It depends on how bad the infestation is, whether you need indoor or outdoor treatment, and how much effort you’re willing to put into using the product. The product doesn’t come with a spray nozzle, so you’ll have to buy a one-gallon spray bottle. It also can kill over 50 other types of pests, and it can prevent future infestations. Although Talstar Pro is safe to use indoors, it does use strong chemicals, so it’s important to be safe. Some products are definitely better than others, but your choice should depend on your individual circumstances. You can expect to turn your property into a termite-free zone within 90 days of applying this pest control agent. In fact, termites can’t smell or detect the chemicals at all. Running and share unbiased guides, reviews and solutions. Below are some of the factors to consider before purchasing anything. If the infestation is severe, you may see wood damage behind your walls or under your floors. Do you have other pests in your yard that you need to kill as well? In addition to termiticides, a chemical called an insect growth regulator (or IGR, for short) is present in most all insecticides and gets the job done as well by stunting the growth hormones of the insect in the larval stage of life. So, why don't we list this as our top pick? Most reviewers say that all the termites in their yard were gone just two or three weeks after using the product . Not only does it work, but it has a half-life of 125 days when it is in the soil, meaning it will continue to kill termites for four months. Patric Smith is a 34-year-old blogger. Severe infestations may need professional pest control treatment, but you may be able to treat mild and moderate termite problems with termite killers. By Patric Smith | Last Updated: October 27, 2020. Top 5 Best Termite Sprays To Buy (**2020 Review**), Kills termites with the active ingredient Fipronil, Completely safe for kids and pets after dry, It has a 5-year shelf life so that it will last between uses, Can also be mixed stronger for outdoor use, Safe for environments with children and pets once dry. The spray nozzle spreads the liquid evenly throughout an area, and it allows the chemical to seep down into the soil to further distribute with existing moisture from rainwater. Here are five of the best termite killers: With this product, keep in mind that a stronger solution isn’t necessarily better. You shouldn’t reapply it more than once a week , but it may take a few weeks and a few reapplications to completely get rid of the termites. That being said, please exercise caution if you do have young children in the house. When you use a spray for termite control, you are buying a concentrated version of the termiticide that is mixed with water and sprayed into an area to then reach the termite colony, killing its members. Also, the product isn’t meant for indoor use. Taurus is completely safe to use around pets. Essentria IC3 Pro Insect Killer is an awesome alternative to those who want an all-natural and botanical answer to their termite problem. There are lots of different termite baits and killers on the market, but some will be more effective than others. Although it’s not as fast-acting as some other treatments, it provides long-lasting results because it gets rid of the entire colony. Termites are highly destructive insects that feed on wood. So you're in the market for a termite spray, but you're not quite sure what you're looking for? Bifen XTS uses fast-acting chemicals that will  affect a termite’s nervous system and kill it within 24 hours of contact . It has Deltamethrin as an active ingredient with a residual effect of up to 4 weeks. Now, this is a little bit more old school than modern pesticides as it is a Borate, which is a derivative of boric acid.Most people have to deal with termites at some point, and boric acid has been shown to be very effective over the years. Are there any standing bodies of water on your property? But in the eyes of termites (theoretically speaking), it's[...], Need a way to eliminate the termites from your property? It doesn’t break down rapidly due to direct sunlight or heat. While you're at it, you can kill off any other bugs that may be lurking around, whether you know you have them...or not. Any termites that make contact with the soil will be killed, Most reviewers say that all the termites in their yard were gone just two or three weeks after using the product. For a more a comprehensive explanation (plus tons more information about in-home termite control), keep reading below. You might hear quiet clicking noises coming from your walls or see discarded wings near windows or doors. It's easy to find in stores and online, it's simple to mix at home, and the process of spraying your yard is straightforward. Most termite killer sprays are sold as industrial bottles and require a spray nozzle to administer the liquid in your yard or home. If you want an easy-to-use termite killer, this might be your best choice. You’ll have to take the time to dig a trench, mix gallons and gallons of the solution, and carefully pour it around the perimeter of your home. Cover effective ways of fighting insects, loaders and other pests. But among all the names of chemicals floating around, which are the best termite killer products out there? Bayer Diy Termite Killer should last for months. However, if your home is already infested, you’ll have to buy a product that can be used indoors. 6. Bayer Diy Termite Killer isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but it’s a great option for preventing termites in your yard from entering your home. However, if you’re just worried that there might be termites around your home, Spectracide Terminate is a great way to find out and to kill termites before the infestation gets too bad. So, let’s get started! We’ve arranged it so you can get free quotes in just a couple minutes. If you’ve noticed termites or termite damage in your yard or inside your home, you should take action immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse. It can be used in pre-construction or post-construction projects. The manufacturer recommends mixing between 0.3 and 1 fluid ounce with a gallon of water . Our pest experts review each company for quality, cost, customer service, safety, and 100’s of other important factors and assess a rating out of 100. He saved his house from pests - will help you to do the same. Top 9 Best Termite Killer in 2020 Reviewed 1. Normally, the first name to come up at the mention of termiticides is Talstar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pests' growth hormones are inhibited in the larval stage, meaning that new bugs can't pop up and, well, bug you. Instead of simply repelling termites, it will kill the pests in the soil, so it provides a permanent solution. The formulation is thick and can be difficult to work with due to the viscosity of the product. Limited Time: Save $50 off your pest control service. The directions that come with Taurus SC give you several kinds of treatment methods depending on what you need, so make sure to read the directions to find out what kind of equipment you will need to do your job. However, our top picks are... Taurus SC Spray; Chapin 20002 2-Gallon Multi-Purpose Sprayer (required attachment) Of all the termite killer sprays we reviewed, Taurus SC combines value and quality seamlessly in one package. The internet is chock full of misinformation about how to get rid of termites in soil, how to get rid of termites in walls, and whether there's a natural termite killer recipe out there.