Platform – This is the most common form of wood framing today. There were 2 main methods for attaching floor joists to the exterior walls. Can you shed any light on this subject? "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. The switch to platform was because it used cheaper lumber and less labor. Sealed and insulated. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 Some of the key aspects are: The good news for advanced framing is that it is getting easier with the advent of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Pics would help. Then the second story walls are built on top of the second story floor. This relatively intuitive and simplistic building system necessitates lumber that is strong enough to carry these larger loads. Examples include adobe, masonry, and log cabins. I did get in touch with a local spray foam contractor who will be visiting the house in two days and will give me an estimate. To lay out studs en masse, they were racked up on sawhorses, and marks were squared across from the pattern. lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Like Bill, I've done a bunch of this work and it is time consuming. Platform framing is a … MidAtlanticHouse | Posted in General Questions on December 1, 2018 08:46am Hello Everyone. The roof is a truss structure that consists of horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters. Next I’d have another piece of foamboard cut and notched around the stud that will serve as horizontal blocking for the stud cavity insulation. now this being a balloon framing type construction to which i have not worked on many i had gone in placed new joist at 16" but now im seeing studs run down to sill beam. The simplicity of balloon framing if often lost once you address fire blocking and framing issues. The joists would then be face-nailed to the studs as the studs were installed. The builder started by laying out the stud spacing on the mudsills. something to be said for shiplap sheathing and hard wood floors im guessing. It could be a result of the framing system used to construct that house. Once the floor joists are installed, the floor can be laid and the ceiling joists are installed on top of the rafter plate. It’s labor intensive but I think it will get the job done properly. When the wall framing is complete the roof framing and wall sheathing begins. The TJ's (I joists) each have a specific size hanger... you just order them at any yard. Nail into the side and beam. Corners were sometimes made from built-up 2x4s, but it was more common to use a 4×6 with a 2×4 nailed on the broad side to provide inside-corner nailing. Required fields are marked *. Podcast 301: Stick vs. Post Frame, Upside-Down Clapboards, and Caulking Cedar Shingles, Efficient Methods for Installing Wall Sheathing, Building a Prototype For Net-Zero Neighborhoods, Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, Framing Floors and Stairs with Larry Haun, Podcast 184: Insulating an All-Brick House, Working with Engineered Siding, and Carpentry as a Second Career, NWFA is Making Sweeping Changes to Their Wood-Flooring Installation Guidelines, Retrofit for Energy Performance and Design Impact, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. A platform will tie the walls together much better than the joist hangers. Helping You to Do It Yourself! Mass walls are made by stacking horizontal layers of material. Cost per Square Foot of Commercial Construction by Region, Electrical Panel Locations- A guide for placement, Construction Types V-A and V-B in the International Building Code, Infectious Disease Control Guidance Part Two: Ultraviolet Light. A pattern for the studs was then prepared. The post and beam construction system creates large openings in between the posts. succeed. can i just put joist on other side of wall stud and screw or do i need to remove cut off piece of joist still nailed to other side ?