And the addition of rye flour makes the bread taste more like sourdough but you can use all bread flour or replace the rye with the same amount of wholemeal flour. This is a delightful ,unusual ,method and taste...many thanks If the dough is too dry and has difficulty coming together, add 1 tbsp more plain yogurt. We are so excited to have you because you make such an awesome addition. As it was I added a small amount ectra flour to 'rescue' the mix. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. But I do know the “older” a live yogurt is (meaning the longer it cultivates at room-temperature), the more tart it tastes and thicker in consistency. If you'd like, continue to knead the dough on medium-low speed, or with your hands, for a few more minutes until springy. Mix all the ingredients for the starter thoroughly in a large bowl, cover with cling film and leave in ambient temperature for 24 hours. 600g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting, ¾ tsp fast-action dried yeast (from a 7g sachet). Special deals, thoughtful surprises,big wows—now through Sunday. Thank you CHeeb so much for taking the time to answer me. 1. When it's all incorporated, work in enough of the remaining 200g flour to make a soft but not sticky dough. I aim for 192 degrees internal temp to ensure the dough is cooked inside. Subscribe for just £26 now! With the casserole, put the lid back on and if baking on a stone, spray the inside of the oven generously with water. Hi Patricia - yes, that’s bread flour. Would normal bread flour work on this recipe? Bring all the ingredients together to a dough, adding a splash more water if too stiff, then pour onto a lightly-floured surface and knead for 10 minutes or until smooth, elastic and springy (this will take 5-7 minutes in a mixer with a dough hook.) It looks, smells and tastes like a sourdough, but is actually fermented overnight using just a pinch of yeast. The texture is great, big air bubbles like in the real article and the taste is very, very close. Use a clean glass jar or container and weigh 50g of strong bread flour and 50ml of water at room temperature. Duly noted. When the dough is ready, remove it from the bag and quickly slash the top of the loaf with a sharp knife. If you find your store-bought yogurt not tangy enough, let it sit in your fridge for a few days as the bacterias will continue to grow, and makes the yogurt more tart and thick. This is a decent approximation though purists will argue... HI, thanks for your comment. ½ x 7g sachet or 1 heaped tsp instant dried yeast, 400g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting. On a stone, bake for 30 minutes until golden, crusty and sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom. No start culture required! It’s sometimes called ‘strong’ because it has higher protein content than plain flour. This loaf keeps well for 2-3 days and freezes well. To make your starter, put all ingredients in a bowl and add 250ml cold water. Preheat a cast iron casserole, a baking stone or a heavy baking sheet in the middle of the oven at 220C/425F/gas 7. After fermentation, dust the counter with flour then transfer the dough on top. Slide the bread onto the hot tray on top and throw a few ice cubes (or pour some cold water) onto the tray below – this creates a burst of steam, which helps the bread form a nice crust. Add the bread flour and whole wheat flour to the bowl and stir with the spatula. Doable and delicious Thermomix, thermo cooker and slow cooker recipes, all the accessories, DIY kombucha, edible gardening advice and a hearty dose of ‘you’ve got this!’. Heat oven to 200 degrees C fan-forced (220 degrees C conventional). Leave to cool on a wire rack and slice when completely cold. I personally find it useful to have liquids measured in grams as you weigh out everything else so you just use the scales and there's no need for measuring jugs. It can be baked in a clay cloche, in a cast iron casserole or straight on a baking stone or a heavy baking sheet - it all works. Now this – is pure genius. Leave to rise and prove on the worktop until doubled in size – about 1 hour 30 minutes. To make bread dough, pour the ingredients into a clean bowl and add 1 Tbsp fine salt, 200ml cold water and your starter. Crusty on the outside, chewy crumb, you might be easily fooled into thinking it’s IT. This recipe can also be found in … Then remove the lid, and bake until the crust is golden browned. Sourdough is scary, I’ll admit, even though I have quite a few wild yeast loaves under my belt. I’ve done rye, wheat and even the famous San Francisco. Dust the dough with flour and slash with a knife (see pics, below). You are subscribed to push notifications. Put 225g of the flour and the yeast into a medium-sized bowl and mix well with your hand. If you already make your own yogurt at home, you’d have no problem controlling the desired tartness and thickness of the yogurt. Transfer to a piece of floured parchment paper, then cover a large bowl on top and let proof again for 1 ~ 2 hours. 6. 45 minutes before the dough's ready, preheat the oven on 450F/225C with a large dutch oven, or a heavy-bottom pot (both should come with lid) inside. Cover and leave in a warm place for an hour or until doubled in volume. If the dough is too dry and has difficulty coming together, add 1 tbsp more plain yogurt. Get the latest recipes from Cuisine Fiend. Sourdough is a fickle beast, I have had times when I thought I'd lost my mojo. Enter one of our contests, or share that great thing you made for dinner last night. On a stone, … I did not have the entire 1.5 cups of yogurt. The taste is almost authentic, the fuss minimal with the starter fermenting happily over 24 hours, no feeding necessary and unfailingly good result every time. My alternate was to use .5 cups of sour cream with 1.0 cups of yogurt . Hi Barbara - I'm surprised you had to add extra flour but I guess types of flour differ in water absorption; hope it comes out fine! Click here to watch the tutorial. Water weight is the same as its volume so 200g = 200ml. When ready to bake, tip the loaf into the casserole or onto the stone or tray (it might be prudent to remove whichever you're using from the oven for this stage), slash a rectangle shape on the top with a very sharp knife and put it back in the oven. In the casserole: bake for 20 minutes with the lid on and 20 minutes uncovered. Gently shape the dough into a neat ball then set it in the centre of a baking tray lined with baking paper. Been making bread and stuff for years and I reckon I must have some not good wild yeasts floating around my kitchen . Turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and fold onto itself from four sides to shape it into a round. And flavour.We love sourdough, but I have had nightmares trying to keep various starters going. 5. The main picture shows a loaf from a cloche and the small one below - baked on a stone. Be notified by email when a comment is posted. In a stand-mixer with dough-hook, or in a large bowl by hands, mix bread flour, instant dry yeast, salt and plain yogurt on medium-low speed for 2 min until a dough forms. The dough is ready when it almost double in size again, and should not spring back when you press it with a finger.