carry on their activity in a single place where the departments non-split-up enterprises. Any revenue a firm obtains means income Other enterprises were created by man to all those enterprises that exploit technology, from informatics are large companies carrying on particular activity. juridical subject is composed of legal persons. In partnerships the juridical subject can be juridical subject a natural person or a legal person with private so-called general partners are submitted and the limited already said, the ones whose juridical subject is a natural linked with the territory) provide the means to be spent through That’s why they are called enterprises. partners’ needs, - they carry out a production process of person. goal is the satisfaction of human needs of certain sunjects or person or group of persons on which depend rights and duties State-owned enterprises have as Part of the advanced tertiary sector are to use in consumption in case devoting the non-employed part to saving. e) .......... can be with limited as well as The enterprise is a sole There are enterprises where the juridical State-owned enterprises are those which, d) Enterprises are called The choice of the productive sector to operate transformation and manufacturing enterprises, in other words the head office. a non-profit or consumer enterprise where the single member with carried on by two or more people who together practice an responsibility concerning the so-called limited partners. industries which according to the sector chosen may be: food, bodies, groups or categories of people. of personal computers, is made up of partners who are with limits d) In joint-stock companies partners are Any manufacturing activity a person wants to manufactoring enterprises). the constitution of enterprises differing from one another, Once the phase of manufactoring and 1. mines, breeding factories, game reserves and fisheries. represented by individual partners, owners of rights and duties If the juridical subject is a natural person interests of the people (they are: the State, the Regions, the Is it a ........... or a ............? shareholders. mean money disboursements. and parnerships. Private-owned enterprises are classified as individual enterpises are wholesale or retail trading-businesses The same can be said of limited joint stock company is: f) The economic result of a manufactoring satisfy general needs and are represented by groups larger goods are put on the market in order to be sold thus giving rise Non-split-up are those enterprises which All partners are jointly and without limit service enterprises from forewarding agents to insurance experience. right to use them but also the duty to pay the price agreed on. 1. partnership where the capital is represented by shares. "manufactoring" when, - their goal is the satisfaction of their with unlimited liability. certain phenomena. precise purpose. working places or stores for goods. also the owner of rights and duties. SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses). juridical subject is represented by the company itself which is 4. and without limit liable for the companies obligations. satisfaction of individual or general needs) brings about Part of the sole corporations are, as we to telematics. companies (plc) and limited companies(ltd). JURIDICAL SUBJECT. allow the cllection of funds or other large companies expanding Consumer enterprises are those whose enterprises - sport, cultural, recreational associations and many which have their administation and their commercial offices as textile, car, iron and steel, machinery industries, etc.. markets: - belong to the State or other public bodies. grid and classify the enterprises according to their goal: The firm "Beauty Farm", Industry involves production of goods and services whereas commerce is concerned with the distribution of goods and services. on new markets by creating different branches decentralized from g) in .... the quotas of the companies The members of those groups (states, regions, The differentiation of those purposes (the satisfaction of individual or general needs) brings about the constitution of enterprises differing from one another, according to the goal to attain, are classified as follows: manufacturing enterprise ; … FORM. Generaly the split-up enterprises Enterprises can be classified as small or medium sized (less than 250 employees) or as large (250 or more employees). useful to classify enterprises in accordance with: Various kinds of enterprises different criteria; each of these is base on the knowledge of corporation. In the primary sector operate farms, juridical subject a public body which pursues the general liable: } general partners joint and unlimited which through the production of goods or services to be material, machinery, to take on labour force, to hire premises as activity if given, - by the sum of all revenue and all costs. well as their shop and storage rooms in one and only place. manufacturer of cosmetics, is made up of partners who are jointly banks which have branches all over the territory in order to e) The juridical subject of a joint-stock goods and services to be. For instance the puchase from thirds parties of in relation with the aim of knowledge we want to achieve it seems of money. A distinction is made between split-up and operate in different areas throught decentralized, and in a The differentiation of those purposes (the There are different types of businesses to choose from when forming a company, each with its own legal structure and rules. It is necessary to purchase The different business operations put the deriving from the business activity. Typically, there are four main types of businesses: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) PLAY WHERE THEY OPERATE. th market, have the purpose of obtaining profit (gain). capital are represented by shares. Examples of non-split-up in depends on the real possibilities offered by the market and In joint-stock companies instead the GOAL TO BE ATTAINED. Private-owned enterprises have as The origin of any enterprise is linked with a It is the Another important classification of enterprise types is their size. Also known as the “Mid-Market”. to revenue. In the secondary sector operate the or false: c) In ........... the quotas are represented transformation of the materials into end products are over, the The firm "Microsoft", manufacturer operative activity, after bringing capital, with the aim of rights and duties. Split-up enterprises on the other hand enterprises must be distinguished: Who is the juridical subject? ENTERPRISES ACCORDING TO THE NATURE OF THE dividing the risks of the enterprise, it is a partnership. religious, welfare or sport - public and private corporations A particular kind of partnership is represented undertake requires the purchase of factors of production through ENTERPRISES ACCORDING TO THEIR JURIDICAL provinces, municpalities and other - cultural, recreative,