These crafting macros will level you from 70-80 in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, as well as enable you to pump out some decent gear at level 80. If you have the name of the icon correct but it still won’t show up, try including the type of icon after the quotations, for example: /micon stay pet What I mean is, let’s say you put a wait command for whatever your gcd is in your macro, like wait 2.5. They breed the mentality that optimal DPS is the most important thing and if you’re not putting out, you’re not a good player. That wouldn’t be very fun or engaging, and this is a game after all. /micon unearth. /micon “Asylum”. With a macro selected in the user macros window, click on the grey box to the left of the name of the macro, and select from several pages of default icons. If someone wants to make the informed decision to use macros like that, it’s fine, I’m not concerned. This is pretty useful for tank swaps. Archived. This helps fill the extra half a second. Macros do not queue. This is great if you’re the type of person who uses different HUD layouts for different roles (some people do this when they heal for instance, as the party list becomes more important), or if you prefer your crafters’ or gatherers’ HUDs to be setup differently than your combat jobs. /p Raising Crafting Macros 5.2 [Guide] Howdy everyone! Personally I love using this; I find it makes everything feel so much more compact and organized. Wait sec Buff sec End Macro Echos. I just want to help people understand how the game works, and set them up with good habits from the start. Some of them are too quiet to hear over the noise of combat, while others are quite loud and annoying, especially if repeated. This game provides Z.E.R.O. It’s helpful if you want to alt tab while crafting. Remember to use these sparingly or leave them out altogether if you’re in a party. Strategies change as people try new things with the fight, and come up with more efficient tactics. You’ll notice there’s an individual and a shared tab. /merror off You can even use icons for pet commands, items, waymarks, emotes, and tons more. Setup. 0. Crafting Macros 5.2 [Guide] Close. Unless I’m doing something wrong. While this may not seem super useful to everyone, there are plenty of people who play on PS4 and don’t happen to use a plug-in keyboard. Dropping almost 20% of your GCD skills because you didn’t want to set up another hotbar is completely not worth it. You can use this to provide mitigation for a teammate in the party list assuming their character is in range. This gif shows someone spamming a non-macro GCD vs a macro GCD and you’ll see it’s inevitable that you fall behind and lose casts over time. 5.1 Crafting Macros 35/70 Durability [Discussion] These are just a couple I put together for my own use while I craft the new gear. Only targets like the ones listed above. You can’t use a wait command to wait more than 60 seconds. PS4 Spieler müssen es leider abschreiben. I’m also going to go over some of the most common usages, as well as some ‘housekeeping’ aspects you may want to add when creating them. Blog entry `5.21 80 macro + ex craft rotation` by Arche Koeln. Also note how many starting materials should be HQ so you guarantee an HQ result. I’m glad you found the guide helpful! They state what durability craft it’s for and the required stats and number of HQ materials. If you need to target another player, consider a mouseover macro, or one that always targets the same position in your party list. You’re at 1 HP. OK so chaining multiple GCD skills isn’t 100% effective. 3. If you’re new to a role, especially tank or healer, let them know that you’re learning the role still, and indicate if you’d like advice or feedback. Ihr könnt diese Makros ohne Probleme auf eure Statuswerte anpassen und selbst mit ihnen herum experimentieren. All; Crafting; Gathering; Battle ; Raid; Fun ... Crafting. You have to actually spam the key to get it to activate when the GCD is ready. Your email address will not be published. This is a big no-no. You can adjust system settings. Introduction | Useful Links. I still recommend having a separate keybind for the unmacroed skill so you can always direct the placement if you absolutely need to. Unfortunately this tool will not work without the JavaScript so you will need to enable it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That’s still got a drawback. /micon a waymark. Introduction There are many different macros that can be used for crafting. I know this is old news but in case you see this, combat macros are inherently suboptimal for stringing together combos for 2 main reasons: 1) Pressing a skill manually will queue it up, I believe up to a second before the gcd cools off and then immediately uses the skill. These duties are more complicated than casual content and have a lot of moving parts. Furthermore, giving it some automation helps you focus on more important things like mechanics. These can be annoying, and if many can go off, can flood the chat window. Once I get 450 gear I’m gone. I just decided to add an extra second to my wait commands. These can be as simple or as complicated as you like, limited by the number of lines in a macro, that is. What if we just had a single GCD skill on a macro? But to make it even more stupid, they put a Macro function into the game. It’s important to take a look at the macro when you see it. Placing ground indicators can feel really slow, so this is a popular usage of macros. Note: Skills may require special conditions to work, the generator does not take that into account. Some FFXIV players are physically unable to or have difficulty pressing buttons quickly, or pressing a wide variety of buttons, and macros can certainly help them achieve results that might be difficult without automation. If you’re someone who likes to be friendly in chat with your newfound party members, you might want to set up a macro that types out your preferred polite greeting or farewell. There are definitely times where a ‘suboptimal’ macro may be the right choice for an individual. If your craftsmanship stat is too low though your craft could fail entirely. not get my ass handed to me while having to manually press 12 different keys in the proper sequence with one hand, all the while trying to stay out of six different AOE damage effects cast by an NPC that doesn’t seem to have a GCD, and of which at least one of those AOE’s is an instant killer.