Take the time to research what makes a cover letter more effective and it will take you a long way. You can open this on MS Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. Houston, TX 75846. One of our users, Nikos, had this to say: [I used] a nice template I found on Zety. Do make yourself stand out, such as by telling a story that illustrates your resourcefulness. In a resume, you have specified sections to mention your relevant abilities, skills and experiences; If you utilize that space properly you’ll successfully interpret yourself within the resume. For example, a past internship is only a quick entry on your resume, but perhaps you gained invaluable skills on it that will make you a perfect fit for this job. #47. Interview yourself. Follow the Rules of Business Cover Letter Formatting . Corporate Receptionist Cover Letter Example If you are interested in being a receptionist for a large organisation then this is known as a Corporate Receptionist. Use spellcheck and make sure your cover letter looks professional and well organized. Get inspired by this cover letter sample for receptionists to learn what you should write in a cover letter … Specifically, you should focus on customer service and computer experience. A cover letter is the document that most employers view first, and one that could influence the likelihood of them reading the rest of your application. Almost all the companies, hotels, restaurants, research centers, educational institutes need receptionists. 3. Therefore, in your cover letter for a receptionist job, emphasize your pleasant demeanor, professional disposition and your ability to multitask as you handle administrative or clerical duties while responding to callers. Show your passion by conveying enthusiasm for the particular receptionist role or company. Address specific parts of the job posting. Would You Hire You?Pick up your cover letter and take a look. Teaching Assistant (TA) Cover Letter Example & Guide . Cover Letter for Receptionist. The opening sentence should read something like: "I am writing with interest in the receptionist position at your company." The job of a receptionist demands a smart and dynamic candidate who is courteous and sociable by nature. Further, all your qualities should be reflected in the cover letter you write. Receptionist Cover Letter Example [Today’s Date] [Hiring Manager ’s Name] [Company Name, Address, City, State] [Phone Number and email address] Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Albright Corporate Services. Sample Receptionist Cover Letter. No matter what your experience level or education, having a well-written cover letter can help you get the job you want. Details Count. To prepare for this, make sure you know the job posting well. Dear Mr. Ambrose: If you are looking for a friendly and motivated Gym Receptionist to join your team at Body Over Matter, I invite you to consider the enclosed resume. The job search experts at Best-Job-Interview.com have developed this cover letter template for receptionists looking for their next opportunity. Do stress your personality traits that are particularly suited to this position such as, for example, friendliness and professional attitude. Show your passion by conveying enthusiasm for the particular receptionist role or company. This article has been viewed 138,389 times. Houston, TX 75846. Download this cover letter for free and get to edit and customize the file to better suit your preferences. Every receptionist is the face of the organization. A great receptionist cover letter is a key component of a stand outgreat job application. Included here are tips and cover letter receptionist sample to help you get seen fast. All said and done, your letter should be no more than a page long. Here’s how to write your cover letter for a receptionist job application. Receptionist Cover Letter Receptionists work at the front desk areas of organizations and are responsible for greeting visitors and handling administrative duties. In this case, the opening sentence would read: "I am writing with interest in the receptionist position at your company that John Smith recommended to me. Read the job posting carefully. Below is provided a sample cover letter for Gym Receptionist highlighting similar skills and abilities needed for the job.