During an escape artist practice session of Mister Miracle's, Oberon was kidnapped by Granny Goodness. In these appearances Barda wore her red bikini uniform exclusively, rather than her blue battle armor. The episode The Ties That Bind featured Barda and her husband Mister Miracle on a mission to rescue Oberon. Being a New God Barda is incredibly strong and ages at a slower rate than humans. One of these children was Auralie, whom was under Barda's command. During this time she befriended Black Canary's adopted daughter, Sin, and from this friendship gained quite an affinity for the Pokemon trading card game, which she decided was a "warrior's game." In Superman/Batman #24, Barda is instead depicted as Big Bard, the male version of Big Barda from a reverse gender universe, who was married to Miss Miracle. In another instance, Barda is badly wounded fighting the Queen Bee, a member of the newly reformed Injustice League. At this time, neither she nor Mister Miracle were members of the Justice League but turned to it for help in order to invade the X-Pit. Technical Specs, [after Batman uses the Kyrptonite on Superman the next time he attacks them, they pull his suit off to reveal a starfish-like alien on his chest], [uses her ring to conjure up a magnifying glass to get a closer look], [Barda is accusing him of fabricating the evidence of Superman being the traitor]. Barda has served as a member of the JLA in her own right: at Takion's order, she and fellow New God Orion are sent as agents of New Genesis to serve on the team. Big Barda made a cameo in the second part of the two-part episode called Apokolips... Now! In a reversal of the stereotype associated with female characters at the time of her creation, Barda is physically more powerful than her husband, is more than willing to use her strength in battle, and is very protective of her husband. She is part of the New Gods of New Genesis and is present during the peace pact that Highfather and Darkseid reach, symbolized by the union in matrimony of Bekka and Orion. They wanted Superman but agreed to take Flash instead. Barda, Scott, Fire, and the Huntress combined their efforts to retrieve the weapon, which would be devastatingly dangerous in the wrong hands. Games Movies TV Video. For a number of years Barda follows Scott and Oberon on tour. While she was still very young, Barda was sent to Granny Goodness' Home for Orphaned Youth, where she grew to be a beautiful, powerful young woman trained in combat and military tactician. Barda's killer was later revealed to be the Infinity Man. Eventually they retire from superheroing and move to Bailey, New Hampshire. But they soon returned to Earth and took up residence in the Justice League Refuge. One event during her tenure on the team involved an unknown traitor within the League. Miracle, though they had to call in the rest of the Justice League International for help. Never. 3 Quotations by or about Big Barda (DCAU), Big Barda at the DC Animated Universe Wiki, Justice League Unlimited (TV Series) Episode: The Ties That Bind, https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Big_Barda_(DCAU)?oldid=2806263, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the. She also wielded a mega-rod. [13] However, despite their best attempts, a normal life eludes them. Barda also led a JLA mission to rescue her husband after he was lost in space. She eventually won the the right to lead Darkseid's own personal guard, the Female Furies. Despite Barda's impulsiveness and eagerness to fight, her code of honor compelled Barda to allow Superman to explain himself. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, this simple goal eluded them again and again. Barda perishes, but is reborn via Scott's temporary access to great cosmic power. In the episode Last Bat On Earth!, Barda made a cameo appearance as Mister Miracle's wife. Raised on Apokolips as a servant of Darkseid, she fell in love with Mister Miracle and escaped with him to the planet of New Genesis. During an escape artist practice session of Mister Miracle's, Oberon was kidnapped by Granny Goodness. During her time in jail Scott was supposedly killed, though in fact it turned out that merely a robot version of him was destroyed. ; Affirmative Action Legacy: Warhawk is the biracial son of John Stewart and Shayera Hol. [1], Barda risks her own safety to work with the rebel cell led by the New God Himon. Blue This character or group of characters are related to Jack Kirby's Fourth World, either the original concept and group of titles by Jack Kirby, or any of their subsequent adaptations by other creators. : The heroes of Earth 2 make a plan but Mister Miracles plan goes wrong when he tries to destroy a Darkseid who seems to be in stasis. In JLA: Another Nail, Barda becomes a Green Lantern Corps member, although her power ring having fused to her Mother Box has made her a rather unusual Green Lantern. Her armor is destroyed in battle and she leaves the battlefield in one of the refugee ships that houses the 2 million Earth 2 humans. But what Darkseid wants is the last part of his Anti-Life equation machine that is in posesion. Barda as a member of the Justice League Unlimited. Eventually they retire as superheroes and move to Bailey, New Hampshire. It was then that she first became acquainted with Oberon, Mr. | In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again, a version of Big Barda was a porn star named Hot Gates, who put on a costume and declared herself dictator of Columbus, Ohio. However, during a raid Barda meets Scott Free, Darkseid's adopted son, and, sensing a peace about him, falls in love. Superman Batman Big Barda In a confrontation with the Secret Six, she engaged Knockout, another ex-Fury, in hand-to-hand combat. [5] Her mother was Big Breeda, whom Barda was taken away from at an early age to be trained as a warrior at Granny Goodness' Home for Orphaned Youth. Big Barda likes playing pokemon cards, she learned them from Sin. In the finale, Barda joins the heroes against Lena Luthor and then Brainiac. Along with Superman and Batman, she essentially forms the futuristic version of the Justice League's big three.