The mouthwatering bonbons come in flavors like fig marzipan and cardamon sesame. What to try: Queso De Bola Chocolate, Spicy chicharon chocolate, coconut chocolate. It’s just as flavorful as other chocolate varieties but takes a fraction of the time to prepare. It's neither too bitter nor too sweet; a mild option for adventurous eaters! Each one is better than the next, but they all have one shared characteristic that’ll keep you coming back for more: The mix includes both cocoa powder and tiny chocolate pieces to create a truly rich and complex beverage that’s smooth enough to drink. Cluizel might be a bit of a luxury brand, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a sense of humor. across the state, but these sweet caramels made in can be shipped across the nation. You can purchase syndication rights to this story here. Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-Patissier/Yelp. Springdale is the location of Kyya’s manufacturing and retail show, but it has other storefronts throughout the state. I got a media sample pack from Hu last year and I was a little wary because I love milk chocolate, but with the texture and strong cocoa taste, I didn’t find myself missing the dairy like I expected. This craft chocolatier has outperformed at the annual Good Food Awards since it was founded in 2006. Fast forward to today, and Neuhaus chocolates are still considered among the very best. The service at Govatos Candies in Wilmington, Delaware, is as impeccable as the chocolates, which include Champagne and butter pecan truffles, nonpareils and novelty chocolates in the shape of cameras, cowboys and giant Easter eggs. Xocolatl also offers a guided dark chocolate tasting tour in its micro-factory for less than $30. Past selections include Humboldt fog cheese, duck fat caramel and bacon, absinthe-fennel and cornflakes chili, in addition to an extensive menu of sandwiches, small plates and other desserts — perfect for a romantic restaurant choice. They're infused with pure peppermint oil, meaning your taste buds will be washed in a cool minty embrace all while savoring a creamy center that's irresistible. Alaska: Sweet Chalet (Anchorage) Anchorage, Alaska, is known for its stunning views of the aurora … Zak’s Chocolate is a small-batch chocolate shop located in Scottsdale, Arizona, that ethically sources its cocoa beans and roasts them itself. A smaller gift set makes for a great stocking stuffer for any chocolate lover. Since 2004, Boise, Idaho’s The Chocolat Bar has been using local and organic products and filling its cases with truffles, drops, turtles and more. Learn more. The high-quality chocolate confections come in all sorts of charming shapes, such as unicorns, butterflies and daisies — and they’re handmade and hand-decorated, so no two chocolate cherries are quite the same. No matter which you choose, you’ll get a high-quality, certified organic blend of whole cocoa and vanilla bean that’s sure to fit your craving. Just do be aware that while these chocolates contain cocoa butter, some do also contain palm oil or other oils as well. It’s true that big-business Hershey’s reigns supreme in the Pennsylvania chocolate world, but don’t forget about the less mainstream, Éclat Chocolate. This small-batch shop does everything in-house, from stone-grinding its cocoa to finishing up the ethically sourced, organic confections. Its highlight, though, is Castronovo Chocolate. Most ethical chocolates are in close contact with their growers to ensure ethical conditions for workers, but at Hotel Chocolat, they run the plantation so they can guarantee that their cacao farmers are paid and treated well. Situated in the ski city of Provo, Utah, Taste Artisan Chocolate is elegantly decorated in black, white and gold. For three generations, Michel Cluizel has been making gourmet chocolates in France. Ruby chocolate is quite similar in taste to all the other chocolate you've had in the past, but this newcomer is processed specially to earn its vibrant hue. The founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Katrina Markoff believes that each piece of chocolate should be an adventure with a unique story.