In a similar way silver could be made to act as anode with respect to cadmium. Edwards grip on the land was strong, and it had need to be so, for in 1287 and 1294 1295 there were desperate and widespread revolts, which were only checked by the existence of the new castles, and subdued by the concentration of large royal armies. The concentration of the simple copper ions is then so much diminished that the copper plate becomes an anode with regard to zinc. focusing attention on something; large amount of something or people in a particular place Use Concentration in a sentence It requires a lot of concentration to study in … fcbond 847144 Concentration is a very simple thing. It is only stable in dilute aqueous solution, for on concentration the acid decomposes with formation of sulphuric acid, sulphur dioxide and sulphur. Many solutions in which the transport numbers vary at high concentration often become simple at greater dilution. proportional to the rate of variation - dc/dx of the concentration c with the distance x, so that the number of gramme-molecules of solute which, in a time dt, cross an area A of a long cylinder of constant cross section is dN = - DA(dc/dx)dt, where D is a constant known as the diffusion constant or the diffusivity. This concentration of retail power is far greater than in the rest of the EU or in the US markets. Kalman S, Bengtsson M, Lindmark D: Minimum alveolar concentration of halothane-diethyl-ether azeotrope. In order that there should be no change in the states of dissociation on mixing, it is necessary, therefore, that the concentration of the hydrogen ions should be the same in each separate solution. After the battle of Liao-Yang Kuropatkin reverted for a moment to the plan of a concentration to the rear at Tieling. os The result is to change the relation between temperature and the osmotic pressure of a solution of constant concentration, a relation which, in very dilute solutions, is a direct proportionality. depleted as a result of human activities, the normal concentration above Antarctica in southern spring exceeded 300 DU. After a new survey of the situation in 1909-10 by Marshal von der Goltz it was decided to treat Macedonia as a self-contained theatre of war garrisoned at all times by a large army with Shtip (tip) as its area of war concentration, and to constitute in Thrace a covering army which would be reinforced by the troops from Asia as they successively arrived, up to the strength adequate for offensive operations against Bulgaria. The colonization of the eastern provinces and the struggle against the Sla y s necessitated a stronger concentration of aristocratic power, and the reception of Roman law during the 5th and 16th centuries hardened the forms of subjection originated by customary conditions. Our fear is that the impacts of any further concentration of research funds may prove irreversible. Wellington, owing to his original dispositions and the slowness of his concentration, had only retained a grip on Quatre Bras thanks to the boldness of his subordinates on the spot. peninsula in the south of the island is the location of the greatest concentration of hotels on Tobago. The last stage is reached when, in the highest tension and concentration, beholding in silence and utter forgetfulness of all things, it is able as it were to lose itself. The filtrate is evaporated at a temperature not exceeding 60° or at most 70° C.; after sufficient concentration it deposits on cooling anhydrous crystals of the salt, while the potassium chloride, which may be present as an impurity, remains mostly in the motherliquor; the rest is easily removed by repeated recrystallization. This was used to prepare a glycerol stock by adding glycerol to a final concentration of 15% before storage at -80°C. A rapid British attack would in any case forestall the concentration of these heterogeneous squadrons. He at once ordered a concentration of Egyptian troops Sudant towards Berber, and telegraphed to Cairo for a British ampa ~ brigade. He urged that the front of attack should from the outset be divided between Dankl and von .Koevess, and pressed for the adoption of his plan for the concentration of attacking masses in the valleys, especially in the Val Sugana. Of the lines of concentration open to the Austrians, the direction of the roads and railways favoured that of Olmiitz so markedly that Moltke felt reasonably certain that it would be chosen, and the receipt of the complete ordre de bataille of the Austrian army of the north secured by the Prussian secret service on the 11th of June set all doubts at rest. A lapse of concentration on the problem at hand ended with an awkward backward fall that dislocated an elbow. The necessary three days' warning of the French concentration they felt certain they would obtain, for Napoleon's troops were at this juncture distributed over an area (Lille-Metz-Paris) of 175 m. It will be seen that Blucher covered Fleurus, his concentration point, by Zieten's corps, in the hope of being able to collect his army round Fleurus in the time that Zieten would secure for him by a yielding fight. He has a short atte 3. europium oxide standard material was made and its concentration values were evaluated by various techniques from 10 collaborating laboratories. Two other facts are totally opposed to the origin of all the salinity of the oceans from the concentration of the washings of the land. When the dissolved molecules are uniformly distributed, the osmotic pressure will be the same everywhere throughout the solution, but, if the concentration vary from point to point, the pressure will vary also. It is found that, in such cases as this, where it seems necessary to imagine the existence of complex ions, the transport number changes rapidly as the concentration of the original solution is changed. It's difficult to see concentration in a sentence. This method is independent of the fibrinogen concentration of the sample at the usual fibrinogen concentration of the sample at the usual fibrinogen levels. hydrogen ion concentration pH units 6.5 (minimum) 9.5 (maximum) 13. hydrogen ion concentration increases and a general PH decreases (Tesch et al, 1977 ). concentration of reactants or products with time. The concentration on bebop did seem disproportionately prevalent in all forms of education, however. These lay abbacies were not merely a question of overlordship, but implied the concentration in lay hands of all the rights, immunities and jurisdiction of the foundations, i.e. The concentration of carbon monoxide in exhaled air is then measured. In the best times of the old kingdom the priests had shared the place of the prophets as the religious leaders of the nation; under the second Temple they represented the unprogressive traditional side of religion, and the leaders of thought were the psalmists and the scribes, who spoke much more directly to the piety of the nation. Smaller vessels they were able to beat off and so, in spite of the activity of the British cruisers and of many sharp encounters, the concentration was effected at Boulogne, where an army of 130,000 was encamped and was incessantly practised in embarking and disembarking. In the one class the density is mainly rural, in the other it is chiefly due to the concentration of the population into large urban aggregates. The ore was so fine-grained that the mechanical methods of concentration then in use could not trap it. announced in advance and some areas - thought to contain military bases and concentration camps - remain off-limits. Probably the chaetae preceded the development of parapodia, and by their concentration and that of the muscular bundles connected with them at the sides of each segment, led directly to the evolution of the parapodia. He directed that the movements of the troops when they drew near the allied outposts should be covered as far as possible by accidents of ground, for there was no great natural screen to cover his strategical concentration. 23) were furnished with a pair of truncated cones b b, of soft iron forming an extension of the conical ends of the bobbin c. The most suitable form for the pole faces is investigated in the paper, and the conclusion arrived at is that to produce the greatest concentration of force upon the central neck, the cones FIG. Nitric acid oxidizes antimony either to the trioxide Sb 4 0 6 or the pentoxide Sb 2 0 5, the product obtained depending on the temperature and concentration of the acid. The concentration is known, and the conductivity can be measured experimentally; thus the average velocity with which the ions move past each other under the existent electromotive force can be estimated.