Mauviel Copper Cookware: Professional Cookware from France. Mauviel is a French cookware brand that was founded in 1830, producing only the best luxurious cookware in copper… Their traditional copper … Copper cookware is good with heat regulation and best for cooking delicate meat and fishes, boiling sauces of different consistency, or melting caramel and chocolates. Founded by Ernest Mauviel in 1830, Mauviel has been at the forefront of French cookware for almost 200 years. When it comes to copper cookware, few names are as renowned as Mauviel. Winning pans include a Brooklyn upstart, a French classic, and a well-known American brand. The rich brick-like color makes the metal look quite luxurious which is why most utensils use a thin layer of copper … Consumer Reports is rounding out its tests of cookware with copper frying pans. Here is the best copper cookware you can buy. This unique selection of Mauviel French cookware includes tarte tatin pans, hammered … Mauviel M’heritage M250B 9-piece 2.5mm Copper Cookware Set with Bronze Handles See at Amazon. Mauviel's specialty items have cooking surfaces of copper, copper lined with tin, copper lined with stainless. Copper cookware is aesthetically pleasing, and also a functionally important addition to any kitchen.