of 3 to Kill. Mallet of Everlasting Flame (Heavy Blunt), Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon (Heavy Bladed), 【Genshin Impact】Star Of Destiny - Co-op Event Guide, 【Genshin Impact】Unusual Hilichurls Location, From the Spartan camp on the beach, follow the main road until you come across Spartan soldier Dolios, Talk to him to initiate the investigation of the stolen goods crime scene, Search the area for 3 Investigation points, Head towards the forest until you happen upon a small cave, Go inside the small cave to initiate the cutscene with the Megarians, Once you've finished with the villagers, head back to Dolios to end the quest, Talk to the Spartan Hoplite in the Megaris Spartan camp by the beach, Head to the marker to find the location of the spy - he is guarded by 2 soldiers, After dealing with the spy, return to the Spartan Hoplite & give back the tablet to end the quest, Go to the outskirts of Port Nisaia to find Odessa, Head out into the Valley of King Lelex & search for three bundles of medicinal herbs, Go into the city to find the merchant that has the medicinal concoction for Odessa's father, After getting the medicine, go back to Odessa's farm & kill the ambushing bandits, Talk to her about the ambush to end the quest, After finishing "A Family Ordeal" side quest, talk to Odessa once again, After getting more information from Odessa, head into Megaris & find the Leader House, Search the 2nd floor of the house for 4 Investigation Points, After you've found all the clues, head back to Odessa & speak to her to end the quest, (OPTIONAL): Recruit Odessa into The Adrestia. You earn XP and access to the Arena via the ‘They Just Want Cruelty’ quest. School of Hard Knocks After doing so, interact with the manager to finish this series of side quests. Upon looting their bodies, you find the precious heirloom amulet and other goodies from the chests at the bottom of the water body. The vase will be located in a chest in the Cooper Mines north of Karystos. He will tell you that he wants to weaken the Athenian army by killing some of their Polemarchs in the forts all over the world. Birds of a Feather Find Pan’s Flute in Attika inside the Cave of Pan. Head to Psaros Pyrgos in Cradle of Myths on Seriphos Island to begin the quest. Your goal is to weaken the Athenians. Return to Morys to earn Drachmae and XP, and keep the rare weapon and armor for yourself. Side Quests are a part of any RPG and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is no different. Either of these quests led to ‘A Business Opportunity’ quest being triggered, though XP is earned anyways. You can find a pack of wolves to the west in the Mount Ainos area, hunt them down and loot the corpses to get two furs in total. All you need to do is to cut the corners and get there first. Keep an eye out for when he’s about to swing his axe. Keep continuing south in the cave and get rid of the soldiers to find the spear in a chest. When you acquire this quest from Morys, a construction worker over at Lato in Minotaur Hills, head to the nearby Leader House and search the second level of the building. Obelia in Poiessa Village informs you of an artifact in the Submerged Minoan Palace. Your goal would be to get rid of any enemy soldiers in the area and safely escort Odessa back to her boat beyond the ruins in the western coast. Now head back to the fields and speak with Teuta. Get this quest at the Grand Mount Parnassos. When it is time for the ceremony, go to Aetios’ House and choose to be either on the witch’s team or on Kallikleia’s. Hi I'm trying to create a quest with Followers of Ares moving into a Village and attempting to kill all the Civilians they encounter (and set it up for defence by Alexios/Kassandra. You can trigger the start of this quest in two ways: either from the message board in southern Sporades or by interacting with Markos at Artemisia Fort. Check out this article to find out where to find Daughters Of Artemis in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. You’ll get three maps from Xenia. Handing it back to the priestess, you get the spear itself and with it some XP and Drachmae. Travel to the left from Mount Geraneia to reach a lake. Either way, you are directed to some clues on the field after which you need to set the crops on fire. The toolbox is in a shack southwest of Vrisa Fort in Ancient Pearl. Kill the guards that surround Bryce. Son of a Fisherman Helping a Healer Check the map to see which regions the Athenians currently control. Of these in some zones they are called 'Cave of Madness' / 'Cave of Pan', but not in Megaris iirc. Loot the chest and bring the contents back to the Vegetable merchants to get your reward and complete the quest. Aristophanes gives you this quest at the Akropolis Sanctuary in Greater Athens. 6 guards will attack you. The place where you want to end up is somewhat east of the Bulis Military Camp. Kill this person and take the Olympos Key from him. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Ubisoft or Ubisoft. Follow the quest markers to get to the village, and there you face the option to kill the villagers or to let them go. After that, return to Sokrates to complete this quest.