Just open it up and press the pheromone lure in the center of the trap. Once they come in contact with the sticky glue, they are done for. This trap comes pheromone to lure the moths into the trap. Even the ink is water-based. With this Terro gypsy moth trap, you will soon rid your pantry of those pesky moths. Just fold the trap into a triangle and place in your pantry. This trap goes a notch higher than most others as it works great against some beetles too. Every Terro Gypsy Moth Trap package comes with 2 traps each with its own pheromone lure. Just open, peel, and fold. The Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Traps are effective against a lot of different food moths. Its job is just to attract moths and trap them with the sticky glue. The lure that you insert prior to use is a female pheromone that attracts the males who rush towards the bait in a bid to pass along their DNA. Moths are a widespread challenge in almost every household. Without the male moths, the females can’t lay eggs and there is no continuity of the moth colony in your pantry. These are made for food moths only, Easy To Use- Simply peel back the paper exposing the glue, then fold into position and place in your cupboards, Keep Food Safe- Protects Yourself from moths that eat grains, cereals, flours, pet food and other dry goods, Great Design- Our beautiful design will blend right into your cabinet and provide a great look while getting the job done, The Trap A Pest Promise - If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we'll take care of it. Save your money. They are non-toxic and insecticide-free moth traps. This Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Trap is one of the best moth traps you can come across as it eliminates a number of the mistakes one can make while setting up the bait. It has consistently proven its worth by impressing its users with every product. The solution approved by the USDA and EPA. Otherwise, same potent pheromone, same sticky glue - just for fun. No wafers needed! If you didn’t find your desired one check out the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps, Premium Moth Traps with Pheromones Prime, Moth Killer Sticky Glue Traps for Food, Meal and Cupboard Moths in Kitchen, Safe, Non-Toxic with No Insecticides (6 Traps) is also the most sold item in the market. The EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap features our premium pheromone BioLure® – a powerful attractant to many problem moth species including meal moths, grain moths, flour moths, seed moths, almond moths, and tobacco moths. Its job is simply to attract moths and trap them with the glue. It also provides a simple fix to an irritating issue and helps preserve your food thus saving your hard earned money. 100% safe for your food, children and pet. This realization is what Springstar has that made it embark on a quest for creating pest control products the greenway. Pantry moth traps may not be effective against moth eggs and larvae, but there are other effective solutions. These mistakes often compromise the effectiveness of the trap. EASY SET UP - All you need is to place the pheromone bait in the designated box and place where needed and the attractant will lure moths within 12 ft. from infested food, COMPACT AND EASY TO USE - Our pest trap will fit in just about any location in your kitchen - Assembled Dimension: 2 in. Solving a problem with clothes moths should be that simple. Before you set out these traps, you would need to clear out every infested food and ensure that every other food is stored in airtight, well-sealed containers. Sticky moth traps work much better. You will automatically become eco-friendly, at least in a small part, when you use this product. Since its establishment in 1950, it has worked consistently to help improve the home lives of people who use its products. This moth trap is non-toxic and does not contain any insecticides or pesticides so it is safe to have it in your pantry around the food storage. It is aware that pest infestation is an issue but also that harmful chemicals are an even bigger issue. H. SAFE TO USE - At Catchmaster safety is our priority, these traps are non toxic and safe to have around your pantry. This moth trap does just that. Our team personally spent around 42 hours just to found the best pantry moth traps for you that you can truly fall in love. One of these traps will serve an area of 10 feet. It manufactures pest control products you can use by yourself at home; non-toxic and effective products that won’t cause harm to your family and the environment. So, it’s only the females that remain, females that won’t lay eggs.